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RECAPS – 9/10 – 9/14

AS THE WORLD TURNS A heart-to-heart conversation with Holden results in Jack telling Katie he decided he wants to start a family with her. A string of fainting spells leaves Brad concerned that Carly is really sick. While driving Sage to the shower, a headlight blinds Carly and she crashes the car. Maddie confronts Noah, saying she doesn’t understand how he can be attracted to Luke and still sleep with her and breaks up with him. Although Paul tells Meg he feels nothing for her, he later pictures her when kissing Rosanna. A steamed Iris gives Cole money to get a pregnant Sofie to “fix her situation.”

NEXT WEEK: A private investigator gets a lead on Cheri’s son. Carly’s condition takes another turn for the worse.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Erica remembers Dr. Hilliard from the time they shared together in rehab and vows to expose him as a fraud. Spike has an allergic reaction to vitamins Hilliard prescribed and stops breathing, sending Kendall into a panic. Someone attacks Aidan and steals Annie’s locket, which she is later shocked to find in her own purse. When Jonathan rejects JR’s suggestion his invest in a venture revolving around Ava, JR urges the paparazzi to print a story exposing Jonathan’s troubled past and to run the photos of Jonathan and Ava making love on the beach. Meanwhile, Ryan learns that Ritchie was released from prison.

THIS WEEK: Ryan goes to extremes to protect his family. Kendall has a life-changing encounter at New Beginnings.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Aware of Donna’s scheme to use Thorne as a pawn in her vendetta against Stephanie, Taylor rushes to the wedding, intent on stopping it, only to find out that Katie already convinced Thorne to reconsider his marriage plan. Ridge hires a P.I. to catch Andy’s accomplice in Brooke’s rape. He later gets into Andy’s locked cell phone and is stunned to recognize one of the saved numbers. When he tells Brooke of who he believes Andy’s accomplice is, they are both left devastated because it is, actually, a family member. They visit Eric and find a detailed and heartfelt letter from the accomplice.

NEXT WEEK: Felicia tries to create harmony between the Logans and Forresters. Ridge and Brooke process the heartbreaking evidence they uncover.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Max and Stephanie strap on parachutes and jump out of the plane. They land safely and find shelter in a cave, where she wants to make love. They are just about to cross that line when Bo and Kayla arrive to rescue them. Andre sneaks into Sami’s hospital room dressed as a clown, holds a knife to her throat and asks if the police staged Stefan’s death, which she denies. Bo, Roman, Hope and Tony plan on trapping Andre at Stefano’s fake wake, but instead Andre locks Belle and Shawn in a cooler at the Pub in hopes of trapping Roman.

NEXT WEEK: Bo realizes Shawn and Belle are in trouble. Colleen makes her decision about Santo.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sam considers an offer Jerry makes to get revenge on Jason by using Trevor as bait, but decides to up the ante on her other plan – her, a bikini, a jacuzzi and Lucky! Frustrated that Liz won’t sleep with him, Lucky joins Sam in the jacuzzi for another steamy kiss as Nikolas tells Liz what’s going on. Sonny goes to Kate help, asking if she will spy on Trevor to get the info Sonny needs. Trevor blackmails Kate, saying she’s never to see Sonny again or he’ll destroy her career. Later, Kate is hit by a sudden headache and crashes her car.

NEXT WEEK: Lulu ends up in the middle of the mob stand-off. Jason and Liz finds some “alone time.”

GUIDING LIGHT – Rafe breaks Daisy out of jail and gets Jeremy to drop the charges against her. They make love and bask in the afterglow, declaring their love for each other. Vanessa learns that Ashlee dropped out of school a few years earlier. Ava hops on Doris’ “lets dig up dirt on Ashlee” bandwagon and gets a lead on her past. Jeffrey finds Alan and demands to know what he did with Reva, who rushes in to defend Alan, much to Cassie and Jeffrey’s surprise. Reva and Josh later sign their divorce papers, after which Alan assures her that their secret is safe with him.

NEXT WEEK: Ava gets an earful from someone who knows about Ashlee’s past. Cyrus and Alex share a warm moment.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd bursts into the courtroom and demands his son be returned to him, forcing John to drop the bomb on Marcie that Todd is Tommy’s biological father. Lindsay admits to Bo that she knew the truth about Tommy, which, unfortunately, not only gives her a motive for killing Spencer, it also gives Nora cause to go after the death penalty! While Todd gets a court order for a DNA sample from Tommy, John and Marty share a tender kiss, which Miles and Natalie inadvertently witness. So shaken by what she sees, Natalie ends up drinking away her troubles… with Jared in his hotel room!

THIS WEEK: Thanks to Rex, Michael and Marcie get to use on Todd. Blair gets a surprising proposition.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Nick is banned from visiting Phyllis in prison. A tape of Jack admitting he owned Jabot is aired on the news. Nikki confronts Victor about the tape and that he forgot their anniversary. He reacts coldly, saying he’s merely choosing not to celebrate it. Jack, Nikki and Kay unite at a press conference, where Jack claims the tape is a fake. After finding a scantily clad Amber in Daniel’s apartment, Lily hands him their divorce papers and they sign them. Later, Amber finds the missing money in Ji Min’s room but tells Daniel she never found it. Nikki finally gives in and makes love to David.

NEXT WEEK: Cane is torn in his attraction of two women. Nikki makes it clear she has had her fill of Victor’s moods.


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