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RECAPS –4/18-22

ALL MY CHILDREN . Erica remains in the dark about who abducted her and failed in her escape attempts. Krystal comforted Jackson about Erica’s disappearance, but Opal insisted that there could be a good reason for Erica being gone. Cara and Tad helped Griffin escape by creating a diversion. When Jesse questioned them, Tad claimed he set off the fire alarm to cover for Cara. Kendall found the real letter from Zach that pointed the finger at the casino owners if anything happened to him. Ryan helped Kendall with Griffin as they got him out of the country. Kendall returned home to find Ricky with her children. Jesse was suspicious of David’s efforts to help Angie overcome her blindness. Scott talked to JR about future opportunities for the two of them.

THIS WEEK: Bianca thinks she’s falling for Marissa.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Justin and Donna were on opposite sides of the Bill/ Katie squabble. Thorne was ticked off that Thomas and Steffy have a piece of Forrester Creations while he’s been left out. Ridge announced that the Taboo women’s line was back on and Thomas and Brooke were going to Australia to promote it. Taylor objected to Ridge’s decision. Bill and Katie had their first therapy session with Taylor. Steffy told Ridge that she wanted a bigger role in Forrester. Bill accused Katie of being emotionally violent in their relationship. Katie blurted out to Taylor that Bill plotted to kill Amber. After the session, Steffy threw herself at Bill again.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Nick collaborate to save Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe had car trouble when he tried to leave Salem. Dario rescued Melanie when the masked man, Troy, attacked again. Troy fell into a coma, and he was revealed to be Adrianna’s killer. Ciara convinced Theo that they could not return home. The Bradys and DiMeras were anxious to find the kids. EJ and Taylor were pinned in a crashed limousine, drawing them closer. Carly joined the search for the kids, but after popping a pill, she appeared overemotional. Kate recorded a drunk Chloe. After hearing the tape, Philip decided to leave Salem with Parker. Maggie took Chloe in when Victor threw her out. Jennifer misunderstood when Carly hugged Daniel. Real Rafe found a way to escape the asylum.

THIS WEEK: Nicole sees EJ and Taylor kissing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Suzanne revealed her agenda when it comes to Lucian, proving that Sonny was right to doubt her sincerity. Jax offered Shawn $10 million to leave Port Charles. Sonny confronted Anthony in jail to warn him to leave Michael alone. Brenda was shaken after Jax and Sonny had an angry confrontation. Jason was stunned to learn that Michael had patterned his life after him. Johnny arrived home to find Anthony moved into his apartment. Lisa hid a narcotic in an herbal supplement and gave it to Kristina. Patrick and Robin hired Kristina to be Emma’s babysitter. Carly and Sonny urged Michael not to join the family business. Sam learned she could have a baby.

THIS WEEK: Luke is the focus of an intervention.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Thugs beat up Jack. Tess berated Viki over the failure of her marriage to Charlie, prompting Niki Smith to take over Viki’s persona. Blair suspected Tomas was hiding something. Dorian was horrified to learn that Charlie was in love with Echo. Clint suffered a heart attack. Niki and Tess made a deal to ensure that Tess retain custody of Ryder. Gigi accepted Rex’s marriage proposal. John was deeply affected when he held Liam. Dr. Buhari began therapy with Shane. Jack and Shane ran into each other at the hospital for the first time since the incident at school. Tomas failed to finish off Todd and left a syringe behind in the hospital room that was not the type used by the facility. Jack accused Rex of hiring the guys who beat him up.

THIS WEEK: Jean fights Niki for control of Viki.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . In New Mexico, Adam went to the morgue and identified the body of a woman wearing Sharon’s engagement ring as Sharon. Sharon was awakened in a barn by a handsome vet who was there to help a lamb give birth. Malcolm found the early pregnancy test in Sofia’s purse and insisted she take the test. At Cane’s grave, Lily found Samantha’s photo. At the church for Sharon’s funeral, Noah and Victor told Noah he wasn’t welcome there. Malcolm was thrilled to learn that Sofia was pregnant. Billy offered to not press charges against Chloe and Gloria if they stopped harassing Jana. Lily heard Cane say, “I’m here, Lily,” then he appeared before her.

THIS WEEK: Daniel tells Billy about the DNA test on Lucy.

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