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RECAPS – 4/25-29

ALL MY CHILDREN . Erica recognized the food she was served came from Krystal’s. Madison worried that her child would hate Greenlee the way Emma does. Erica’s attempt to grab her captor’s hand failed. Jack was frustrated about Erica’s disappearance. Caleb wanted to give Colby upscale equipment for her vlogs. Griffin conspired with Kendall and Ryan to get Ricky to incriminate himself. Kendall confided in Bianca about Ricky. Erica was convinced that Krystal was her captor. Kendall decided to make Ricky believe that she was interested in him and claimed she had fallen out of love with Zach. Bianca approached Jackson about making a video of Erica. Griffin nearly got caught spying on Kendall and Ricky.

THIS WEEK: Madison and Scott make love.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . The Forrester jet went down in the South Pacific and Thomas and Brooke were reported missing. Nick teamed up with Ridge to search for Brooke and Thomas. Ridge hired experts to find his wife and son. Bill offered all his resources to aid in the search efforts. The Forrester family tried to keep R.J. from hearing the news about Brooke. Taylor and Ridge decided to work together. Stephen and Pamela offered comfort to the Logan family. Nick brought bad news to the families. Taylor feared that she was reliving the worst day of her life. Dayzee confided her feelings about Thomas to Stephanie. Steffy’s love for Bill intensified.

THIS WEEK: Whip is jealous of Ridge and Taylor’s closeness.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe found Theo and Ciara. Real Rafe fell into a ravine trying to escape from the asylum. Nicole discovered that Taylor and E.J. were in love. Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she was attracted to him and they shared a kiss. Victor rejected Maggie when she provided shelter for Chloe. Bo hailed fake Rafe a hero, even though he hadn’t wanted to save the kids. Real Rafe climbed out of the ravine where he’d been left for dead. Bo and Hope assured Ciara that they were not getting divorced. Nicole contemplated how to use E.J. and Taylor’s romance to her advantage. E.J. told Taylor he was going to divorce Nicole so they could be together. Nicole told Chloe she wanted revenge on E.J. and Taylor.

THIS WEEK: Carly decides she wants Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Luke tried to enrage Jason into shooting him, but Sonny confronted him instead. Brenda agreed to Robin’s suggestion to have Lucian’s DNA tested, then told Suzanne about her plans. Brenda and Robin turned their backs and Lucian was abducted. The Spencers, Nikolas, Sonny, Carly and Steve gathered together to give Luke an intervention. Michael confessed to killing Brandon when Abby had been arrested for the crime. Lisa continued feeding Kristina a drug laced herbal remedy. Dante stopped Ronnie from using Michael’s false confession against him. Jason doubted his ability to be a father based on Michael’s choices and Jake’s death. After Kristina passed out with Emma, Lisa set up the situation to make herself the hero.

THIS WEEK: Lucian’s true identity is revealed.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . After watching the DVD from Dr. Buhari’s office, Gigi knew that John was the father of Natalie’s baby. Niki threatened Echo with the audiotape revealing that she knew Clint was Rex’s father all along. Cutter suggested finishing off Clint since he was already near death. Viki fights with Jean for control of her psyche. Joey and Natalie called an ambulance when Viki’s life was in jeopardy. The judge denied Viki’s bid for custody and intended to put Ryder in foster care. Kelly gave John an encrypted document she found hidden in Todd’s office. Deanna decided to stay in Llanview and Starr was upset that she was still living with James. John pretended to date Marty to find out what she was up to.

THIS WEEK: Todd receives a troubling phone call.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Daniel told Billy that the DNA test proved that Daniel was Lucy’s father and that he wanted Billy and Victoria to raise Lucy as their own child. Billy confessed to Victoria that he used a baby broker to get Lucy. Victoria was shocked to learn that Daniel and Daisy were Lucy’s birth parents. Jana disappeared with Delia and Lucy. Phyllis confessed to Jack that she made love to Nick in St. Martins and Jack ended their relationship. Kevin joined Jana and realized that she had lost it. Kevin played along with Jana in order to try and get Delia and Lucy back to their families. Abby was upset to discover that Daniel had confided the truth about Lucy to Lily.

THIS WEEK: Diane and Jack team up.

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