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ALL MY CHILDREN . David saved “Erica” from the allergic reaction and learned she was Jane Campbell. Bianca admitted that she’d fallen in love with Marissa. Greenlee feared that she was turning into her mother. Madison wasn’t ready to reunite with Scott. Colby was determined to spend more time with Asher. Cara and Jake nearly made love. When Greenlee decided to sell the hospital, Jane proposed buying it and reinstating David in exchange for his silence. Jake assured Tad that he was through with Cara. The real Erica became friendly with her captor, Ben. Cara and Jake threw their wedding rings into the hazardous waste container. Kendall was excited when Griffin was exonerated. JR slowed the reconstruction on the gatehouse. Jackson was alarmed when Erica’s demeanor changed dramatically when he spoke about Kendall and Bianca.

THIS WEEK: Amanda plots to make Jack worry about her.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . James counseled Brooke about how to deal with her guilt over the island. Hope learned about Brooke and Thomas’ encounter. Whip encouraged Nick to follow Stephanie’s suggestion and rekindle the flame with Brooke. Ridge felt guilty after kissing Taylor. Hope suspected Thomas wasn’t telling the truth. Steffy decided to get closer to Bill by becoming the new host of “The Catwalk.” Stephanie offered to be friends with Brooke again, if she divorced Ridge. Brooke resigned from Forrester Creations and established a charity foundation in Stephanie’s name. Nick worried about pursuing Brooke because of their tumultuous past. Stephanie reminded Thomas that he had to stick to their secret. Dayzee confided in Marcus about her troubles with Thomas.

THIS WEEK: Brooke accepts that Ridge cannot forgive her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Rafe saved Sami from the imposter’s attack. Sami and Rafe formulated a new plan to get the DiMeras. Taylor decided she would not leave Salem, enraging Nicole. Quinn had a reunion with his mother – Vivian! Carly tried to accept Jennifer’s relationship with Daniel, but she was envious when they decided to go away for a romantic weekend. Melanie rejected Dario’s offer of a romance because she didn’t want to get involved with another bad boy. Quinn told Chloe that either she works as a call girl for him or he would publicize a secret film of her accepting money after their sexual encounter. Taylor discovered her mother’s cameo at Rafe and Sami’s loft. Stefano believed that Taylor had made EJ soft.

THIS WEEK: Quinn is working with Kate.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lulu lashed out at Lucky for his 12-step lifestyle and began drinking herself. Sam and Jason discussed his leaving the mob if they have children. Jax instigated Shawn to hit him then vowed to use the violent action against Carly in the custody case. Michael has second thoughts about his career when Abby told him that she was thinking of taking a job from Anthony. Ethan went to see Maya and found her in bed with another man. Lucky tracked down Luke at the bordello where he’d lived as a boy. Kristina accompanied Ethan to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Sonny and Alexis flew to the tropics assuming Kristina was running off to marry Ethan. Anthony goads Lisa into seeking vengeance.

THIS WEEK: Lucky sets the Spencer home on fire.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Destiny was distraught about Matthew’s grim prognosis. Todd was about to tell the truth about John being Liam’s father, but held back when John aggressively questioned him and then arrested Todd. Despite Blair’s advice to keep away from a married woman, Cris couldn’t stop thinking about Rama. Nora was furious when Bo determined that Matthew’s heart was a perfect match for Clint’s transplant. John and Kelly decided to end their romance. Gigi purposely walked into the trap set by Jack and his buddies that they’d arranged for Shane. Viki was convinced that Jessica needed ECT — electroconvulsive therapy — to deal with her multiple personalities. Tess and Ford believed that they were falling in love. Nate was guilt-ridden about Matthew’s brain injury.

THIS WEEK: Ford asks Cutter to divorce Tess.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jack was hopeful that Kay would hire him as Jabot CEO when Victoria turned down the offer to run the company. Phyllis offered Daisy a clean slate from her past crimes in exchange for her reasserting her parental rights for Lucy. In court, the judge’s approval of Lucy’s adoption by Billy and Victoria was tabled when Phyllis arrived with Daisy. Sam told Sharon that his wife had left him. Abby confessed to Walsh that she was the driver in Tucker’s accident, but the D.A. didn’t believe her. The carjacker’s husband showed up at Sam’s house looking for his wife and nearly saw Sharon. Jack was devastated when Kay decided to sell Jabot to Victor so he could merge it with Beauty of Nature.

THIS WEEK: Cane’s secret plan is revealed.

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