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RECAPS –3/28-4/1

ALL MY CHILDREN . Caleb confessed his feelings to Erica, but she insisted she loved only Jack. Kendall told Griffin she would get him the money from Zach. Angie second-guessed her decision to have another baby. JR wrote the custody agreement for Bianca and Reese in order to free up Reese for a new job. Kendall and Griffin agreed that they had blurred the line in the doctor/patient relationship. Jesse delivered Angie’s baby when an ambulance couldn’t reach them. Colby rejected Asher’s interest in her because he’s not Damon. Marissa and JR had a bonding moment with AJ. Ricky told Diana he was moving on to step two with Kendall. Amanda was okay with Jake and Cara’s work relationship, but wanted Cara out of their personal life. Jack and Erica flew to St. Bart’s to get married.

THIS WEEK: Liza and David have sex.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Brooke and Stephanie flew to Paris to meet with Ridge and Taylor. Whip fumed when he learned Taylor was in Paris with Ridge. Thomas called Taylor and urged her to stop the campaign against Brooke. Steffy suspected that Thomas felt more for Brooke than he was letting on. Katie was furious to find Bill with Steffy. Katie left Bill to think about their marriage. Steffy badmouthed Katie to Bill. Oliver consoled Hope after she saw Liam kissing Amber. Ridge surprised Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie with his responses to questions about his marriage. Steffy discovered Katie was staying at Nick’s boat. Bill went to the Shady Marlin to confront Nick and Katie. Amber tried to seduce Liam.

THIS WEEK: Katie gives Bill an ultimatum.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fay overheard EJ and Stefano plotting with fake Rafe. Carly struggled with a patient dying and turned to drugs to ease the pain. Ciara spies Bo and Hope disagreeing and believed that she was the cause. Jennifer said goodbye to Nathan who left Salem to take the fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Sami was fed up with fake Rafe’s antics and banished him to sleep on the couch. Victor sabotaged one of Brady’s deals. Sami told Kate she might be able to handle the “new” Rafe. Theo and Ciara went missing from school, but were found and brought to the police station. Dario heard that Melanie collected millions from Philip in the divorce settlement.

THIS WEEK: Fake Rafe tries to kill Fay.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lucky confronted Luke about his drinking, but Lulu rationalized her father’s vice. Michael and Abby made love for the first time. Suzanne disposed of Theo before he could get his hands of Brenda’s child. Brandon, Abby’s ex, was released from jail and beat Abby. Michael pulled a gun on Brandon. Shawn became Carly and Josslyn’s bodyguard, much to Jax’s displeasure. Liz’s pain over Jake’s death turned to anger when she looked at the DNA results again. Spinelli told Maxie that she had inspired his detective novel. Lisa decided to use Kristina babysitting for Emma as a way to get back at Robin and Patrick. Sonny surprised Brenda by remembering her birthday. Jason wondered if he made a mistake by giving up Jake.

THIS WEEK: Suzanne has a surprise for Brenda.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . David and Dorian were married. Jack’s posse humiliated Shane. Blair and Cristian met Kassandra Kavanaugh and all three wind up on “Access Llanview.” Rex and Gigi confronted Jack about bullying Shane. Deanna believed that James was a father. Natalie was furious when John was instrumental in Marty being released from St. Ann’s. Ford stopped Jessica from leaving with Ryder by telling her about Brody and Natalie’s connection through Liam. Jessica succumbed to Tess again. Clint warned Bo that he would take down his family. Nora continued recovering memories from being abducted by Eddie. Tess sent Viki the picture of Echo and Charlie kissing. Rex and Gigi learned that Shane wasn’t in school, then they found a cryptic note he’d left for them. James told Deanna that Ryder was not his child.

THIS WEEK: Rex and Gigi are horrified to find Shane on the school’s rooftop.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis worked with Adam and they were able to trick Koa at the gambling club. At Sharon’s trial, Vance was forced to have her testify in her defense because two key witnesses were not there. Victor testified for Sharon, but had to plead the Fifth when Vance’s questions were liable to incriminate him. Adam and Phyllis interrogated Koa and raced to track down the video of Sharon and Skye. Jana met with Primrose, pretending that she had a baby to sell. Chloe learned that Angelo’s threats were all talk. Kevin confronted Angelo with a flash drive containing all the bets made at Gloworm. Jana ran off with photos of Primrose’s illegal documents. Even though Phyllis and Adam handcuff ed Koa to a headboard, he managed to escape.

THIS WEEK: Tucker buys up Newman stock.

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