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RECAPS – 5/2-5/6

ALL MY CHILDREN . Erica demanded that her captor bring her some belongings from her home. Opal told Krystal to stop going after Jackson. David told Liza that it was up to her to decide whether they should continue having fun together. Jesse was guiltridden about the baby. Ryan learned that Greenlee had lied to him about Madison’s baby. Greenlee asked for Ryan’s forgiveness, but he was hurt and unsure of her. Griffin feared that Ricky was a danger to Kendall and asked her to wear a wire. Angie realized that Amanda and Jake were not on the same page about having a baby. Scott and Madison made love. Ryan decided not to tell Madison that Scott had made a deal with Greenlee. Erica arranged to get her hands on a hidden cell phone.

THIS WEEK: Tad admits his feelings about Cara to JR.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . The search for Thomas and Brooke grew grim as the days passed. Whip was jealous of all the time Taylor was spending with Ridge. Pam comforted Donna when she was afraid for Brooke. After Steffy and Bill shared their feelings for each other, Steffy shocked Bill by telling him she wanted to be his wife. Eric prepared Stephanie for the worst-case scenario. Taylor and Ridge went out in an old fishing boat to search for Brooke and Thomas on their own. Katie had a change of heart about her marriage to Bill. Oliver tried to keep Liam from working his way back into Hope’s life. Katie thanked Nick for his help in the search for Thomas and Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Brooke is traumatized by her island experience.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Real Rafe stumbled through the woods and wound up at a convent. Sami overheard that fake Rafe had cheated on her with another woman. Nicole was determined to keep Sydney in her life. Fake Rafe accidentally let Sami get a hold of the ATM card Stefano had given him in a new identity, Javier. Nicole had the DNA from the basement tested and confronted EJ with the proof that Rafe had been held there. Because of Nicole’s blackmail, EJ was unable to get her to agree to a divorce. Taylor was crushed when EJ disappointed her. Real Rafe used the safe house key as a guide. Sami left fake Rafe and went to the safe house. Maggie refused to yield to Victor over Chloe. Nicole told Taylor she and EJ were going on a honeymoon. Real Rafe met Sami at the safe house.

THIS WEEK: Sami comes face to face with both Rafes.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Luke remained defiant and Tracy decided to lock him out of the Haunted Star. Dante questioned Suzanne about Lucian’s disappearance. Brenda resented Carly’s involvement in the search for Lucian. Lisa planted surveillance equipment in the Drake house. Luke got Alexis to represent him in a legal action to get his life back. Liz decided not to stop Lucky’s wedding with the information about Aiden’s paternity. Brenda took Jax’s advice and offered a reward for information leading to Lucian’s return. Sam proceeded with the surgery to be able to become pregnant. Liz returned to work, but was haunted by visions of Jake. Johnny saw Anthony pay off a woman in a blonde wig. Jason investigated Anthony’s part in Brandon’s murder and Abby’s arrest. Diane asked Dante to help uncover Spinelli’s mystery.

THIS WEEK: Jason tries to stop Jax from taking Josslyn.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Todd came out of the coma and was reunited with his family. Tomas’ fingerprints were found on the found syringe and Todd accused Tomas of having shot him. Starr was surprised that Deanna decided not to leave Llanview. Ford threatened to have Tess committed so that he could keep Ryder. With Cutter’s help, Tess took the power away from Ford by divorcing him and marrying Cutter. Gigi, Rex and Shane encountered Todd, Blair and Jack at the hospital, and Todd demanded that Jack apologize to Shane. Clint told Bo that he was dying. Destiny learned that Matthew shot Eddie Ford. Starr told James that she feared Deanna was coming between them. Tomas was arrested. Todd received a phone call that left him troubled. Natalie was tempted to listen to Marty’s session tape.

THIS WEEK: Echo vows revenge on Dorian and Viki.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jana played out her fantasy of a new romance with Kevin, but as the police closed in on them, she drugged him and locked him in a closet. Phyllis arranged visitation with Lucy, but Child Protective Services intervened and took Lucy into custody until Billy and Victoria’s adoption was investigated. Daniel offered to take DNA tests to prove his paternity. Olivia helped Sofia alter the conception date of her baby in order to keep Neil from discovering he was likely the father. Jack interrupted Victor’s romantic night with Diane to announce that he’d bought Abby’s shares of Newman Enterprises. Diane suggested that Jack really stick it to Victor by making love to her. Ashley was determined to get Abby to support her wedding to Tucker.

THIS WEEK: Victor returns to Nikki.

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