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RECAPS – 5/30 – 6/3

ALL MY CHILDREN . David coerced “Erica” to write a letter in support of him being reinstated in the hospital. Greenlee was furious when Ricky admitted that he wasn’t a minister and her marriage to Ryan was a fake. Ryan and Madison grieved over the death of their daughter. Madison told Scott that their relationship couldn’t work anymore. The real Erica made headway with her captor. Jack refused to allow the fake Erica to back David. Bianca and Marissa shared a moment that seemed romantic. Cara asked Kendall to keep Griff from leaving Pine Valley. Ignoring Jack’s advice, Jane signed off on a deal with Caleb. Jesse told Jake that Tad had real feelings for Cara. David noticed Jane’s allergy pills. Tad encouraged Kendall to pursue Griff.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee struggles to keep her relationship with Ryan from falling apart.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Stephanie convinced Thomas to continue lying about his time on the island with Brooke. Steffy taunted Thomas about having more Forrester shares than him. Stephanie promised Thomas that his lie would lead to Ridge and Taylor reuniting. Whip and Taylor decided to end their marriage. Liam confronted Hope about her strange text messages. Brooke was unsure about her future with Ridge after an emotional encounter. Taylor threatened to press charges against Brooke for seducing Thomas. Steffy tried in vain to uncover Thomas and Stephanie’s secret. After learning about Tawny’s interference, Liam walked out on a brokenhearted Amber. The Jackie M team rallied to support Whip.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie pushes Nick to go after Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Daniel told Victor he wanted to take things slowly with Jen. Stefano and EJ decided that Rafe had to be eliminated. EJ was crushed when Nicole told him that Taylor was leaving town. Taylor confronted EJ with news that she was remaining in Salem and they made love for the first time. Abigail told Melanie that Dario was hung up on her. Jennifer tried to seduce Daniel by turning on the sex appeal, but he preferred the simple Jen. Chloe continued seeing Quinn, unaware of his dirty business dealings. Dario admitted his feelings to Melanie. Sami discovered the fake Rafe had freed himself from his bindings. The real Rafe crossed paths with Gabi and when she collapsed, he rushed her to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Sami’s life is in danger.

GENERAL HOSPI . TAL . Sonny and Brenda fought about their children and Jason witnessed Brenda asking Sonny to quit the mob. Robin and Olivia refused to testify against Carly in Josslyn’s custody case. Anthony killed the hit woman in front of Johnny. The Zaccharas offered Michael a place in their business. Lulu learned that Luke checked out of rehab after one day. Lulu convinced Nikolas to invest in her remodeling of the Haunted Star. Kristina asked Michael to help her convince Sonny to let her date Ethan. Dante and Tracy feared that Lulu was co-dependent on Luke. Carly was forced to fire Shawn. Abby and Michael broke up after fighting over his behavior. Sam was uncomfortable talking about babies with Molly, Kristina and Alexis. Anthony put the dead body of the hit woman in Sonny’s office.

THIS WEEK: Alexis and Sonny rush to stop Kristina from marrying Ethan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Matthew survived surgery but Nora and Bo were given devastating news about their son’s prognosis. Cutter had Tess committed and in exchange, Clint gave him the mansion. Clint’s heart gave out and he was put on a ventricular assist. Cutter threw Aubrey, Joey and Rama out of the house. Nate was guilt ridden, thinking he caused Matthew’s injury. Natalie went after Marty at Todd’s pool house. The man with Todd’s old face escaped. Joey fumed when Aubrey let Ford have the baby. Clint needed a heart transplant in order to survive. Brody saved Natalie. Marty left with Todd after getting him to promise to tell John that Liam was his son. Tomas found baby Liam in the pool house. Ford took Ryder home.

THIS WEEK: Matthew may be the key to saving Clint’s life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kay threw a farewell party for Chance on Memorial Day. Nina blamed Heather for Chance choosing to reenlist in the Army. Daisy read Phyllis’s blog and headed to Genoa City. Adam and Nick flew to New Mexico to prove that Sharon had not committed suicide. Diane showed up uninvited and later, Nick and Diane had angry sex. At the San Pueblo festival, Sharon saw Adam but was unable to speak with him. Lily checked into a hospital, leaving Neil to care for the twins. Genevieve conspired with Caleb. At an A.A. meeting, Nikki blamed Deacon for her drinking. Victoria blasted Phyllis for the blog she wrote about Daniel and Lucy. Deacon asked Victor to rescue Nikki. Chance and Heather shared a goodbye.

THIS WEEK: Kay sells Jabot to Victor.

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