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RECAPS - 10/22 - 10/26


ALL MY CHILDREN – Greenlee told Jack of her plan to have a baby, but he doesn’t share the info with Erica. Terrified that Ritchie poisoned Emma, Annie freaked out when she got trapped in the elevator with Emma and Spike. Ryan rescued them and rushed Emma to the hospital, where they learned she wasn’t poisoned. Babe found Ritchie’s empty pill bottle and was shocked to learn what the pills were for. Krystal was horrified when she woke up in Adam’s bed and quickly pointed out to him that didn’t mean they were reconciling. She and Tad later had it out about her feelings for her ex.

THIS WEEK: JR’s scheme goes up in smoke!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie was upset that Jack slept with Carly and decided to annul their marriage. Brad pressed Carly to tell Jack that she’s not dying. Barbara convinced Will and Gwen to adopt a baby, not knowing that Will’s criminal record will prevent them from getting a child. Meg discovered she was pregnant and Craig boasted to Paul about it. Paul and Rosanna nearly had a car crash forcing Paul to realize he still wants to marry Rosanna. Holden saw Lily and Dusty in a compromising position. She later admitted that she didn’t sleep with Dusty, but Holden believes their marriage is over.

THIS WEEK: Carly tries to convince Jack to marry her again.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL – Stephanie tried to explain herself to Eric, but he insisted that she apologize to Brooke for Stephanie’s part in the rape. Ridge and Donna also laced into Stephanie for her cruelty. Despite Ridge’s warning to stay away, Stephanie went to see Brooke. She admitted responsibility for what happened and helped Brooke to vent her feelings about the rape. Stephanie suspected that Eric had an affair with Jackie, but then realized Donna’s the other woman. Nick and Taylor named their baby Jack. Taylor was unsure she could raise the child, but Nick assured her that they could handle it together as a family.

THIS WEEK: Taylor struggles with her new reality.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Sami went in to labor and Marlena had to deliver the twins. EJ noted that the two babies don’t look at all alike. Marlena urged Sami to have a secret DNA test on the babies. The driver of the car that killed John was once a cellmate of Andre’s. Bo suspected John’s death was part of the Brady- Dimera feud. Sami was determined to divorce Lucas and marry EJ to save the rest of her family. Philip and Belle made love. Belle told Hope what happened, then promised to keep away from Philip. Bo was upset that someone undermined Shawn’s police career.

THIS WEEK: Sami faces the truth and makes a decision.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Zacchara threatened to kill everyone Sonny loved. Zacchara’s actions had Sonny convinced he was insane and that Trevor was actually running the show. Trevor, meanwhile, made it clear he wanted Sonny gone for good. Afraid that his father would harm Lulu, Johnny pushed her away, after which Logan also ended things with her. However, Lulu was determined to see Logan again. Lucky turned down Robin’s request for him to father her child…but Spinelli agreed! Unfortunately, he froze when called to “contribute.” Jerry told Sam he’d kill Lucky if she failed to seduce Trevor. Nikolas turned on Sam and left her dangling from a pulpit!

THIS WEEK: Nikolas makes a horrifying discovery!

GUIDING LIGHT – Dinah tried to convince Mallet to let her leave the mental institution. Lizzie urged Dinah to reach out to Bill for help. Cassie and Josh decided to try and adopt Will, but to do so they’ll need the help of Edmund. Cassie inadvertently told Beth that her unborn is Alan’s, not Rick’s. She then told Beth she was talking out of her head. Cyrus traded places with Marina and Harley. He lied to Griggs about the account numbers. Harley returned to rescue him and they were tied up in a building that’s about to be demolished. Rafe defended Daisy at school.

THIS WEEK: Edmund takes advantage of the situation.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Michael plan to join Todd and John’s search for Marcie and Tommy was halted when he was arrested for perjury. Meanwhile, Marcie read Ron’s letter outlining instructions on where to seek refuge. Sarah and Jared had fun tweaking Cristian and Natalia, who were jealous about their kiss. Langston left the group home and headed to Dorian’s, where she was rocked to see Mrs. Woodrow. Recalling her own childhood in foster care, Blair offered to be Langston’s foster mom. Clint told the family that Asa’s will was to be read on his Texas ranch. Renee shocked the Buchanans when she invited Jared to live in the mansion.

THIS WEEK: Todd and John become surprising close to killing each other!

PASSIONS – Eve was guilt-ridden about going to work having been over-medicated so that she nearly harmed a patient. Julian was freaked out that he made love to Valerie and desperate not to let Eve know what happened. Fancy threatened to reveal that Luis risked his career for Spike. Sheridan and Luis continued searching for Marty. Luis and Sheridan experienced some old feelings even though they were both just pretending to make love. Gwen and Ethan were thrilled about their new baby Jonathan. Noah and Paloma were deeply affected by Tabitha’s magic mirror.

THIS WEEK: Julian faced a tough decision.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Clear Springs collapsed into a twisted pile of steel and crushed concrete, trapping and killing an unheard number of people below the surface of the ground. Huddled together were Jack, Sharon and Nick, who, despite their bitterness, came to a difficult agreement of which two would be freed while the third stayed back to fight for their life. JT and Cane were caught with Katherine and formed a risky plan to save her, unaware that they weren’t alone. While waiting to be rescued with an injured child, the building crumbled around Lauren, Paul and Tammy, causing old fears – and possibly an old romance – to surface.

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