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RECAPS – 6/13 – 6/17

ALL MY CHILDREN . Jane told David that she wanted the glamorous part of Erica’s life, not her family. Jack, Kendall and Bianca were concerned that Erica was tempted to drink again. Angie met Maya and hired her as a babysitter. Bianca held back telling Marissa her true feelings. Ryan comforted Madison about their lost baby. Amanda suspected Jake and Cara were falling in love again. Bianca gave JR advice on how to win over Marissa. Ben opened up to Erica, but Jane interrupted before

Erica could get Ben to release her. Tad accidentally dyed his hair orange when trying to get rid of the gray. Marissa was frustrated when JR didn’t understand her desire to take things slow. Colby was not ready to forgive Liza and give her another chance.

THIS WEEK: David assures Angie he can help her to see again.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . After Marcus visited Amber, she enlisted Carl to double-check the paternity of her baby in case Marcus might be the daddy. Stephanie was guilt-ridden when Brooke announced that she wanted to redeem her life and start anew. Hope and Liam went on a romantic vacation before he would be burdened with the responsibilities of fatherhood. Justin asked Marcus to take the name Barber instead of Forrester. Amber went into labor and Liam rushed to her side. A mistake in the lab resulted in Amber not getting the daddy data before going into delivery. Oliver proposed to Hope. Brooke had a gift for Taylor.

THIS WEEK: Ridge is shocked by Brooke’s request.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Rafe and Sami lied to Taylor about Fay’s cameo, then realized that the imposter had killed Taylor’s mother. Bo and Hope tailed Rafe and found the imposter locked up in the warehouse. Sami and Rafe came clean with Bo about the imposter. Brady beat EJ into unconsciousness over his role in Adrianna’s death. Melanie enlisted Carly and Daniel to save EJ’s life and cover up for Brady. Chad was tempted to get into the DiMera family business. Quinn revealed that he was doing Kate’s bidding by forcing Chloe to be a call girl. Chloe managed to drug her first trick to avoid having sex with him. Bo and Hope re-create Fay’s death to make the imposter confess his part in the crime.

THIS WEEK: EJ has no memory of being attacked by Brady.

GENERAL HOSPI . TAL . Anthony threatened Brenda, feeding her fear that Sonny’s life will be a danger to Alec. Lisa returned to the hospital dressed as a security guard. Luke urges Lucky to hate him so Lucky can be free of his father once and for all. Jax and Carly call a truce to attend Michael’s graduation. Kristina revealed that she applied to PCU in Michael’s name. Max and Milo roughed up Ethan when he refused to stay away from Kristina. Unaware that Siobhan was inside the place, Lucky set fire to the Spencer house. Spinelli brought Sam to the hospital when she began having pains while on a job. Lisa revenge included firing a gun into the hub to put the hospital in lockdown. Liz made a fatal error while in the operating room.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli awakens after surgery a new man.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . John and Natalie agreed that they could never overcome their differences and break up for good. The man with Todd’s face watched Starr from afar. Clint declared that he’d rather die than accept Matthew’s heart. Natalie and Brody’s passion led to their making love. Rama continued lying about being pregnant. Destiny lied to Danielle about having used protection when she made love to Matthew. Rex tried to make peace with Clint, but his father suspected that Rex wanted to be included in his will. Tess convinced Ford that she was in love with him, but she was really Jessica. Vimal informed Rama that his parents were coming for a visit. A donor heart for Clint arrived in the ER. Jessica returned to Brody and found him in bed with Natalie.

THIS WEEK: There’s a problem with Clint’s donor heart.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . When she met Genevieve, Jill learned that Colin was a married man. Neil and Lily were shocked by Cane’s explanation and refused to forgive him. John Abbott appeared to Jack to tell him to get over his Jabot obsession. Colin fell from a balcony and the cops did not believe Jill’s claim that Genevieve was responsible. Victoria was disappointed in Billy and fearful of losing Lucy. While Kay visited Tucker, John gave her his insight on her plans for Jabot. Diane told Victor she was pregnant. The day that the Newman IPO launched, Diane feigned a miscarriage as part of Adam’s plan to swindle Victor. Genevieve gloated over Colin while he was lying in a hospital bed. The news reports an ambulance at the Newman ranch and the rumor that Victor had a stroke.

THIS WEEK: Colin makes a surprise appearance.

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