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RECAPS – 5/9-5/13

ALL MY CHILDREN . Tad and Amanda witnessed a close moment between Jake and Cara. Griffin saved Kendall from Ricky’s romantic advances. Ricky planned to ask Kendall to marry him. AJ defended Miranda from a bully who referred to her mother as a lezzy. Marissa stood up for Bianca and said she’d be proud to be her partner. Erica was able to reach Spike with the cell phone before her abductor took it from her. Caleb informed everyone that Erica tried to call. David told Madison about Scott’s deal with Greenlee. Erica came face to face with her captor. Scott told Madison he loved her before she went into surgery. Asher, Caleb and Jack searched for Erica near the quarry. There was an explosion and Erica reached her hand out from the rubble.

THIS WEEK: Erica’s captor is among her friends and family.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Steffy grilled Thomas about what happened on the island with Brooke. RJ was happy to reunite with Brooke, unaware that his mother had survived a plane crash. Taylor recalled how good it was to be with Ridge during the search effort. Ridge announces a new role for Thomas in Forrester Creations. Tawny began a new scheme to get Liam to bond with Amber and dump Hope. At a press conference, Brooke had a breakdown when asked about her experience on the island. Taylor confronted Brooke, demanding explanations. Liam was confused by Hope’s latest text messages. Amber was in the dark about Tawny’s deal with Carl. Bill and Katie had a new look at their marriage after recent events.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Thomas are mystified by their island experience.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Real Rafe came face to face with fake Rafe. When fake Rafe pulled a gun, a fight ensued and Sami was knocked out. Sami came to and shot fake Rafe, having figured out that he was not the man she loved. Chloe had a one-night-stand with a stranger named Quinn. In the morning, Chloe found that Quinn left her money, assuming that she was a call girl. Jennifer and Daniel’s date goes awry when she had an allergic reaction to the food he cooked. Carly wrote a prescription for herself as Katerina Von Leuschner. Nicole forced EJ to remain in their bedroom to keep up the pretense of their marriage. Taylor believed it was over with EJ when he couldn’t explain why he had to remain with Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Fake Rafe taunts the real Rafe about making love to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Brenda went on television to try and find Lucian. Elizabeth decided not to tell Lucky about Aiden’s paternity. Krissy discovered the herbal remedy from Lisa was addictive. Thanks to Spinelli, Sonny, Dante and Carly tracked down Suzanne in San Antonio. Jason was unable to stop Jax from taking Josslyn to his home. Michael rejected Jason’s advice and walked into Anthony’s trap. Brenda was furious that Sonny chose Carly for the rescue mission. Lisa turned lethal after hearing Robin and Patrick’s romantic banter. Anthony made a pass at Carly. Shawn refused to assassinate Anthony for Carly. Jason brought Sam home from the hospital after her fertility procedure. Siobhan learned about Lucky being Aiden’s father, but decided to keep the secret.

THIS WEEK: Luke changes his mind about rehab.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Viki wondered how Dorian got Clint to confess on the tape. Cutter came up with a new plan. Tess morphs into a new alter, Wes. Marty attacked Kelly and left her for dead. Clint confirmed Joey’s suspicion that Aubrey was involved with Cutter. Wes tried to pick up Rama and Aubrey at Capricorn. John found Kelly and rushed her to the hospital. Natalie faced off with Marty. Brody went to the roof and found Liam, but Marty broke a chair over his head and when he came to, the baby and Marty were gone. Tomas could not answer Tea’s questions, so she resigned as his attorney. Joey was devastated over Kelly’s grave condition. Dorian broke the news to Joey that Natalie had been hurt, too.

THIS WEEK: John and Brody found Dr. Buhari’s dead body.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . After Jana’s death, Kevin and Chloe were suspected of murder. Kevin urged the detectives to check Jana’s medical history. Kevin was arrested as a kidnapper. Phyllis was incensed when Michael refused to represent her in the custody case because of Victor, as well as Lauren. Nikki and Victor reconnected and made love. Diane took a photo of Victor and Nikki in bed. Victor told Diane that their marriage was a mistake. Abby wreaked havoc when she the park decorated for Tucker and Ashley’s wedding. Nick was unable to get Adam out of Sharon’s home. After getting copies of Sharon’s goodbye letters from Walsh’s office, Sharon’s death was deemed a suicide by the media.

THIS WEEK: Katherine prays for Tucker to survive.

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