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RECAPS – 9/24 – 9/28

All My Children – Annie realizes that the man lying in the morgue was sent by Ritchie to terrorize her. With Aidan’s help, a disguised Greenlee poses as the dead man’s widow so she can collect his belongings. Aidan calls the last number on the dead man’s phone and is shocked by who answers the other end. Tad confesses to Joe that he’s in love with Krystal, who is still stuck on Adam. Adam is just about to take Krystal back when she breaks his heart by saying she wants nothing to do with him. A smitten JR hatches a plan to have Ava released from her Fusion contract.

THIS WEEK: Annie’s worst nightmare comes true!

As the World Turns – Jack and Katie are wed. A cop recognizes Carly as Jack’s exwife, and she winds up in the hospital. Jack learns that Carly is dying. He postpones his honeymoon to care for Carly. Jack and Carly break tell their kids about her condition. Craig warns Rosanna that if she testifies against him in court, Paul will find his way back to Meg. Rosanna has her PI follow Paul. Meg insists Craig be honest with her…or else. Dusty escapes the trunk, but can’t start the car and passes out. Col. Mayer disowns Noah when he sees him kissing Luke.

THIS WEEK: Cole confronts Sofie about her pregnancy.

The Bold & the Beautiful Brooke learns that Ridge’s engagement ring isn’t for her; it’s for Ashley. Rick urges Ashley to think twice before getting serious with Ridge. Jackie proposes that Brooke use her sex appeal to save Forrester Creations. Nick is against it, but Brooke agrees to star in the runway show. Ridge thinks Nick is taking advantage of Brooke by asking her to model lingerie. Donna and Eric kiss, then surprises him by climbing into his bed. Taylor tells Ridge she supports him moving on with Ashley and leaving Brooke behind. Brooke is determined to win Ridge back.

THIS WEEK: Donna has plans for Eric.

Days of Our Lives – Andre tells Sami that the only way she can save her father’s life is to choose whether Lucas or EJ dies. Sami is given a gun and shoots Lucas in the leg. Andre manages to escape. Sami shares the contents of the portfolio with EJ. Sami and EJ tell Stefano they will marry in order to fulfill Santo’s prophecy. Grandpa Shawn reveals how Colleen really died. Steve and Abe discover that Andre buried Roman alive, but when the dig up the coffin, they find Benjy’s dead body inside. Steve vows revenge for Benjy’s murder.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea and Stephanie face sorority hazing at Alpha Chi Theta.

General Hospital – Trevor threatens Ric when he gets confirmation of the Trevor/ Zacchara connection. Sonny enlists Spinelli’s cyber-skills to uncover who sent him the menacing text message. Lulu moves into Jason’s penthouse and continues to get text messages from Johnny. Nikolas turns to Robin for medical answers about his mood swings. Lucky and Liz decide to divorce and hire Alexis and Diane, respectively, to represent them in court. Emily tries to talk Liz into making a life with Jason, but Liz plans on being a single mother. Thanks to Sonny, Kate avoids jail and is sentenced to community service at GH and ordered to wear an ankle monitor.

THIS WEEK: Jax and Carly’s marital problems begin!

Guiding Light – Cyrus calls off the heist, but transfers funds to his account. Griggs kidnaps Marina for Alex. Alan is on to Alex’s scheme. When Alex she falls ill, Alan takes over. Cyrus works with Harley and Frank to find Marina. Ashlee tells Coop that Ava should be warned about Jack. Jack tells Doris he knows she set him up. Mallet and Vanessa are shocked about Dinah and Matt. Dinah loves Mallet, but pushes him away. Reva agrees to help Rafe and Daisy. Vanessa, Dinah and Olivia plan to go see Bill in Venezuela, unaware they’re being lured into a trap.

THIS WEEK: Harley searches for both Marina and Cyrus.

One Life To Live – Jessica confesses to Nash that “Tess” slept with Jared, then framed him for robbery, which sent him to prison. Jessica, Nash and Natalie try to explain to a vengeful Jared that Tess, not Jessica, set him up, but he doesn’t buy it. Jared blackmails Jessica and forces Natalie to give him a high-level position at Buchanan Enterprises. He later visits Asa’s mansion and charms Renee with questions about Asa. Blair reluctantly agrees to Todd’s unorthodox plan to get his son back. Dorian also agrees to cooperate…for a price. Britney stirs up trouble between Starr and Marcie, who temporarily steps down from her teaching duties.

THIS WEEK: Michael goes ballistic when he sees Todd with Tommy!

Passions – To escape the Dark Side, Tabitha transports herself and Kay to another dimension. A ransom note demands they both become bad witches in exchange for Miguel and Endora’s return. They summon NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray as their first victim but can’t bring themselves to do evil. Luis and Sheridan go in search of Alistair, hoping he’ll reveal the location of their son, Marty. Ethan thinks Theresa is speaking figuratively when she says that Little Ethan is his son. Gwen dismisses Ethan’s concern when he says the baby doesn’t look right. Theresa goes to the playroom to retrieve her son but realizes he’s gone.

THIS WEEK: Vincent is determined to destroy Eve’s life!

The Young And The Restless Victor tries to make amends with Nick by trying to get an early release for Phyllis. Although the recorded conversation between Jack and Ji Min airs on TV, Jack holds a press conference to publicly apologize. The warden punishes Phyllis by giving her Jana as her new cellmate. Jeff

tells Gloria that before William died, he sent him matches, a photo of their parents, a photo of Gloria, keys, his ID card and a jar of Jabot cream. Jack overhears Sharon admit to Brad that she kissed Nick. Jill learns that the cause of Ji Min’s death was multiple contusions and a broken larynx.

THIS WEEK: Jack confronts Sharon about her lying!

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