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RECAPS – 10/15 – 10/19

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan and Annie staged a scene to make Ritchie look like he was crazy. Zach gave JR phony evidence with which to convince Greenlee that Zach never destroyed her and Ryan’s frozen embryos. Aidan learned that Ritchie supposedly helped a drowning boy, whose parents rewarded him with a valuable baseball card. Kendall was told that there might be a problem in performing a cochlear implant on Spike. Kendall presented Greenlee with Spike’s bloody car seat from the accident and demanded to know what were the last words Spike heard. To get out of her Fusion contract, Ava arrived at a photo shoot sporting a Mohawk!

THIS WEEK: Babe grows increasingly conflicted about Ritchie.

As the World Turns – Carly got Jack to take her to Montana before she dies. Once there, they gave into their desires and made love. Katie was so upset about her crumbling marriage to Jack that she nearly made love to Brad. Noah told Luke he wanted him to be his boyfriend. Luke feared he’ll never walk again. Holden couldn’t get over his anger at Lily, threatening their marriage. Meg was ready to end things with Craig and asked Paul to do the same with Rosanna. Paul agreed, but he can’t say goodbye to Rosanna right away. Meg discovered she might be pregnant.

THIS WEEK: Gwen and Will are hopeful about having a baby.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Taylor gave birth to a boy. Nick and Taylor were
thrilled about their newborn, then learned he had Severe Combined
Immunodeficiency and needed a bone marrow transplant. Nick wasn’t a match, so
the baby’s egg donor had to be uncovered. She agreed to the procedure to save
the child’s life. Ridge and Brooke shot a cover photo for “Eye on Fashion” and
she asked him to come back to her. In Paris, Rick surprised Ashley. Felicia was
disappointed to learn that Eric and Donna are lovers. Eric then he told Felicia
what Stephanie did to Brooke and why he cannot forgive her.

THIS WEEK: Taylor wants to know who
provided the egg for her baby.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – John was seriously injured and fought to stay alive. Marlena was devastated and her family gathered to help her deal with the situation. Sami believed Stefano orchestrated John’s accident. She was compelled to agree to marry EJ so that the DiMera-Brady feud would end. Lucas reluctantly accepted Sami’s decision. Stephanie was jealous of Morgan’s interest in Max. Kayla and Steve learned that Pocket has a rare genetic disease. Bo tried to convince Shawn not to become a cop. Cordy was transformed in time for her date. Tony refused to take over Stefano’s empire. Philip showed Belle his true feelings for her.

THIS WEEK: Shawn is concerned that Belle wants Philip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – After denying that he stabbed Jerry, a raging Nikolas held a letter opener to Carly’s neck when she questioned him about Leticia’s death. Trevor warned Johnny not to go against his father or innocent people would die. Kate gave Sonny a lead on Zacchara’s whereabouts and told him that Zacchara’s wife was murdered. Luke refused to allow Lulu to draw parallels between her forgiving Logan with Laura forgiving Luke. Liz moved into her new home, then lashed out at Lucky after learning of his plan for Jake. When Patrick nipped Robin’s plan in the bud to get Jax to “father her child,” she turned to Lucky.

THIS WEEK: Robin turns to an unlikely source for a “donation.”

GUIDING LIGHT – Harley proved to Cyrus that Alex was behind Marina’s kidnapping. Griggs agreed to release Marina when Harley brings the final payment. Vanessa and Mallet teamed up to get Dinah into an institution for medical treatment. Reva broke the news to the family that Daisy chose to end her pregnancy. Rafe was furious that Daisy never asked him before aborting their child. When Ashlee heard from Marina and tried to find her, Griggs knocked Ashlee out. Ava took advantage of a drunken Coop. Lizzie tried to get Billy and Vanessa back together. Josh reconsidered having a baby with Cassie after seeing how she helped Daisy.

THIS WEEK: Ashlee is shocked to see Ava and Coop together.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd and his goons ransack Ron’s place in an attempt to find a hidden Marcie and Tommy. After they leave, Marcie voiced her resolve to Ron that she would never return to Llanview. Michael made a heartfelt television plea for Marcie to return home, but Marcie asked Ron to help her and Tommy disappear. FBI Agent Lee Ramsey came on and arrested Ron. Jared drove Nash and Jessica crazy by making himself at home at the vineyard, insisting he was the majority interest holder. A scheming Britney called Social Services, who took Langston away. Sarah offered Talia her expert advice on how to woo Antonio.

THIS WEEK: Marcie’s days on the run hit a roadblock!

PASSIONS – Eve showed up at work with a hangover and prescribed a medication that could have killed her patient. Thinking the woman slipping into his bed was Eve, Julian made love to her then discovered it was Valerie. Fancy caught Luis deleting Spike’s criminal record from the police computer. Sheridan and Luis posed as a hooker and her john while searching for Marty. Knowing that it would hurt Fancy, Luis pretended to make love to Sheridan as Spike demanded. Gwen and Ethan named their son Jonathan. Noah and Paloma searched Tabitha’s house and discovered a mirror which reflected their greatest dream come true – their wedding day.

THIS WEEK: A “living doll” complicates Paloma and Noah’s life!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Phyllis’ appeal was denied but was granted a work release program. Michael pointed out that if she broke the rules, she’d be sent back to prison and wouldn’t get a second chance. Jack liked Sharon’s idea of having the Cassie’s Challenge benefit in his new casino in Clear Springs, where JT noted the site had substandard concrete. When Maggie questioned Jack about finding Fisher’s dog hair on Ji Min’s dead body, Jack realized he was the person of interest in the murder mystery. Nikki approached Victor to consider a reconciliation, but Victor told her that he was calling in her loans, since they were overdue.

THIS WEEK: Tragedy

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