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RECAPS – 1/17-21

Ryan consulted with the FAA
and was convinced that Zach’s

plane crash was an accident.
Erica asked Liza to drop the
charges and Liza agreed. Erica
confronted an unconscious
David, but he woke up and

accused Kendall of trying to
kill him. David agreed to say
nothing to the authorities if
Erica would get Greenlee to
visit him. Marissa took on
David as a client. Jackson was
jealous of Erica’s relationship
with Caleb. Krystal comforted
Jackson. Greenlee and Ryan
announced their marriage
plans. Minister Torres advised
Kendall to get involved with
charity work. When Ryan saw
Scott with Madison, Scott
made Ryan jealous by putting
his arm around Madison.
THIS WEEK: David avoids
going to prison by staying in
the hospital.
BEAUTIFUL . Brooke was
upset with Thomas for his inappropriate actions on the jet
back from Paris. Nick warned
Ridge about the image Thomas
and Brooke were projecting in
the Taboo campaign. Katie arranged for Donna to reconnect
with Justin. Marcus brought
Dayzee to meet Justin and
Donna. Nick received shocking health news. Stephanie
tried to convince Nick to treat
his condition, but Nick was in
denial about the doctor’s diagnosis. Nick was determined
to keep the truth from Jackie
and Aggie. Nick realized that
his carelessness would have a
profound affect on Jack. Taylor
grilled Thomas about the Paris
trip. Dayzee told Marcus her
intentions concerning him.
Thomas was haunted by his
memories of the trip to Paris
with Brooke.
THIS WEEK: Donna has a
proposal for Justin.

The bandages were removed
and Johnny’s vision returned.
EJ said that he would stick with
his plan to make peace with
Sami. EJ confided in Stefano
that his revenge target was
Rafe. Bo refused to reveal
Hope’s location even after
being drugged and tortured.
Melanie revealed to Daniel
that she was pregnant with
Philip’s child. Chloe tried to
seduce Daniel but he pushed
her away. Nicole was shocked
but pleased that EJ still wants
to marry her. Kate told Victor
about how Brady sent Vivian
to a desert island. In order
to win Maggie’s favor, Victor
wanted to save Viv. Brady was
determined to keep Vivian in
exile and not follow Victor’s
dictates. Nathan learned that
Melanie was pregnant. Daniel
shared Melanie’s news with
THIS WEEK: Brady rescued Vivian and Gus from the
vacation island.
. The Balkan learned exactly how his son Aleksander
died. Theo plotted to kidnap
Brenda on her wedding day.
Molly exhibited more signs of
post-traumatic stress disorder.
Molly feared that she had
bi-polar disease and decided
to speak with Uncle Sonny
about the condition. Carly was
determined to reveal Dante
and Brenda’s baby secret at
the wedding. Abby let Michael
believe the lie that she was a
prostitute so he would stay
away from her. Lulu broke up
with Dante when she learned

that he and Brenda had killed a
man in 2007. Siobhan broke up
with Lucky. Brook and Nikolas
grew closer. Sam consulted
with Dr. Lee about the possibility of being able to have
a baby.
THIS WEEK: Dante and
Theo argue about the civil suit.
Aubrey fights her growing
feelings for Joey, while Cutter
made a pass at Kelly. Aubrey
and Kelly got into a catfight
at the gym. Marty tried to
take John and Natalie’s baby
from the hospital nursery.
John humored Marty until
he got the baby in his arms.
Marty was taken to St. Ann’s
for treatment. Inez confessed
to Bo and Nora that she never
had sex with Bo and that Clint
was behind the entire scam.
Vimal told his wife Rama all
the work he’s done for Clint. Bo
made Matthew stop working
for Clint. Tea represented Nate
and he was allowed to rescind
his confession. Inez disappeared. Cristian confronted
Layla in Paris. Blair searched
for the painter.
threatens Clint.
RESTLESS . Ronan learned
that Nina was not a transplant
match. Ronan objected to
Chance being tested, prompting Chris to fire Ronan. Victoria was stunned when Billy
gave her a newborn. Victoria
accepted the baby. Kevin took
Jana to the same revival movie
she attended the night of her
kidnapping. Jana’s memories
rushed back. Adam was released from jail and moved
into the ranch with Sharon.
Victor told Diane he had plans
to get back at Adam. Kay confronted Colin about his criminal past. Jill refused to give up
on Colin. Sofia told Blake to get
out of town. When Cane asked
her why she was defending
him, Sofia said that she’d had a
troubled past and she was paying it forward by helping Cane.
THIS WEEK: Sharon is arrested for Skye’s murder.

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