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RECAPS – 1/24-28

ALL MY CHILDREN . Madison accepted Ryan’s engagement to Greenlee, but told him they would have been something special together. JR confronted Scott about his intentions toward Marissa. Cara admitted to Jake that she had leukemia as a child and nobody ever treated her normally until Jack came along. Tad was ticked off that David arranged to remain in the hospital instead of being sent to jail. Annie spiraled out of control to keep JR close to her and Marissa became alarmed by her behavior. Asher was concerned for Colby and warned Liza he’d spill her secret if her mother hurt Colby again. Kendall had a flashback of holding a gun and Erica screaming ‘no.’ Tad was put in charge of finding the person stealing prescription drugs from the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Kendall needs surgery.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Nick was taken aback by Jack’s confession. Stephanie told Jackie about Nick’s smoking problem and the spot on his lungs. Brooke remained wary of Thomas after the kiss on the plane. Amber moved into the trailer park with Tawny. Tawny had a contact that could alter a paternity test for Amber so she could convince Liam he was the father of her unborn baby. Pam has shocking news for Stephanie. Donna shared her good news about reuniting with Justin with her family. Brooke begged Stephanie to help her put the Logan-Forrester feud to rest once and for all. Marcus shared his family history with Dayzee. Stephen had a big surprise for Donna.

THIS WEEK: Bill ruffles feathers at the wedding.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sami balked at the conditions in EJ’s custody arrangement, but Rafe urged her to accept the deal. Kate contemplates how to get Parker away from Chloe permanently. EJ told Nicole the wedding was still on. Brady rescued Vivian and Gus from the vacation island, but only after getting Viv to sign away her shares of Titan. Victor was unaware that Brady had double-crossed him. Jennifer got the infirmary key from Ben and with Carly’s help, uncovered the organ theft operation at the prison. Jane and a state investigator captured Bo, intending to kill him. Chloe used Parker to try and win Daniel back. Adrienne and Justin had a romantic reconciliation. Rafe was seriously injured in a car accident, which played well into EJ’s plans.

THIS WEEK: Jane wants to use Jennifer’s heart for a transplant.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lulu refused to forgive Dante for lying to her about Brenda. Jason and Lucky both saw the traitor tip him/herself off. Carly welcome Jax home until she learned he’d been in London to protect Brenda from Jerry. Michael had a violent flashback about his time in prison. Lulu and Lucky commiserated about the Spencer romance curse. Alexis convinced Molly to see a psychiatrist about post-traumatic stress from the bus crash. Maxie wondered why Luke sent diamonds to the Crimson offices for a photo shoot. Spinelli begged Carly not to reveal Dante and Brenda’s baby. Jason learned about Sam’s options to have a baby. Brandon attacked Abby. Terrell made himself look like a hero in Robin’s eyes. The Balkan brought a killer to Port Charles to avenge his son.

THIS WEEK: Carly asks Jax for a divorce.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Blair met Tomas, the French painter who did her portrait. Tomas knew everything about Blair and was enchanted by her. Layla confessed her indiscretion to Cristian and they broke their engagement. Dorian told Kelly about Aubrey’s experience with Ford, but Kelly refrained from telling Joey. Clint told Joey to get a pre-nup from Aubrey or else Joey would be disowned. Aubrey learned about Clint’s paternity shenanigans from Rama, Vimal’s wife. Clint covered his tracks by getting Ford fired and James’ grant reversed. Aubrey planned to reveal Clint’s actions at the babies christening. Rex contemplates a DNA test to determine who’s really his father. Echo learned that Shane was being bullied.

THIS WEEK: Bo tells Rex the horrible things Clint has done.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon was arrested for killing Skye. Victoria introduced Lucy to her grandfather, but Victor turned away from the child. At Billy and Victoria’s Daniel realized he could be holding his daughter in his arms. Phyllis and Billy agreed to run an incriminating video of Sharon on the Restless Style website, even though Phyllis does not believe that Sharon killed Skye. Adam proposed working with Jack to find Skye’s hedge fund fortune. Nick told Diane he had to put the brakes on their relationship because his life was too hectic. Victor arranged to secretly put up Sharon’s bail. Colin asked Jill to elope with him. Lily demanded that Cane tell her the truth about what’s going on. Noah and Devon went to New York to record a CD on Tucker’s label.

THIS WEEK: Blake attacks Sofia.

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