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RECAPS – 2/28-3/4

ALL MY CHILDREN . Greenlee made a deal with David in which she’d help him get his medical license reinstated if he found Emma for Ryan. Ryan searched shelters in an attempt to find where Annie had taken Emma. Erica accused Krystal of going after Jackson. Bianca changed her mind about cooperating with Reese regarding shared custody of the children. Griffin told Tad that Cara’s leukemia recurred after Jake left her. Kendall was suspicious about Zach’s letter and Griffin offered to help her figure out what Zach’s words meant. Diane pretended to be a reporter to get Kendall to reveal information about Zach. Scott showed up for Madison’s sonogram. Amanda watched as Cara tried to give Jake his ring back.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee asks Kendall to deal with Fusion problems.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Bill told Katie that he moved Amber into the new house in Malibu. Steffy made a bold confession to Taylor about the real reason she returned to Los Angeles. Marcus warned Thomas to back away from Dayzee, but Thomas insisted that he was serious about Dayzee. An interruption stopped Bill from following through with his attempt to take care of Amber. Hope and Liam decided to break up because of the Amber situation. Steffy helped Amber out of a perilous situation. Brooke and Ridge supported Hope’s decision to separate from Liam. Thomas asked Dayzee to go with him to a charity ball in San Francisco.

THIS WEEK: Taylor wants Thomas to stay away from Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sami and Stephanie were both baffled when Rafe’s imposter made a pass at Stephanie. Victor vowed to get even with Brady. Daniel blasted Kate for playing mind games with Chloe. Brady offered Taylor a job at Titan. Melanie had severe cramps and suffered a miscarriage. Stefano decided to erase Rafe’s memories. Abigail approved of Jennifer’s friendship with Daniel. Fake Rafe worried when Sami forced him to have an MRI. Daniel reported to Sami that ‘Rafe’ had no evidence of the accident. Philip was hopeful he and Melanie could start over. Nathan told Melanie that he loved her. The real Rafe woke up after Stefano’s and asked his name.

THIS WEEK: EJ learns that Nicole and Fay are moving in.

GENERAL HOSPI . TAL . Jason received a second call from Franco suggesting that he was involved in the explosion and connected to the Balkan. Theo and Suzanne had a falling out. Sonny wanted to torture Shawn to get information about Brenda. Patrick and Robin got closer in the aftermath of the wedding. Nik admitted his feelings for Brook. To spend time with Robin, Terrell asked her to collaborate with him on an AIDS grant proposal. Sam lost her hearing in the wake of the explosion. Michael told Abby that was torn between wanting to follow in Sonny’s footsteps and obeying the law. Brenda made a break and ran into the woods, still wearing her wedding gown.

THIS WEEK: Theo injects Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Rex told Bo that David was being held in a Moroccan prison. Todd threatened Inez to find out where Nate and Dani were hiding. Tomas told Tea to leave Todd. Brody and Langston arrived too late to stop Tess and Ford’s wedding. John visited Marty at St. Ann’s and admitted that he was wrong for not believing her. Natalie realized too late that Tess had taken over Jessica’s life, and Tess got her hands on Ryder. At the cabin, Tea witnessed Todd scaring the wits out of Dani and Nate. Nora encouraged Bo to go after David. Dorian confronted Echo about Charlie. Phyllis Rose introduced a new TV show, “Access Llanview.”

THIS WEEK: John and Todd are gunned down outside of Rodi’s.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis told Jack that Adam was testifying for Victor at the arbitration hearing. Adam claimed that he had forged the newer trust documents. Kay and Murphy told Meggie she would be convicted for her crimes. Nick and Victoria accused Adam of lying and Sharon demanded that Adam tell the truth. Tucker fired Jack when it looked like Beauty of Nature will remain part of Newman Enterprises. For Sharon’s sake, Victor decided to confess that he was in Hawaii when Skye died. Adam agreed to recant his testimony if Nick gave Sharon access to Faith. Nick comforted Sharon and Adam punched Nick in the face. Adam bought a one-way ticket out of Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Victor talks to the D.A. about what happened in Hawaii.

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