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RECAPS – 10/1 – 10/5

All My Children – Zach agreed to finance JR’s business venture if he can get Greenlee to turn over her shares of Fusion and resign. Zach suggested JR hint that some of Greenlee’s embryos in the clinic survived the blackout and she could still have Ryan’s baby. Jonathan shocked Ava when he spontaneously proposed. When Erica asked Kendall to stop her vengeful plan for Greenlee, Kendall asked Bianca to help get Erica out of Pine Valley so she could carry out her scheme. Greenlee saw a photo of Ritchie and realized he was Wes, who was held in a cabin with Babe, Little Adam and Emma.

THIS WEEK: Ryan’s actions have serious repercussions.

As the World Turns – Jack presented a new house to Katie, reassuring her of his love. At the same time, he comforted Carly as her prognosis was grim. She tried to be strong with Parker, but later admitted she’s not prepared to die. The case against Craig fell apart because of Rosanna. Paul and Rosanna decided to get married immediately. Rosanna urged Craig to get Meg pregnant to keep Meg and Paul apart. At the cabin, Meg and Paul began making love. Col. Mayer went after Luke with a rifle. Gwen defended Sofie to Cole. Barbara warned Ali not to muck things up for Will and Gwen.

THIS WEEK: Lily tries to save Luke.

The Bold & the Beautiful – Brooke was haunted by visions of her rapist. Ridge took her to a rape counselor. Ashley was jealous of Brooke and Ridge’s relationship, until he accidentally told her that Brooke was raped. Rick warned Ashley not to trust Ridge. Brooke and RJ went to Big Bear with Ridge, but he told her he’s only there for their son. Donna connived to get Nick to sell Forrester Creations back to Eric – on the condition that Stephanie is out of the company. Eric contemplated a divorce. Jackie jumped at the chance to get back in Eric’s arms, unaware that Donna’s her competition.

THIS WEEK: Eric comes to a major decision.

Days of Our Lives

Steve took Stefano hostage. On live TV, he threatened to kill him if Andre didn’t release Roman immediately. Andre defused the bomb attached to Roman, but before going after Steve, he tied up Sami and EJ in the Brady kitchen. Lucas discovered Kate’s connection to Stefano and rejected his mother. Later, Lucas spyed Sami and EJ in a compromising position. Bo confronted Andre and in the melee that ensued, Andre fell off the roof – but survived. Will was furious that Sami is divorcing Lucas. She explained that she’s marrying EJ to save the Brady clan. Stefano had Steve arrested.

THIS WEEK: Philip goes after Lauren.

General Hospital – Trevor smugly bragged to Sonny that he got Kate fired from Couture. Sonny and Kate made love, but she later told him she couldn’t be in his life. Pretending to be Lulu, Carly answered Johnny’s text messages and agreed to meet him. Once together, Carly told Johnny to stay away from Lulu. After realizing he blacked out, Nikolas admitted to Emily that something is wrong with him. He later had another violent outburst but had no recollection how he hurt his hand. Scott reached out to Logan when a paternity test confirmed he is Scott’s son. Skye considered forming an alliance with Ric.

THIS WEEK: Someone is spying on Jax and Carly.

Guiding Light – Buzz had a revelation about how to win the election when he learned what Springfield is really all about. Jeffrey investigated the Reva- Alan connection. He got Reva to admit that Alan shot a man for her. Harley and Cyrus pretended to be married in order to track down Marina. Frank meanwhile accused Cyrus of kidnapping. Daisy learned she’s pregnant. She confided to Reva, who urged her to tell Harley. Nat told Gus she won’t be his second choice. Gus didn’t like Alan kissing Nat. Josh and Cassie clashed about starting a family. Coop asked Ashlee to the Bauer cabin so they could be alone.

THIS WEEK: The search for Marina takes a surprising turn.

One Life To Live – Michael and Marcie were suspicious when Todd announced he and Blair got married. Starr admitted to Cole that her parents remarried to improve Todd’s chance of getting custody of Tommy. Michael perjured himself on the stand when he said he didn’t know Tommy was Todd’s son until recently. Lindsay remained unresponsive as Bo tried to get through to her. Nora warned her that she’d bury her in court if she’s faking her breakdown. Dorian got a response out of Lindsay, who dropped a bombshell on Marcie. Shaun played along with Layla’s ruse that he’s Talia’s boyfriend. Dorian hired Rex to find Langston’s parents.

THIS WEEK: Jared threatens to reveal his past with Tess.

Passions – To get back at his parents, Vincent dressed up like Valerie and planned to seduce Julian. He later used a projector to appear as a spectral image in an attempt to gaslight his mother. Alistair threatened to kidnap Little Ethan and kill Ethan if Theresa revealed her son’s true paternity. Sheridan found drawings Marty made of her family that hints that her son had forgotten her. While trying to prevent Tabitha from using her magic for evil, Kay accidentally broke Tabitha’s wand, unleashing bolts of wizardry that threatened to kill them both. A heartbroken Fancy saw Luis and Sheridan making love.

THIS WEEK: Gwen and Sheridan each have plans for the man they love.

The Young And The Restless Determined to get Sharon away from Jack, Brad leaked the story to the tabloids about Sharon and Nick’s kiss. J.T. arranged for a romantic getaway with Victoria in Clear Springs, where he gave her a garnet ring and proposed. Gloria asked Jeff for the bottle of cream that William sent him before he died, saying the scent reminded her of William. Unbeknownst to Gloria, Jeff switched the bottles and gave her a fake one. Nikki and David get word that Victor owned the drilling and mineral rights to Clear Springs, meaning he’ll make a fortune even if the springs fail.

THIS WEEK: Will Victoria’s superstitions take root?

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