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RECAPS – 2/21-25

ALL MY CHILDREN . Scott asked Madison to move in with him to save money on rent. Marissa forced David to reveal where he’d sent Annie and Emma. Liza told Colby that she’d slept with Damon. Annie left the cabin before Ryan could find her and Emma. Jake let his anger out when he learned that Amanda called the immigration service on Cara. Tad convinced the authorities that he was engaged to Cara, allowing her to remain in Pine Valley. Kendall opened the metal box Zach left behind, but before reading the last page of his letter, Ricky switched it out with one that excludes vital evidence. Krystal was upset by Tad’s fake engagement to Cara. Ryan, Greenlee and JR went to Montreal to find Annie. Erica realized that for Jackson’s sake, had to quit Chandler.

THIS WEEK: Reese sends her lawyers to take the kids back from Bianca.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Brooke saw Thomas and Dayzee sharing a kiss. Hope overheard Amber speaking truthfully to an unconscious

Liam. Bill was concerned about Liam’s condition and furious at Amber. Soon after settling back home, Steffy expressed her disdain for Stephanie’s new attitude. Nick encouraged Oliver to renew his pursuit of Hope since Liam’s situation and Amber’s pregnancy have put doubts in Hope’s mind about her future with Liam. Bill asked Katie for a private meeting at their new Malibu house. After threatening Amber, Bill gave Amber an amazing offer. Steffy faces off with Brooke about Forrester Creations, her dislike of Taboo and Brooke’s relationship with Thomas. Liam had a medical setback.

THIS WEEK: Bill gives Amber the house in Malibu.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Phillip was alarmed about Chloe’s accident with Parker, but learned that Chloe had stopped taking her post-partum medication because of Kate. Chloe tried to kill herself by drowning, but Phillip saved her. Vivian approved of Brady’s acquisition of Titan from Victor. EJ was dreaming of Taylor the night before his wedding to Nicole. To save Allie from being a target of Stefano’s revenge, EJ arranged for Lucas to send for Allie to visit. The imposter beat up the real Rafe. EJ convinced Stefano to let him determine when to eliminate real Rafe. Bo and Hope’s first date turned into a family night with Ciara. Roman was reinstated as police commissioner, but Hope learned she couldn’t ever be a cop again. At the wedding, the action stopped when EJ discovered Taylor was Nicole’s sister.

THIS WEEK: EJ and Nicole were married.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Carly confronted Brenda about the baby before Brenda walked down the aisle. Brenda stopped the wedding in midstream to tell Sonny the truth before Carly did. Sonny told Brenda he didn’t care about the past. Brenda and Sonny were married. Shawn ambushed Jason and Sam, then later took Carly as a hostage. Dante took responsibility for the secrets he kept. Lulu was heartbroken. At the reception, Jax, Edward, Robin and Sonny were beside themselves with grief. Jason received a call from Franco. Sonny found that a body wasn’t who they thought it was. Liz had doubts about Aiden’s paternity. Lucky proposed to a green card wedding so Siobhan could return to America.

THIS WEEK: Brenda is missing.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Rex told Clint that he was going to tell Bo the truth about David. Ford felt awful about hurting Langston. Joey was upset about Kelly one-night stand with John. Brody told Viki that he suspected Jessica had turned into Tess. Tomas reunited with his sister, Tea, but she was still angry with him for abandoning their family years before. John wanted to see Liam, not Natalie. Langston followed Brody when he was tracking down Ford and Tess in Vegas for a quickie wedding. Aubrey and Cutter urge Rama to convince Vimal not to testify against Clint. Dorian told Echo that she knew about Charlie and Echo’s night together. Dani hid from her parents at Viki’s cabin. Shane’s bully turned out to be Jack.

THIS WEEK: Tea witnesses Todd’s latest overthe top actions.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Billy interviewed potential nannies but wasn’t happy with any of the candidates. Kevin asked Jana to move out of his apartment. Victor fumed when Nick testified at the arbitration hearing and sided with his sisters against his father. Neil offered support to Sofia about Malcolm, but then kissed her passionately. Abby wavered about her commitment to the lawsuit. Nick lashed out at Phyllis when she sought his sympathy over her troubles with Jack. Michael warned Diane not to play games with Victor. Billy and Victoria hired Jana as Lucy and Delia’s live-in nanny. Abby turned on her father when she discovered he and Diane were a couple.

THIS WEEK: Adam testifi es at the arbitration. (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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