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RECAPS – 8/15-8/19

ALL MY CHILDREN . Tad tried to reassure Cara about Dixie’s reappearance in his life. JR asked for the custody hearing to be moved up so Dixie and Tad couldn’t testify against him. Marissa and Bianca made love. Zach asked Griffin if he was in love with Kendall. Because he wanted Angie to see again, Jesse agreed to let David do his work. Zach was reunited with his children. Amanda didn’t wake up right way after surgery. Dixie talked to Kathy about taking time to rebuild the family. Greenlee demanded to know what David did to her. David asked if Greenlee remembered Gillian. Greenlee confided in Kendall about Leo. Jackson and Erica went to the south of France to renew their romance. JR claimed that he was giving up drinking.

THIS WEEK: Erica demands to know whom else David saved.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Taylor and Ridge reviewed what might have happened if they’d gone ahead with their wedding. Liam heroically saved Steffy when she found herself in a precarious situation. Taylor and Ridge commiserated over Steffy’s emotional turmoil. Nick shared news of his new Spencer business relationship with Jackie and Owen. Brooke was concerned when Taylor indicated that Steffy might be interested in stealing Liam from Hope. Hope prepared to present her latest Hope of the Future line at Forrester Creations. Liam was preoccupied before the fashion show. Marcus and Dayzee evaluated their relationship in light of his connection to Amber. Steffy conjured up ways to thank Liam for saving her life. Hope was torn about her feelings about premarital sex and her fear of losing Liam.

THIS WEEK: Liam is stunned by Hope’s reaction to his proposal.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Quinn saved Carly and delivered her to her family without letting them know he was ever there. Brady’s security went too far when Chad was shot. Per Maggie’s living will, she was taken off the ventilator. Chad was only nicked by the gunshot, but he decided to get away from the DiMera family. Sami learned that she was pregnant. Miraculously, Maggie breathed on her own and asked Victor to make peace with Stefano. Vivian taunted Carly and gave her drugs before Carly left for rehab. While suffering from the pain of withdrawal, Carly was visited by her estranged son, Nicholas. Sami’s doctor had concerns about the pregnancy. Hope continued investigating why hookers were being beaten. Chloe saved Kinsey from an obnoxious john. Taylor and Quinn know each other.

THIS WEEK: Sami discovers she may have cancer.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Maxie was jealous of Jackal P.I.’s infatuation with Lulu. At Siobhan’s bedside, Lucky prayed for her to survive. Ethan stopped Anthony’s goon from going after Siobhan again. Jason had a seizure. Robin tried to stop Sonny from shooting Jax. Patrick, Matt and Robin got into it over the right course of action for Jason’s ailment. Jason assured Sam he would not have another seizure. As a birthday gift, Dante gave Lulu the keys to his apartment and asked her to move in with him. Skye and Tracy faced off with Gino Soleito. Coleman and Diane attempted to help the romantically challenged Mac and Alexis. Jax’s plane went down. Sonny and Jax faced off in his prison cell. Edward had heart pains. Epiphany put Anthony in his place when he showed up at General Hospital.

THIS WEEK: Michael takes sides with Sonny against Carly.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Destiny was unsure whether to give her baby to Bo and Nora. Delphina’s message from Gigi about the spotted pony referred to a strip club in Kentucky. Cutter and Rama discussed what had happened years before at the Spotted Pony and how bad it would be for Cutter if they information was revealed. The real Todd Manning was identifi ed and he wanted revenge for the people who wronged him. Brody was determined to stop Todd from revealing that John was truly Liam’s father. Cutter urged Aubrey to make a play for Rex, but Rex was too deep in mourning for Gigi to respond. Dorian decided to run for the Senate and David received a job offer that would separate him from Dorian. Ford was attracted to Jessica and kissed her when she reminded him of Tess. Tomas asked Blair not to return to a man like Todd Manning.

THIS WEEK: Dorian says goodbye to Llanview.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Lily was unable to follow through on her special, romantic gift for Daniel’s birthday because she was reminded of her love for Cane. Abby went to Ronan with reasons why she believed that Tucker killed Diane, including evidence and a motive. At Diane’s funeral, Victor, Michael and Jack spoke kindly of Diane for Kyle’s sake. Sam brought Phyllis to see Sharon and Phyllis felt guilty for her part in the memory card fiasco. At the funeral, Ronan confronted the suspects and urged whoever knew the truth to step forward. After an angry exchange, Colin and Genevieve wound up kissing and making love. Deacon asked Phyllis out on a date after threatening to reveal that he saw Phyllis chasing Diane with a rock in the park. Ashley told Nick about the photo she received in the mail.

THIS WEEK: Aver y makes progress with Sharon’s appeal.

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