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RECAPS –4/11-15

ALL MY CHILDREN . Caleb flew to St. Bart’s to tell Erica he loved her. Erica chose to go ahead and marry Jackson, but before she could walk down the aisle, she was abducted. JR gave Marissa all the credit for his two years of sobriety. Griffin was denied bail. Ricky had Kendall convinced that he was a good guy. Ricky made a call and gave the okay for Griffin to be killed. Emma continued to reject Greenlee. Marissa told Bianca she kissed JR, but didn’t want to love him. When Griffin was stabbed, Cara and Jake worked together to save his life. Amanda and Tad were perturbed by Jake and Cara’s chemistry. Jack believed that Erica was captured. Caleb assumed Erica had married Jack and was shocked to learn she was missing.

THIS WEEK: Kendall discovers Zach’s letter with the missing page restored.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Brooke warned Steffy to stay away from Bill, prompting Steffy to warn Brooke to keep away from Thomas. Brooke and Donna convinced Katie to tell them why she walked out on Bill. Katie told Bill about Storm’s death and her fear of Bill’s violent inclinations. Eric intervened between Ridge and Thomas, bringing up Brooke’s tumultuous past with both Eric and Ridge. Steffy confessed to Thomas that she was in love with Bill. Liam gave Bill advice about how to win Katie back. Brooke and Donna urged Bill to seek anger management therapy. Steffy made a tantalizing proposition to Bill. Ridge gave Thomas five percent of Forrester Creations stock to make him a part owner of the family business.

THIS WEEK: Katie and Bill go into therapy with Taylor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe smothered Fay and Carly and Lexie were unable to save her. Fake Rafe decided not to tell EJ and Stefano what he did. Nicole was determined to learn what Fay’s last words, EJ and secret, meant. Ciara and Theo ran away and camped out in the woods. Carly feigned an elbow injury to get pain meds. Lexie was devastated that Theo was missing. Philip took Chloe to an open mic night to recharge her love of music. Sami decided to take the kids to see her brother Eric so she could get away from Fake Rafe. Stefano and EJ send Fake Rafe out of town. Kate warned Chloe to keep her hands off Philip. A masked man attacked Melanie.

THIS WEEK: Philip is stunned by Chloe’s drunken behavior.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Luke nearly torched the Haunted Star. Sam and Jason agreed to pursue having a baby together. Brenda insisted that Sonny love her child as his own, but Sonny suspected that Suzanne was lying to Brenda about Lucian. Diane assured Max that no matter her success as a novelist, he would always be her man. Dante discovered a link between Brandon and Johnny. Jason and Carly warn Michael that Ronnie is setting a trap for the Corinthos family business by using Abby. Liz was ready to tell Lucky and Nikolas the truth about Aiden’s paternity, but held back because of the way they’d bonded. Tracy proved to Luke how he might have been affected by alcohol. Jason feared Johnny was luring Michael into the mob business.

THIS WEEK: Jax tries to pay Shawn to leave Port Charles.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Natalie refused to let John keep Liam’s sonogram, insisting that he couldn’t have it both ways. Clint learned about Shane’s suicide attempt, but Rex rejected his concern. Gigi and Rex tried to figure out how to help Shane. Starr learned that Markko was hired to direct David’s movie and Langston would be writing the screenplay. Viki rejected Charlie’s offer to stay by her side through Ryder’s custody case. Tess horned in on Aubrey and Cutter’s scam. Clint told Kelly about the DVD evidence against Cutter and Aubrey, urging her to use the information to get Joey to leave Aubrey. Tea found the Todd materials that Tomas has been collecting, especially the material about Todd’s plastic surgery. Cris told Natalie that Marty still had the DNA test results.

THIS WEEK: Marty confesses her part in the DNA test result switch.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon found an envelope in the visor of her getaway car containing passports, a driver’s license and cash to escape. Adam asked Nick and Phyllis to help him find Sharon. Billy caught Kevin snooping in Jana’s apartment. Jana admitted to Kevin and Billy that she’s been searching for Daisy’s baby. Adam led Phyllis and Nick to St. Martins while plotting to reconnect with Sharon in Sedona. After ditching Phyllis and Nick, Adam went to the Route 40 motel to meet Sharon. Adam learned of a nearby car crash. Sharon was at a diner when she heard a woman resembling Sharon Newman was found at the scene of the accident.

THIS WEEK: Sharon meets a handsome stranger.

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