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RECAPS – 2/7-2/11

ALL MY CHILDREN . Kendall had emergency roadside surgery by Griffin with David’s assisting. Erica made a deal with David. Kendall recovered and told Erica she remembered David’s shooting. Colby managed to send a text message from the cottage. JR realized that Annie was out of control. Tad prepared commitment papers for Annie. Erica decided not to attend Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding. Greenlee finally told Ryan that Madison was pregnant. Jackson was furious when Erica admitted arranging for David to get a release from the governor. Jake saw Cara’s ring on her necklace. Brot arrested JR when his car was identified as the vehicle that hit the ambulance. Caleb decided to distance himself from Erica. Annie and Marissa scuffled, leaving Marissa unconscious. Ricky was certain that his feelings for Kendall would not interfere with his mission.

THIS WEEK: David tells Liza that he’s a new man.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Thomas was attracted to Dayzee. Nick struggled to keep from smoking cigars. Stephanie invited Nick to her home where he met lung cancer survivors who shared their stories. Liam told Bill about Amber’s claim that she was pregnant with his baby. Brooke confronted Amber about the baby situation. Bill demanded that Amber have a paternity test. Tawny and Carl raced to get to the lab to fix the test. Amber reminded Hope that her relationship with Liam didn’t have to end because of the baby. Stephanie questioned Thomas about his love life. Liam held out hope that he was not the father of Amber’s baby. Aggie learned that Nick has a spot on his lung.

THIS WEEK: Thomas kisses Dayzee.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Jennifer wished that Jack had been more like Daniel. Chloe tried in vain to reach out to Daniel. Brady told Victor that he’d taken control of Titan by tricking Vivian. Melanie agreed to collaborate with Kate to get Parker away from Chloe permanently. Sami blasted Nicole for wanting to chase Taylor out of town. Kate left the Victor’s to move back in with Stefano. Rafe met his imposter and believed Sami would recognize that he was a fake. After making love with the fake Rafe, Sami confided to Carrie that something was off with her husband. Bo told Hope he loved her and wanted her to return to him. Hope was released from prison. Chloe absent-mindedly left Parker alone in the house while cookies were burning in the oven.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Bo reunite on Valentine’s Day.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lucky walked into a trap set by the Balkan. A flood at the Archer Pavilion forced Sonny and Brenda’s wedding to be altered. Brenda accused Carly of shredding her wedding gown. Luke warned Lulu not to take Dante back. Maxie helped Jason create a romantic Valentine’s Day for Sam. Johnny told Ethan the reason for his involvement with Lisa. Patrick confronted Johnny about Lisa’s treachery. Sonny told Michael that whatever happened in prison didn’t matter to him. Carly supported Michael’s decision to undergo therapy. Lisa drugged Patrick’s beer at Jake’s. Ronnie questioned Carly about sabotaging Brenda and Sonny’s wedding. Tracy refused to accept Luke’s apologetic attempt to get her out of jail.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Sam suspect that Theo is the Balkan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . After Starr ended her marriage to Cole, she walked in on James and Michelle in a compromising position. Vimal stopped the weddings to reveal that Clint jiggered the DNA test because Clint was Rex’s father, not Charlie. Vimal also revealed that Clint altered Jessica’s paternity test because Ford was the father, not Brody. Brody admitted to Jessica that he had a one-night-stand with Natalie. Natalie defended herself to John, but he still walked out on the wedding. Charlie was tempted to drink after the turmoil with Clint. Clint gave Kelly the Aubrey/ Cutter DVD, unaware that the incriminating evidence had been edited. Blair was surprised to see Tomas. Joey thought Kelly was responsible for the camera. Ford overheard the news that he has a son.

THIS WEEK: Tess introduces herself to Ford.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kevin told Jana the truth about their being divorced and his relationship with Chloe. Jana feigned surprise and burst into tears. Chloe wondered if she should cut ties with Kevin. Malcolm and Sofia cancelled the vendors for the wedding. Paul, Heather and Nina were stunned to meet Ronan’s doctor who turned out to be Nate Hastings, Olivia’s son. Gloria and Jeffrey planned a Valentine’s Day charity event at Gloworm. Abby forced Daniel to attend Delia’s birthday party, unaware that he was uncomfortable seeing Lucy. Phyllis and Jack went to Hawaii to follow Victor’s trail and learned that Koa came into a sudden fortune. Adam planted evidence that Skye was still alive. Nick asked Sharon for help with Faith. Diane made plans with Nick for Valentine’s Day.

THIS WEEK: Lily struggles in the aftermath of Cane’s situation.

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