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RECAPS – 10/8 – 10/12

All My Children – Aidan and Ryan were arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder when Ritchie made it look as if they were trying to execute him. In his arraignment, Ritchie shocked everyone by claiming Ryan and Aidan didn’t try to hurt him. Alone with Ryan, Ritchie’s evil side surfaced. Zach was oblivious to the fact that Hannah was working with Adam against him. Ava accepted Jonathan’s marriage proposal by getting a tattoo of the word “yes” then arranging for paparazzi to shoot the event. JR secured the money to launch the network and celebrated by making out with Ava. Kendall planted fake, psychotic entries in Greenlee’s computer journal.

NEXT WEEK: Kendall forces Greenlee to relive a devastating event.

As the World Turns – Jack confessed to Katie that the kiss he shared with Carly meant something to him. Katie isn’t ready to give up on Jack and their future together. Carly learned that her condition isn’t fatal after all, but she wasn’t ready to tell Jack yet because she still loves him. Col. Mayor attacked Luke. Holden saved Luke, but later in the hospital, Luke discovered he was paralyzed from the waist down. Dusty convinced Noah to see Luke. Meg and Paul made love, but she realized that she cannot handle his hatred for Craig. Craig wanted Meg to report her attack to the cops. Barbara urged Will not to use Ali’s eggs.

THIS WEEK: Carly plots to win Jack back.

The Bold & the Beautiful – Brooke gave Ridge a photo album filled with memories of their life together. Brooke admitted to her counselor that she wants Ridge back. Ashley resented Brooke’s efforts to win Ridge back and told him he has to let Brooke go once and for all. At Taylor’s baby shower, Ashley told Brooke she is leaving town but will be the next Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Thorne found out that Donna and Eric are lovers. Katie questioned Donna about her reasons for going after Eric. Jackie warned Donna that eventually Stephanie will be back and Donna will have to deal with her wrath over losing Eric.

THIS WEEK: Thomas makes a surprise visit home.

Days of Our Lives – Thanks to Kayla’s influence, Stefano dropped the attempted murder charges against Steve. Lauren died as a result of the fall. Belle realized that she left Tyler behind in Salem and the child is Pocket. Sami was torn about whether to marry EJ and end the Brady-Dimera feud, or stay married to Lucas. EJ implied that Will could be hurt in the crossfire unless Sami married EJ. Grandpa Shawn considered killing Andre. Andre turned off his own respirator in the hospital, making it look like Grandpa Shawn did it. Marlena and John retrieved Belle’s keys from her locked car. A car then drove by and hit John at full speed.

THIS WEEK: EJ presses Sami to marry him.

General Hospital – Carly nixed Jax’s plan of investing in a magazine Kate wanted to publish. Jason tried to get info about Leticia’s murder out of Johnny, who warned him there’d be bloodshed if he was harmed. A confused Nikolas found himself in an alley holding a bloody knife as Jerry was brought into the E.R. with a stab wound. Robin realized she wanted to be a mother and made a list of potential fathers. Lulu accepted Scott’s offer to drop the kidnapping charges against Luke and turn Laura’s

guardianship over to Nikolas if Lulu would give Logan a second chance. Luke returned to town.

NEXT WEEK: Lulu finds herself up to her ears in trouble!

Guiding Light – Ashlee was shocked to learn that her mother has been manipulating her life. Ava made a deal with Doris to keep Coop and Ashlee apart. Daisy has morning sickness. Dylan warned her that having a baby will ruin her life. Harley continued working with Cyrus to find Marina. Harley discovered that Marina was in Springfield and Alex was working with Griggs. Billy learned that Bill was fired from Lewis. Natalie told Gus he can’t have her and Harley, too. Gus and Natalie kissed. Jeffrey made a deal with Alan. Josh was upset to hear that Cassie wants to have more children. Reva and Jeffrey agreed to be completely honest with each other from now on.

THIS WEEK: Cyrus and Harley track Marina down.

One Life To Live – Good news and bad news for Langston, who heard “I love you” from Markko but “I know the truth about your parents” from Dorian. Michael and Marcie were devastated when the judge awarded Todd custody of Tommy and gave them an hour to turn over the tot to his biological father. When Todd arrived to get his son, he discovered that Marcie fled with the child. Bo put out an APB for Marcie, but she was resolved to never let go of her son. After turning to her brother Ron for help, Marcie insisted she’d never be able to forgive Michael’s betrayal.

NEXT WEEK: Nora wonders if Lindsay is faking her breakdown.

Passions – Eve was surprised to see her intruder was Valerie. Well, actually, it was Vincent in a Valerie mask! The bag Tabitha was imprisoned in lit up and sparks flew out and hit the floor, leaving a fresh blood spot, which convinced Ivy that Kay was the serial killer. Theresa blurted out to Ethan that Little Ethan was his son. Pretty activated the implant in Fancy’s head, causing her to slap Luis. In exchange for info about Marty’s whereabouts, Spike demanded Luis destroy the evidence against him and erase his file in Harmony PD’s system. Later, Gwen blackmailed Pilar into making Theresa give up on Ethan.

NEXT WEEK: The mystery builds as to what Gwen has on Pilar.

The Young And The Restless J.T. prepared a romantic getaway for himself and Victoria. Victoria got emotional when Nikki gave her clothes for the baby. Victoria was surprised by J.T.’s proposal. She agreed to wear the garnet ring – the baby’s birthstone – after giving birth. Phyllis worried that Sharon and Nick’s kiss meant something significant. Jack and Phyllis agreed not to freak out about the kiss or they’ll push Nick and Sharon back together. Lily was smitten with Cane, especially after he helped her at the gym. Colleen urged Lily to get closer to Cane by interviewing him about Australia. Nikki and David learned that Victor will make a fortune on Clear Springs.

tabloids publish a story about Nick and Sharon.

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