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RECAPS –3/7-3/11

ALL MY CHILDREN . Scott told Madison he still wants to be part of her and the baby’s life. Colby put Liza’s drunken rant on Pine Valley’s You Tube web site. Angie returned to work but explained she may need a longer maternity leave. Greenlee didn’t let Ryan know that she was aware of Madison’s pregnancy before he told her. Ricky saw that Zach’s letter was in Griffin’s bag. Erica insisted that Caleb make peace with Asher by getting Colby to act as a mediator. JR convinced Annie to cooperate by letting her believe they were going to be married. Emma was furious with Ryan when she learned her mother was being put into a mental hospital. Griffin put in a good word with the medical board for David.

THIS WEEK: Liza and David team up.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Ridge pulled the plug on the Taboo line despite Brooke and Thomas pleading with him to reconsider. Brooke was devastated when Stephanie said she would never forgive her. Taylor is thrilled about renewing her friendship with Stephanie. Thomas told Ridge the true reason for kissing Brooke. Thomas blamed Taylor for the demise of Taboo. Stephanie and Taylor blast Ridge for Brooke’s actions. After making a secret deal with Madison, Thomas called a press conference. Stephanie used a secret weapon to get through to Thomas. Madison mistakenly let a Forrester secret fall into the wrong hands. Stephanie and Taylor anticipated the end of Ridge and Brooke’s marriage.

THIS WEEK: Ridge goes to Paris without Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sami was appalled when fake Rafe gave Johnny shocking advice. Gabi’s brother Dario was arrested for theft. Gaby asked fake Rafe to help him, but he didn’t realize he was his brother. Stefano agreed to move the real Rafe when EJ explained that Nicole’s mother and sister were living in the mansion. EJ and Taylor shared a furtive kiss. Jennifer told Abigail decided to divorce Jack. Daniel told Chloe he was filing for divorce. Melanie turned Nathan away one last time and he looked into transferring to Johns Hopkins. Adrienne and Justin began to plan their wedding. Sami overruled fake Rafe and let Dario stay with them. Melanie was shocked to discover Dario was Rafe’s brother.

THIS WEEK: Fake Rafe nearly confesses the truth to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Carly got Ethan and Luke to help her blackmail Jax so he would drop the custody battle. Steve found Lisa searching his office. Luke raced to get to Siobhan and Lucky’s wedding. Dante and Jason clashed over Michael’s future. Robin found proof of Lisa’s treachery and headed to the road with Lisa in hot pursuit. Theo and Suzanne were on the road, too, searching for their grandchild. When Jax told Carly about Josslyn’s dangerous fever, Carly rushed to the hospital on the same road. Jake wandered out of the house while Liz was distracted by Aiden’s DNA results. Jake was severely injured by a hit and run driver. Josslyn was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney cancer.

THIS WEEK: The Spencers come together in a time of tragedy.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Todd’s gunshot left him clinging to life. John continued his downward spiral and only Kelly could get through to him. Charlie told Dorian he was through with Echo, but then he went back to Echo to continue their affair in secret. Clint got Alex to help him cover his tracks regarding David. Jack and his friends plan to sexually humiliate Shane. Cutter and Aubrey plot to get Clint off the BE board to they can get at the company funds. Rama blackmailed Aubrey, threatening to reveal her true identity. Rex and Bo arrived at Ryder’s custody hearing to arrest Clint. Dorian felt rejected when she read David’s MyFace page, so she fell into a kinky sexual liaison with Cutter. David pleaded with Bo to get him home to Llanview.

THIS WEEK: David and Dorian reconnect.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victor and Diane went to Las Vegas to elope. Nick refused to let Sharon have custody of Faith when he learned that she was trying to find Adam. Chance and Heather made love. Jack fumed when he learned that Kyle’s stepfather was Victor. Sharon learned that Adam was in Thailand, but when she tried to follow him using a fake passport, Phyllis informed on her with the Air Marshall. Phyllis decided to search for Adam in Thailand. Koa figured out that Adam was not a reporter. Adam asked Koa to help him find Skye. During a recess at Pomerantz’s trial, Chance received a text message to stop testifying or else Heather would die. Heather was held in an old taxidermy shop.

THIS WEEK: Vance visits Sharon in jail.

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