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RECAPS – 2/14-2/18

ALL MY CHILDREN . Scott announced that he was the father of Madison’s baby. Ryan and Greenlee had their wedding and were pronounced husband and wife. Tad had a way to protect Cara. Griffin kept Kendall in the hospital to remain close to her. Diane warned Ricky to get the information about Zack from Kendall or they’ll have to get rid of Kendall. Bianca revealed that Reese wanted a divorce. Amanda’s call to the authorities upset Cara’s plans. JR rescued Marissa from the attic after Annie tried to gas her to death. Annie took Emma from Ryan’s wedding and ran away with her. Greenlee was grateful to Scott for lying about Madison’s baby. Ryan flipped out when it seemed that David helped Annie flee.

THIS WEEK: Madison asks Greenlee for financial help.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Dayzee was confused by Thomas’ kiss. After the results of the doctored paternity results were announced, Bill made an offer to Amber. Steffy returned to Los Angeles. Brooke warned Amber not to make an enemy of Bill Spencer. Liam accused Amber of targeting him. Nick brokers a deal for Katie and Bill to get a new house on the cliffs of Malibu. Amber sends Tawny out of town. After the accident, Bill blamed Amber for trying to kill to Liam. Amber went above and beyond to help Liam. Steffy befriends Hope in her time of need. Bill had a surprisingly emotional reaction to Liam’s serious condition.

THIS WEEK: Bi l l blames Amber for Liam’s situation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Jennifer played matchmaker for Carly and Daniel. Rafe escaped from the DiMera prison. Melanie collaborated with Kate on a plan to take Parker from Chloe. Melanie reunited with Philip. EJ and Taylor shared an instant attraction, unaware of their connection through Nicole. Caroline was given probation. Kayla returned to Africa. The real Rafe was knocked out outside Sami’s and returned to the basement cell. EJ decided to make Allie pay for Rafe’s defiance. Victor found Maggie toasting her marriage to Mickey. EJ gave Nicole an engagement ring. Sami’s was baffled when her neighbor, Gladys, said she saw Rafe outside her door. Bo and Hope agreed to work on reconciliation.

THIS WEEK: Kate’s plan to push Chloe over the edge is working.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lucky and Siobhan went to Ireland to find Meagan. Dante took Lulu to the opera and the duo wound up having makeup sex. Spinelli uncovered the identity of the Balkan. Sonny arranged to have Carly ‘kidnapped’ so she wouldn’t interfere with the wedding. In a gunfight, Lucky was shot in the head. Lisa turned to Johnny for help and he told her he didn’t want her to end up like Claudia. Edward was enlisted to walk Brenda down the aisle when Jason was a no-show. Molly discovered the identity of the Balkan. Robin was overjoyed when Patrick arrived for the wedding. Abby told Johnny she was quitting her job at the strip club.

THIS WEEK: Franco contacts Jason.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Ford learned that he was the father of Jessica’s baby. John forced Natalie to tell Brody that he was Logan’s father, not John. Joey married Aubrey. Todd interrupted Dani and Nate on the brink of making love. John and Kelly commiserated about their love lives. Aubrey offered to get Clint off the hook legally if he kept Joey from seeing the incriminating DVD. Todd told Tea that Dani had run away. Kelly and John wake up together, hung over. Blair told Cristian about Tomas showing up on Llanview. Jessica received a visit from Tess, one of her alternate personalities. Tess confided her plan to Ford. Joey and Rex have a brotherly bonding moment.

THIS WEEK: Joey is upset over Kelly’s onenight stand with John.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victor fumed when he saw Nikki dance with Deacon. Kevin put Jana out of the apartment because he wanted to be alone with Chloe. Adam proposed to Sharon and she said yes. At Cane’s funeral, Billy and Philip were puzzled by Colin’s expression of grief. Lily asked her concerned family to leave her alone. Victor asked Nick to speak at the arbitration hearing. Phyllis showed Nick a video that proved Victor was in Hawaii. Chloe and Kevin finally made love. At the Gloworm charity event, Victor gave Diane a huge kiss that took everyone by surprise. Diane tried to explain the kiss to Nick, but he pushed her away. Deacon visited Meggie in jail.

THIS WEEK: Neil and Sofia make love.

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