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RECAPS – 5/23-27

ALL MY CHILDREN . Jake fumed at Amanda about trying to have a baby without telling him first. Kendall stopped the wedding to Ricky, then told Griffin she would get Ricky’s confession on the yacht. Krystal said that Erica was not acting normal. Tad helped Griffin escape from police custody so he could rescue Kendall from Ricky. Ricky bound Marissa and Bianca and left them in a closet. Bianca had flashbacks of being raped by Michael Cambias. Ricky admitted to Kendall that he killed Zach. Griffin and Kendall took down Ricky. Jesse arrested Ricky for kidnapping Bianca and Marissa. Griffin was also arrested and Kendall vowed to clear his name. Jake and Cara were tempted to make love.

THIS WEEK: David is suspicious of Erica.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Stephanie was suspicious of Thomas and Brooke’s secret. Taylor ingested the berries from the island and had wild, sexual dreams of Ridge. Brooke told Ridge she had not reacted to the berries in that way. Stephanie offered Thomas a deal he could not refuse in exchange for his lying about what he and Brooke did on the island. Realizing that Taylor could not get over Ridge, Whip made a decision about his marriage. Brooke defended herself to Ridge when he demanded answers. Ridge refused to believe that Thomas was lying. Stephanie was certain that Taylor and Ridge would be reunited in quick order. Thomas felt guilty about lying, even though he was sentimental about Ridge and Taylor getting back together.

THIS WEEK: Steffy gloats that she still had more shares of the company than Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Rafe returned to Salem with Sami, enacting their plan to make the DiMeras think that he was the fake Rafe. Rafe wore a wire to try and get EJ and Stefano to reveal their crimes. Taylor realized that Nicole blackmailed EJ, but then Taylor told Nicole about EJ’s drug connection. Jennifer was insecure about being as good as Daniel’s former loves. Carly decided to stop the drugs after Abigail found her Katerina prescription. Brady saved Dario from the bookie and paid off his debt. Maggie made a Greek dinner for Victor, but he insisted that they were not meant to be. Chloe agreed to date Quinn, unaware that he was running the drug ring.

THIS WEEK: Nicole is out to destroy Taylor.

GENERAL HOSPI . TAL . Sonny was upset about Kristina’s crush on Ethan. Luke admitted that he feared becoming his father. Tracy took Luke to Shady Brook once he agreed to rehab. Sonny assured Brenda that he could protect their family. Michael faced off with Anthony, who held a shotgun on him. Liz was distracted at work by a memory of Jake. Patrick and Robin got the upper hand over Lisa. Lulu quit Crimson to take over running the Haunted Star. Michael wanted to leave the country with Abby. Anthony plotted to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son. Alexis urged Jax and Carly to share custody of Josslyn. Lisa escaped. Anthony tried to hire Abby. Johnny and Michael captured the hit woman.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Brenda find a dead body.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Matthew passed out and needed surgery to deal with his brain bleed. Bess emerged and told Brody that Todd was key to finding Marty and the baby. Nate worried that he was the cause of Matthew’s injury. Clint asked Tea to check on the authenticity of Cutter and Tess’s marriage. Aubrey admitted to Joey that she had tried to con him but then fell in love him instead. Joey was unimpressed and wanted Kelly back. Todd was upset when Tomas moved into his house. Todd told Tomas that Marty was privy to their covert op. Rama told Vimal that she was never pregnant. Tomas was prepared to eliminate Marty with a gun.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Nora receive devastating news.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kay wanted Ashley to stay away from Tucker because of the pending murder charges. Kay asked Ashley to resign from Jabot to avoid a scandal. Jack shared Ashley’s new formulation of cactus serum to Kay that he felt would ensure a great future for Jabot. Phyllis was furious when Daniel left the penthouse with Lucy. Nina blamed Heather for Chance re-enlisting, but he insisted that Heather had no bearing on his decision. Sam caught Sharon referring to Piper as Cassie. Daniel decided to move into Billy and Victoria’s garage apartment with Lucy until the adoption was finalized. Phyllis declared that she would get Lucy back. Phyllis wrote a blog about Daniel and Lucy to lure Daisy to Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Daisy boards a bus to Genoa City.

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