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RECAPS – 1/31-2/4

ALL MY CHILDREN . Kendall remembered that she was the one who shot David, not Erica. Ryan set a trap for David to make it look like he was trying to escape. David was sent to jail when the authorities believed Ryan. Madison began to show her baby bump. Kendall collapsed in the park. Jake, Cara and Griffin rescued Kendall, but on the way to the hospital, Annie’s car crashes into the ambulance when Annie has a hallucination of Marissa. Jack learned the truth about why Erica and Caleb have been working so closely together. Krystal sympathized with Jack. JR discovered Annie committed the burglary and demanded she see Dr. Burke. Natalia got a job in Philadelphia. Greenlee kept Madison’s pregnancy from Ryan.

THIS WEEK: Cara admits she loves Jake.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Donna gave Eric a memento of their marriage before her wedding to Justin. Stephanie understood Eric’s feelings about Donna. The family gathered for Justin and Donna’s wedding. Oliver agreed to keep secret that he and Amber slept together so he might reunite with Hope. Oliver believed Amber’s lie that he wasn’t the baby’s father. Hope and Oliver grilled Amber about the baby’s father, but Amber insisted Liam was the dad. Stephanie came up with a way to convince Nick to give up his addiction. Ridge was determined to discover the important woman in Thomas’ life. Brooke told Katie about Thomas kissing her on the plane and Katie urged Brooke to bow out of the Taboo campaign in order to save her marriage.

THIS WEEK: Nick struggles with his addiction.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . The state cops believed Jane and the state investigator over Bo and Hope, but Carly alerted Daniel and he blew the lid off the organ transplant trafficking ring. Lee harvested Jennifer’s heart for transplantation, leaving Jen to die. Daniel’s emergency surgery reattached Jennifer’s heart and she clung to life. EJ succeeded in switching the hospitalized Rafe for his imposter. The imposter Rafe went home with Sami. Nicole was suspicious when her sister Taylor arrived for a visit. Carly broke up with Bo because she believed he was still in love with Hope. Rafe woke up behind bars in Stefano and EJ’s basement. Ben apologized for hurting Jennifer. Taylor bonded with Theo. Bo was determined to free Hope.

THIS WEEK: Hope gets good news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Michael saved Abby from being raped. Michael admitted to Jason what really happened to him in Pentonville. Dante blamed himself for Michael’s trauma and wanted to resign from the force, but Lulu convince him that wouldn’t help Michael. Carly learned the truth and told Sonny what had happened to Michael. Carly told Jax she wanted a divorce when she found out that he went to London to protect Brenda. Lucky’s trap to catch the Balkan revealed Siobhan to be his accomplice. Suzanne knew a lot about Brenda’s baby. Brenda found her wedding dress destroyed. Lucky arrested Siobhan. Maxie thought that Sam might be pregnant. Luke returned to PC just as Tracy was arrested for Luke’s diamond heist.

THIS WEEK: Jason finds Sam with a pregnancy test.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Starr decided to end her marriage to Cole. Before Aubrey could reveal what Clint had done, Clint announced that Joey was not disowned. Cutter altered the yearbook so Dorian and Kelly wouldn’t learn that Aubrey was an imposter. Clint planted a camera in Joey and Aubrey’s room. Natalie and John agree to a double wedding with Jessica and Brody. Marty escaped from St. Ann’s. Marty told John that Natalie abducted her, but John thought Marty was still mentally unstable. Joey confessed to Aubrey that he and Kelly were locked in the storage closet all night. Joey doesn’t reveal to Aubrey that Kelly’s still in love with him. Rama plotted Vimal’s revenge on Clint. Echo agreed to keep Shane’s secret.

THIS WEEK: Clint gives Kelly the Aubrey/ Cutter DVD.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Tucker wanted Sofia to get back the money Blake stole from him. Colin threatened to kill Jill if Cane told her the truth about their past. Nick asked Diane to resume their love affair. Sharon begged Victor to come forward as a witness for her. Nick was awarded full custody of Faith. Blake tried to run down Sofia with a motorcycle. Billy opposed Jill’s decision to marry to Colin. Lily told Cane that they wouldn’t survive unless he told her everything about his past. Cane revealed the truth about Samantha and his crime family, but put the truth about Colin being his father in a letter. Colin ordered Blake to leave Genoa City, and then gave him a chance to redeem himself by keeping Billy from interfering with Colin’s wedding to Jill.

THIS WEEK: Kevin tells Jana the truth.

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