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RECAPS – 1/3-1/7

ALL MY CHILDREN . Kendall was diagnosed with pneumonia and must be watched because of her transplanted heart. Caleb reenacted the shooting and found Erica couldn’t have shot David. Erica confessed that she was covering for Kendall. JR warned Annie not to muck up with relationship. Madison changed her mind and turned down Greenlee’s offer to move to New York. Damon was upset when he saw Asher and Colby kissing. Caleb asked Liza to give Erica a deal. JR took Marissa to his doctor’s appointment where he learned he’s cancer-free. Liza questioned why Erica was in David’s room. Erica feared Kendall would remember what happened the night of David’s shooting. David woke from a coma, murmuring Kendall’s name.

THIS WEEK: Damon and Liza get closer than they ever imagined.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Brooke was determined to find out how Amber wound up with Liam the night of the party. Bill told Oliver to cancel the plan to break up Liam and Hope. Jackie created a new line for Jackie M. and Whip decided on a publicity campaign. Owen asked Nick to be his best man at his and Jackie’s renewal ceremony. Ridge decided to send Brooke and Thomas on a PR trip to Paris to promote the Taboo line. Whip confessed to Taylor that he took the photo of Thomas and Brooke. Taylor told Whip why she believed Thomas would be attracted to Brooke. Nick saved the day at Jackie and Owen’s renewal ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Thomas is enchanted with Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . When forced by E.J. to choose Sydney or Brady, Nicole agrees to give up Brady. E.J. puts a bracelet with a tracking device on Nicole to ensure she remains true to him. Kayla told Stephanie her name was kept out of the paternity switch, but later, Nathan learned the truth and stopped their wedding. Johnny ran away while Stefano and Nicole fought. Bo and Hope got a boat from a Merchant Marine buddy of Bo’s. Chloe returned home and believed that Daniel had forgiven her, but he asked her to move out a.s.a.p. On a Titan business flight, Gus and Vivian were dumped on a desert island. Jane and Lee step up the organ theft business in case they have to flee.

THIS WEEK: Melanie learns that she’s pregnant.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . In the aftermath of the ski bus crash, Olivia was in critical condition, Morgan had a broken leg, and Matt and Maxie grew closer as they cared for the kids. Jason and Carly raced to rescue the kids, but Brenda and Dante were the first to reach the site. Once she was airlifted to GH, Olivia had emergency surgery. Dante sat vigil at his mother’s side. Luke considered using the honeymoon as a cover for a jewel heist. Carly had a meltdown about Abby in front of Sonny. Molly began showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Carly tried to pay off Abby to leave Michael alone. Theo insisted on questioning Dante and Brenda about the death of Bancovic.

THIS WEEK: The Balkan makes contact with the Port Charles traitor.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Marty interrupted John and Natalie’s civil ceremony and kept them from marrying. Jessica went into labor and was diagnosed with a serious condition related to her having been shot. Brody and Viki convinced Jessie to have a C-section to save her life. David was able to called Dorian from his prison cell in Morocco, but Dorian refused to believe his reasons for not being at their wedding. Natalie took Marty to the lodge, but then went into labor. Marty decided not to help Natalie get to the hospital. Bo told John that he believed Inez drugged him. At Nate’s arraignment, Tea suggested that Tea was the killer, prompting Nate to confess that he killed Eddie. Blair and Cristian made love on New Year’s Eve.

THIS WEEK: John finds Marty holding Natalie’s newborn.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jana showed up with a gash on her head and told Kevin and Chloe that Daisy had hit her. As Daisy drove off, she began having contractions. Daniel found Daisy and delivered the baby. Daisy knocked Daniel out, left the newborn at a church and escaped to Canada. Security photos showed Daisy with a pillow under her coat, making everyone believe she had yet to have the baby. Victoria received bad news about having another baby. Cane told Sofia that Blake was blackmailing him. Kay wanted to investigate Colin to protect Jill. Heather was served with a subpoena to give a deposition about Owen. Colin picked up on Blake’s growing attachment to Lily.

THIS WEEK: Paul investigates Chance’s death.

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