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RECAPS – 5/16-20

ALL MY CHILDREN — Tad confessed to Angie that he was holding back his feelings for Cara because of Jake. Madison told Ryan she wanted to call their daughter Sara and give her his name. Kendall accepted Ricky’s proposal as part of her plan with Griffin and Ryan. JR and Caleb bonded as they cared for Asher who suffered a spinal cord injury. Maya was shaken, but believed that she made the right decision about her baby. Angie was suspicious about Jesse’s secret discussions with Brot. Jane told Ricky that they shouldn’t celebrate yet. Kendall went to see Erica while Griffin found a link between Ricky and Diana on Ricky’s computer. Madison and Ryan share a moment with their new baby.

THIS WEEK: Jake discovers Amanda’s deception.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Stephanie turned on Brooke because she believed Brooke was hiding secrets from Ridge about what happened on the island. Bill confided to Justin about his mistrust of Katie and new feelings for Katie. Liam was frustrated by Katie’s text messages, unaware that it was Tawny misleading him. Dayzee surprised Thomas with a romantic dinner. Steffy had a secret meeting with Bill and claimed she would not give him up. Katie confessed to her sisters the strain in her marriage. Thomas took the island berries to a lab to be tested for long-term effects. Taylor accidentally tried the berries and had a reaction. Whip responds to Taylor, unaware that she was hallucinating about Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie makes Thomas a tempting offer.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Fake Rafe taunted the real Rafe about making love to Sami. Victor arranged for Melanie and Maggie to reconnect. Brady learned that EJ had taken over the Kiriakis drug business. Kate refused to be jealous of Vivian’s flirting with Stefano. Chloe met Quinn again and he realized that she wasn’t a call girl. Sami and Rafe made love and he forgave her for sleeping with the fake Rafe. Dario got in trouble with gambling. Daniel told Jennifer that he wanted them to be exclusive. Taylor overheard Nicole and EJ and learned that her sister was blackmailing him. EJ recalled passing the drug business on to Quinn. Rafe and Sami planned to use the fake Rafe to expose the DiMeras. Chloe said Daniel’s name while making love to Quinn.

THIS WEEK: Taylor told Nicole that she hated her for blackmailing EJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny worked with Dante to overcome Suzanne. Johnny realized that Lisa was still intent on destroying Robin and winning Patrick’s love. Lucky and Siobhan prepare for an immigration interview. Ethan discovered that Kristina was hooked on pills, thanks to Lisa, and vowed to help her kick it. Lucky was tempted to take pills again. Jax took custody of Josslyn while Carly was helping Sonny. Luke’s words about Jake got to Jason. Lisa locked Robin in the basement with a leaking gas heater. Michael continued searching for the hit woman who set up Abby. Luke witnessed how his drinking has gotten to Lucky. Jax proved that Shawn was not safe, scaring Carly.

THIS WEEK: Sonny is upset about Kristina’s crush on Ethan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Matthew and Destiny had sex for the first time. Blanca was on the verge to broadcasting that Matthew killed Eddie Ford. Clint offered a million dollar reward for the return of Liam. Rick discovered Marty with Liam at the Millennium Motel, then approached John for the reward in exchange for information. Tomas convinced Todd to recant his accusations that Tomas shot him or else Tomas would reveal what he knew of the past. Kelly came to and Joey told her that he knew that Cutter and Aubrey were cons. John and Brody found Dr. Buhari’s dead body. Clint confessed to Eddie’s murder, the DNA switch and falsely imprisoning David while on Blanca’s show. Marty remained on the loose. Wes turned up in Marty’s room. Natalie had a memory loss.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Nora try to find what’s wrong with Matthew.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Tucker and Abby were rushed into ER after the car crash. Tucker nearly died and was in a coma suffering from brain injuries. Katherine begged her son to breathe after being removed from the machines. Ashley covered for Abby and claimed that she’d been driving. The case against Kevin was dropped when the ME learned that Jana had suffered another brain aneurysm. Colin nearly caught Lily with Cane. Sharon bonded with Piper, the little girl on the farm. Diane told the cops that Ashley purposely drove her car into Tucker’s. Victor turned on Diane for hurting Ashley and vowed to leave Diane penniless. The cops discovered a vodka bottle in Abby’s car.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis uses her blog to draw Daisy back to Genoa City.

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