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RECAPS –3/7-3/11

ALL MY CHILDREN . Scott accompanies Madison for a sonogram and they have a moment of closeness when they see she’s having a girl. Tad convinced Jesse to be his best man. Greenlee sends Madison on a business trip with Ryan. Jake offered to get Cara a job at another hospital, but she was happy with Pine Valley Hospital. Amanda walked out on the wedding and wound up talking with Agent Kaye. Jackson bought Kendall’s yacht for Erica. Ryan rushed Madison to the hospital with pains and overheard the due date of the baby. Kendall informed Brot of Zach’s letter and he urged her to pursue the issue. Ricky found the Zach letter. David wondered why Greenlee hired Scott. Ryan realized that he was the father of Madison’s baby.

THIS WEEK: Kendall, Bianca and Marissa bond about being mothers.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Donna and Justin were taken aback when Marcus defended Amber to them. Steffy confronted Bill about his interaction with Amber. Donna warned Katie about Bill’s behavior around Amber. Taylor flipped out when Ridge told her that Brooke and Thomas were going to Paris for another Taboo press tour. Dayzee told Thomas that she was not in an exclusive relationship with Marcus or anyone else. Taylor begged Stephanie to intervene and keep Brooke away from Thomas. Oliver comforted Hope after her break up with Liam. Thomas confided to Steffy that he kissed Brooke. Taylor criticized Brooke for her inappropriate link to Thomas. Stephanie reminded Taylor that was happily married to Whip.

THIS WEEK: Ridge decides to end the Taboo line.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . When fake Rafe made love to Sami, she realized something was wrong between them. Stefano tested the real Rafe to be sure he’d erased his memories. Despite Abigail’s encouragement, Jennifer resisted getting close to Daniel. Melanie turned down Nathan’s proposal and decided to take time off from romance. Hope helped Bo on a case. Taylor accepted Brady’s job offer. Fay revealed that she had a heart condition, forcing her to move in with Nicole. Nicole asked Taylor to move in, too. Victor told Maggie to stay out of his business unless she intended to be part of his life. Rafe looked at the safe house key and wondered why it meant something to him. Justin proposed and Adrienne said yes. Vivian planned to get closer to Stefano.

THIS WEEK: Philip comforts Chloe when Daniel tells her he’s filing for divorce.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Brenda tried in vain to escape. Michael and Abby grew closer, but he wasn’t ready for sex. Luke offered Siobhan and Lucky an alternative to a green card marriage. Brenda insisted that her baby had been stillborn. Carly switched gears and approved of Michael’s relationship with Abby. Jason and Sam got romantic in her hospital room. Kristina continued to object to Abby’s presence in Michael’s life. Theo injected Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin and left her for dead. Johnny and Lisa caught Patrick and Robin trespassing. Sonny rescued Brenda and rushed her to the hospital for treatment. Jax threatened to fight Carly for custody of the kids when he discovered her nursing Shawn’s wounds. Nik and Brook made love. Jason and Dante searched for Theo.

THIS WEEK: Carly asks for Ethan and Luke’s help in blackmailing Jax.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Rex and Bo were discouraged when David was not in the Moroccan prison. John fired Gigi when she admitted that she’d known about Natalie and the baby. Kelly advised John to find a substitute for drinking to deal with his pain. Dorian told Charlie she’d refrain from telling Viki about his infidelity if he broke up with Echo. Prompted by Aubrey, Joey attempted to break into Clint’s safe. Tea tied up Todd to prevent him from following Dani and Nate. Tomas decided to stay in Llanview. Cristain warned Blair to keep her guard up around Tomas. Ford contemplated having Tess committed to St. Ann’s. John and Todd were involved in a shooting outside of Rodi’s. Bo and Rex learn that David may be with Alex Olanov.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Rex arrest Clint.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victor went to the D.A. with the information that Sharon had tried to save Skye’s life at the volcano. Phyllis gave Kyle a peace offering of a football, but he still disliked her. Neil came forward at the arbitration and proved that Adam had no access to the Newman trust funds to forge them. Heather warned Sharon that Adam was manipulating her. Victor was furious with Neil. The judge ruled in Nick, Abby and Victoria’s favor, awarding them each $500 million. Victor ordered Michael to find a loophole. When Sharon discovered that Adam had left town, she hired Paul to find him. Leslie thanked Neil for testifying and the two got closer. Adam walked into a Thai bar and sat next to Koa.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Diane elope.

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