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RECAPS – 1/10-14

ALL MY CHILDREN . Ryan suspected that Zach might have been murdered, but refused to tell Kendall so as not to worry her. Annie’s insecurity got the best of her and she spoiled JR’s plan to take her away for a romantic weekend. Annie lied about her encounter with Marissa in which Marissa was injured. Natalia and Brot finally made love once she got him to understand that she was reluctant because she was still a virgin. Greenlee tried to get Scott to keep Madison away from Ryan. Annie was ticked when JR postponed his divorce from Marissa because of her injuries. Scott returned to the mansion to move out, telling Marissa that he didn’t want to end his relationship with her. Liza told Tad she feared she was becoming just like her mother.

THIS WEEK: Jackson is jealous of Erica’s closeness with Caleb.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . On the press trip to Paris, Thomas was enchanted by Brooke’s way with the press. Taylor feared that Brooke would seduce Thomas and begged Ridge to call the pilot and stop the trip. Brooke told Ridge that Thomas had fallen in love with fame. Thomas endured listening to Brooke and Ridge’s lovey- dovey computer chat. Taylor tried to get Stephanie to keep Brooke away from Thomas. Amber slept with a new friend, telling him about her pregnancy. Eric and Stephanie believed that Brooke was no longer a threat to the Forresters. Tawny let Oliver he may have a chance with Hope because of Liam’s indiscretion. Nick presided over Jackie and Owen’s renewal ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Nick receives shocking health news.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Johnny’s cancer spread to his other eye and he needed immediate surgery. Kayla had Carly brought up on charges before the hospital board. Daniel’s testimony saved Carly from sanctions. Melanie lied that she was not pregnant when in fact she was. Melanie contemplated whether to have the baby or not. Stefano was revealed as the mastermind behind the illegal organ ring, but he was frustrated that he could not do anything to help Johnny. Victor approved of Brady and Kate sending Vivian to a desert island. Stephanie and Nathan broke up. Chloe was determined to get Daniel to forgive her. Bo was captured by Jane and given drugs to reveal Hope’s location. For Johnny’s sake, E.J. and Sami made a deal.

THIS WEEK: Rafe is skeptical about E.J.’s new attitude.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . The Balkan used the mole to plot his revenge against Dante and Brenda. Sonny gave Brenda special rings for their wedding. Lisa was pleased when Terrell grew closer to Robin by sharing a story about an HIV-positive friend. Jerry’s body was reportedly pulled from the harbor. Jason suspected that there was a traitor in town. Abby was arrested for prostitution. Loan sharks attacked Ethan. Maya admitted to Johnny that she was in love with Ethan. Sam learned that a new procedure might allow her to get pregnant. Johnny threatened Lisa by showing her the syringe; The Balkan revealed his plans for Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day. Carly threatened to expose Dante and Brenda’s secret to Sonny.

THIS WEEK: Michael lashes out at Carly.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Dorian went to Echo’s A.A. meeting in disguise. Before incriminating herself, Echo spotted Dorian. In court, Tea accused Nate of lying about Eddie’s death to protect Inez. Bo learned that Inez got a prescription from Marty that could have been used to drug Bo. Joey told Kelly that he did not believe Aubrey was cheating on him. Marty delivered Natalie’s baby and then became delusional, thinking the infant was Marty and John’s. Jessica agreed to have a C-section. Joey bought Aubrey’s story that Cutter was her brother. When Roxy confronted Marty, a fight ensued and Roxy was knocked out. Marty went to the hospital nursery to see baby McBain. Rex questioned Clint about his connection to Inez.

THIS WEEK: Bo accuses Clint of destroying his marriage to Nora.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jana nearly tripped herself up. Jack went to Koa’s store to research Sharon’s story. Koa tipped off Victor about Jack’s investigation. Jack found Skye’s burned perfume bottle and realized that Victor was behind the entire set-up. Victor convinced Diane to move into the ranch with Kyle. Paul discovered that Ronan shot Chance with blanks. Nina told Ronan that she was tested as a liver donor for him. Adam refuses the deal offered by the ADA, determined to be exonerated in Skye’s death. Billy consults with Prim about adopting. After holding the baby girl Prim has available, Billy made a decision. At the mediation, Vance convinced Victoria to play hardball with Victor. The judge ruled in Victoria and Abby’s favor.

THIS WEEK: Ronan refuses to allow Chance to be tested as a possible donor.

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