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RECAPS – 5/21 – 5/25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Phoebe confronts Ashley about accusing Ridge of murder. Rick goes to Ridge’s office to investigate and is caught by Phoebe. Phoebe tells him to let go of the accusations against Ridge. Storm hopes that Brooke can get a confession from Stephanie to help Nick. Brooke takes a compassionate path to get Stephanie to confess. Brooke wants to clear the mess, but Stephanie does not want to go to jail with Ridge. Stephanie tricks Brooke into going to Big Bear by telling her to talk to Ridge before going to the police and that he is at the Big Bear cabin.

THIS WEEK: Storm calls Phoebe and Ashley to the stand. Nick is found guilty and demands Ridge to speak up.

GUIDING LIGHT – Marina learns that Cyrus’s new job is as the Spaulding Chauffer, and asks Alex if she knows who Cyrus really is. Alex assures Marina that she’s fine with Cyrus’s past. Later a cop pulls Cyrus out of the car and Marina arrests him. Dinah pleads with Cyrus-if he’s going to ruin anyone, he should ruin her life, not Mallet’s. Alex comes to Cyrus’s aid with new legal council. Marina takes the stand and recounts Cyrus’s misdoings. At the juvie center, Josh tells Reva about Rafe and how he signed in as Rafe’s clergy to check in on him. Reva wonders if Josh is actually thinking of becoming a minister. Later, Reverend Ruthledge tells Josh that he can’t run to the church to ease his guilt about sleeping with Reva.

THIS WEEK: Olivia gives Buzz her engagement ring back. Daisy is touched when Harley tries to make her MRI comfortable.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Jack asks Katie to spend the night with him in Chicago. Meanwhile, Vienna tells Henry that the crown jewels of Leonia have been returned to her and they bring the jewels to Jack who’s skeptical as to their authenticity. Jack, angry that Simon and Carly might be risking the freedom that he enabled, issues an A.P.B. Later, Jack returns home and comes face to face with Carly who tells him that she and Simon are no longer together. Jack makes it clear she’s not free of criminal charges and brings Carly into the station, barely noticing that Katie is also there. Vienna tells Maddie if the necklace turns out to be the Leonian crown jewels, Vienna is free to leave Oakdale. Maddie urges Henry to stop Vienna before he loses the woman he loves and the two reunite.

THIS WEEK: Gwen finds Cleo and Will together. Lucinda is in more trouble.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Victor hires Paul to locate his son, Victor Jr., since Hope hasn’t heard from him in weeks. Later, Paul informs Victor that he has learned that Victor Jr. was last working in Sri Lanka, but in order to find out more information, the consulate would need to do an extensive background check on him. Paul also reports that a landlord said that Victor, Jr. moved out of his apartment before his lease expired, and that he ran around with some “bad people.” Brad and Victoria both apologize for overreacting about their friendships with Sharon and J.T. They start to kiss, then head to another office, where they have sex. Victor informs Nikki that he’s traveling to Sri Lanka to look for Victor, Jr. as he is concerned that something has happened to him.

THIS WEEK: Jill tries to convince Kay to allow Ji Min to keep his job. Jill calls in a favor for Amber.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – In the seaplane, Steve pulls his gun on Bo and demands the statement Shawn signed to incriminate EJ. Bo refuses and reminds Steve of their tight friendship. Bo wrestles the gun away but Steve puts the plane in a nosedive, saying if Bo doesn’t give him the document, he’ll kill them both. Shawn, Philip, Belle and Claire are in danger of drowning at sea. As they realize Claire might die as a result of their fighting, Shawn, Philip and Belle promise to put Claire’s needs first if they survive and get back to Salem. Back in Salem, Sami apologizes to Will for lying but Will still thinks she’s a hero. Kate confronts Lucas after learning he called the SEC to get EJ away from Sami.

THIS WEEK: EJ brings Sami to Tony at the warehouse. Nick explains Willow is blackmailing him.

PASSIONS – As Noah presses Chad to tell Whitney the truth about his relationship with Vincent, Paloma urges Whitney to find out what Vincent’s big secret is. Fancy and Esme watch through a video monitor as Sheridan, dressed as a nun, forces herself on Luis in the prison infirmary. Though Luis says that his future is with Fancy, Sheridan offers to help him escape, and leave Harmony with her for good. Ethan and Theresa are trapped inside a burning hidden room within the mausoleum. Noah, Paloma, Chad and Whitney go looking for Ethan and Theresa, but are confused to find the mausoleum empty. Spike arrives at the prison to give testimony for Miguel’s case. Kay and Pilar are furious when Spike tells Judge Reilly he cannot deny that Fox saw Miguel driving the car on the night of the accident.

THIS WEEK: Miguel is confused as to why Kay is still with Fox. Julian gets a cryptic message to check the DNA of his son.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Greenlee fearlessly opens her heart to Ryan and tells him how much she still loves him. She remains in fantasyland about his true feelings for her, believing that he’s only with Annie because of their child. After carefully making it clear that he really does love Annie, Ryan and Greenlee sign their divorce papers. While Greenlee hops back on a plane for Pine Valley, Ryan and Annie are married in the Bahamas. Jonathan is a doubting Thomas when Ryan insists that Greenlee has accepted the fact that he’s now married to Annie and won’t create problems for them. Greenlee stuns Babe and Kendall by announcing that Babe’s Fusion shares are once again hers, making her the company’s major stockholder and head honcho.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee is in denial that she and Ryan are history. Zach tells Josh that Hannah has left Pine Valley for good.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Jessica devastates Antonio by confessing that she has fallen in love with Nash. She then unintentionally kicks him when he’s down by admitting that they made love one night at the quarry. He doesn’t hide his feeling or mix words at all but, instead, blatantly says he wishes he had never met her. Britney’s apology to her classmates for her part in the Henry incident falls on deaf and unforgiving ears. John communicates his suspicions about Miles to Marty and decides it’s time to look into Miles’ background. In the mean time, Miles has something sneaky up his sleeve regarding Marty. Cristian is honest with his brother, saying he had a feeling something had developed between Jessica and Nash but chose not to say anything.

THIS WEEK: Marty is hit with yet another unnerving memory from her past. Starr is this-close to walking in on Cole and Britney’s date.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Freaked out Sam pointed the prop gun at Amelia and asked why she did this to her. Amelia talked Sam down, apologized about the similarities to an incident from Sam’s past and convinced her they still needed to do this segment for the show. The women later arrive at Jason’s penthouse to find Jerry waiting for Jason with gun-inhand. Lorenzo told Skye he’d bring Lila Rae back so they could all be together as a family is and only if Skye didn’t leave the house. She, however, snuck out to warn Sonny of the impending “hit.” Sonny gave her a cell phone to call as soon as Lila Rae was back, which would be his and Jason’s signal that it was clear to kill Lorenzo.

THIS WEEK: Ric tells Sonny he knew he was involved in Lorenzo’s disappearance. Amelia tells Sam she should confront Jason and Liz with what she knew.

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