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RECAPS – 4/4-4/8

ALL MY CHILDREN . Diana confronted Ricky and claimed that she would kill Kendall. Greenlee was relieved when she was able to get Emma to laugh. Kendall saw Diana’s credit card and learned that she was a VP at one of Zach’s casinos. Liza and David made love. JR asked Marissa to attend the anniversary celebration for his two years of sobriety. Bianca resisted going out with someone new because she wasn’t ready to love again. Madison told Scott she was lucky to have him in her life. David told Angie he believed he could cure her blindness. Ricky choked Diane to death. Ricky placed Diana’s body in Griffin’s room and set him up for the murder. JR saw Scott embrace Marissa.

THIS WEEK: Bad karma surrounds Jack and Erica’s wedding.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Nick protected Katie from Bill when he showed up on the Shady Marlin. Ridge told Thomas that his designs for the Taboo women’s line weren’t good enough for Forrester. Prompted by Tawny, Amber seduced Liam until he finally had sex with her. After sleeping with Amber, Liam told her he wasn’t ready for a real relationship. Bill was disappointed to hear for Liam that he slept with Amber and Hope knew about it. Thomas accused Steffy of sleeping with Bill. Liam encouraged Bill not to give up on his marriage. Katie agreed to return to Bill if he would agree to marriage counseling.

THIS WEEK: Ridge gives Thomas a piece of Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe snatched Fay’s cameo necklace from her body, assuming he’d killed her. EJ was tempted to comfort Taylor, but she held back. Jennifer and Daniel shared a close moment. Chloe was grateful that Phillip was trying to help her regain custody of Parker. Fay was hospitalized in a coma. Justin and Adrienne decided to elope. Bo and Hope renewed their love. Chad moved into the Di- Mera mansion, but Abigail thought the place had bad vibes. Fake Rafe arranged an alibi so he could finish off Fay in her hospital room. Fay managed to speak two words to Nicole, “EJ” and “secret.” The real Rafe struggled to regain his memory. Carly’s son Nicholas rejected her because she killed his father.

THIS WEEK: Carly fakes an injury to get pain medication from Lexie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lucky turned to Sonny instead of Luke. Nikolas said goodbye to Brook Lynn. Suzanne brought Lucian, Brenda’s threeyear old son, to her. Sonny wanted DNA tests on Lucian to be sure he was Brenda’s. Jason and Michael realized that neither one of them killed Brandon. Lisa plotted against Robin by using Kristina. Carly urged Sam to have Jason’s baby. Patrick and Robin attended their first marriage counseling session. Brenda was concerned about how to keep Lucian safe from Sonny’s mob ties. Johnny received a call from his father. Nikolas found Luke trashing the Haunted Star. Lucky suggested he and Siobhan get married right away. Brenda and Carly had a bad fight about mothering.

THIS WEEK: Lucky and Jason have a heart to heart talk about Jake.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Gigi and Rex convinced Shane that his life was worth living and he decided not to jump off the school’s rooftop. Nora and Bo don’t believe Clint’s assertion of who really killed Eddie. Marty was released from St. Ann’s and told Starr she wanted to be part of Hope’s life. Nora comforted Destiny about Shane. Viki was stunned to learn that Charlie didn’t consider his affair with Echo just a fling. Shane needed the help of a therapist to deal with Jack’s bullying. David and Dorian enlist Langston to rewrite the script for “Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story” movie. Blair didn’t want to believe that Jack caused Shane’s trauma.

THIS WEEK: Viki and Charlie end their relationship and say goodbye.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Working with Kevin, Jana found a lead to the man who bought Daisy’s baby. The bank tipped off Billy that Jana had been trying to obtain his account records. Phyllis asked Malcolm to recover the images from Koa’s memory card. Phyllis grilled Daniel about Daisy’s escape and he assured his mother Daisy will never return to Genoa City. Noah told Sharon he was sad that Faith would never know the mother he’d had as a boy. Adam offered Tucker a large chunk of Newman stock. Victor was outraged by Sharon’s verdict and ordered Michael to defend her in an appeal. Chloe and Gloria were arrested for burglary after breaking into Jana’s home to search for evidence.

THIS WEEK: Newlywed Sophia wonders if she might be pregnant.

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