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RECAPS –3/21-3/25

ALL MY CHILDREN . After Erica issued Liza a warning about Colby, prompting Liza to ask David to be her ally. Jake and Cara assured Jesse he would be fine when Angie gave birth. Emma clung to Madison and rejected Greenlee. Jackson interrupted Caleb and Erica’s meeting to present her with a wedding date, time and location. Bianca grew closer to Marissa. Griffin faced danger when he tried to get to the casino owners. Ricky planted seeds of doubt about Griffin in Kendall’s mind. Caleb told Marissa he didn’t want to run the company without Erica. Bianca overheard about Erica and Caleb’s kiss. JR told Marissa he wanted to reconcile. At the bachelor auction, Marissa won Scott. Ricky was unhappy when Cara, not Kendall, won him in the auction.

THIS WEEK: Jesse and Brot lie to Angie about the baby.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Jarrett showed Bill the memo from Ridge canceling the Taboo line, prompting Bill to launch an investigation into Forrester. Steffy was stunned that Bill knew about Ridge’s memo. Without informing Brooke, Ridge left for a business trip to Paris. Taylor boarded the company jet to accompany Ridge and discuss Thomas’ actions against his father. Amber had a dinner party to show Hope that they call all remain friends. Katie moved out after she learned that Bill confided in Steffy about his murderous feelings for Amber. Steffy went to Bill to help him through the rough patch in his marriage. Hope impulsively asked Oliver to make love to her, then changed her mind.

THIS WEEK: Steffy tells Bill that Katie is alone with Nick on the Shady Marlin.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe pretended to have a seizure. Chloe turned down an opera role to stay near Parker. The real Rafe adjusted to life in the asylum. Jennifer applied for a PR job. EJ was determined to discredit Rafe in Johnny’s eyes. Dario told Melanie he stole to raise money for a detective to find Adrianna’s killer. Carly read fake Rafe’s test results and prescribed antianxiety meds. When he refused them, Sami slipped them into his drink. Loopy fake Rafe tried to confess his true identity to Sami. Ciara told Theo she was going to run away because she caused Bo and Hope’s break up. Stefano advised EJ to have a secret affair with Taylor. Dario learned that Daniel was Melanie’s father.

THIS WEEK: Fay overhears EJ talking about the Rafe imposter.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Patrick and Robin were unable to save Jake and he died in surgery. The Spencers mourned the loss, while Jason was traumatized by the death of his son. Carly asked Jason to convince Liz to allow Jake to be a kidney donor for Josslyn. Lisa found the incriminating syringe and destroyed it. Robin and Patrick reached a new level of understanding. Carly told Jake that she feared she drove the car that hit Jake. Michael managed to get a copy of the list of suspects in Jake’s hit and run. Robin and Lisa got into a violent fight. Liz and Jason shared regret and sorrow over their past together. Sonny and Brenda returned to Port Charles after hearing about Jake.

THIS WEEK: Michael and Abby make love for the first time.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . David explained to Dorian what Clint had done to him. Bo, Rex and Clint got into a slugfest over David’s kidnapping. David asked Dorian to marry him immediately. Tess took a photo of Echo and Charlie’s goodbye kiss. Natalie returned to work and found a Euro from the Manning crime scene that had been overlooked by the other CSI techs. Jack and his posse continue to bully Shane, and Jack swipes his inhaler. Rex and Nora collaborated to find proof that Clint killed Eddie. Blair found Tomas at Todd’s bedside. After kissing Cutter, Tess turned back into Jessica. Joey told Brody that Ford claimed that Aubrey dumped him because he didn’t have money. David told Dorian he couldn’t marry her.

THIS WEEK: Viki sees the photo of Echo and Charlie kissing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Heather was rescued from the old taxidermy shop and Chance confessed that she was the one for him. Abby pulls a new stunt for “The Naked Heiress” TV show, but she was ticked when Martin said he wanted the show to focus on the Newman family lawsuit. Nikki lied to her children about her sobriety. Billy learned that there was something wrong with Lucy’s birth certificate, prompting him to track down Primrose. Kay turned down Jack’s offer of a business partnership. Vance informed Sharon that she broke a federal law on the plane and must remain in jail until her trial. Phyllis and Adam agreed to work together after he showed her the evidence he found in Koa’s room. Jana pretended to be pregnant to make contact with Primrose.

THIS WEEK: Sharon’s trial begins and Victor testifi es.

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