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RECAPS – 9/12-16

ALL MY CHILDREN . Angie’s concerned about her eyesight and whether it will be returning. Kendall received a mysterious text. Film producer Kit Sterling arrived in Pine Valley. Liza comforted Colby, as mother and daughter bonded. Brot confessed something to Natalia. David was coy about who else he may have saved. Tad urged Jesse not to give up on Angie. David got shocking news from Cara. Zach surprised Kendall. Brooke English comes back to town. Colby wanted Maya to move in with her and Liza. Dixie had a dream about Babe. Maya has to make a decision about her baby. In light of his failures, JR thinks about leaving Pine Valley to start over somewhere else. THIS WEEK: The Kane family reunites in Pine Valley. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope returned from Paris and had a joyful reunion with Liam. Thomas tried to get Brooke to help him convince Ridge to reinstate the Taboo line. Steffy accused Ridge of condoning Hope’s agenda with Liam. Anthony’s predictions

about Taylor begin to come true. Hope criticized Steffy’s Intimates line, fueling the war between the two women. Hope had no time for Liam, prompting Steffy to say to Liam that he deserved better. Liam couldn’t concentrate on work. Billy and Steffy conspired to help Liam deal with the Hope situation. At a press conference, Hope was bombarded with questions about her relationship with Liam and her vow of abstinence. Steffy was curious about Taylor’s mystery man. THIS WEEK: Thorne and Ridge get into an altercation. DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Chloe mentioned Gus’s name, but nobody heard her and she sunk back into a coma. Gus planted more evidence to frame Quinn as Chloe’s attacker. Brady didn’t want to leave Chloe’s side. EJ tried to reach out to Nicole to establish a legitimate front as a happily married man. Kate didn’t think EJ could resurrect the DiMera name. As part of her treatment, Carly apologized to Daniel and Jennifer and confessed that she was in love with Daniel. Nicole took Brady to dinner where she wound up dancing romantically with

EJ. Thanks to Gus, Quinn was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Maggie told Victor she could not live with him unless they were married. THIS WEEK: The hostage situation comes to a shocking conclusion. GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny was upset about the cause of Kristina’s condition. Robin and Patrick enjoyed some makeup sex. Kate Howard returned to

Port Charles. Johnny visited Kristina, prompting Sonny to lose it. Sonny and Kate came face to face. Carly stumbled upon Shawn right out of the shower. Lucky figured out Siobhan’s clue and went to Luzetta’s. Maxie wound up in jeopardy. Luke returned home and overheard Lulu and Ethan talking about him. Kate and Olivia shared their memories of Sonny. Lulu and Lucky discuss his addiction

and her romance with Dante. Spinelli gets his persona back, but it was unclear if he remembered all of the Jackal’s clues. Lucky begged Dane not to give up on Lulu. THIS WEEK: Something strange happens at Wyndemere. ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Starr asked Jack to give Todd a chance, but Jack was determined to implicate Todd in Victor’s murder. Cutter discovered the gun in Morris the porcupine. Kim wanted Cutter to use the gun to blackmail Rex. Clint offered to help Kim with her hospitalized friend, but he had no money. Destiny visited Greg in prison to have him look at Matthew’s medical chart. Kim broke into Cutter’s room to get the gun. Rex overheard Clint on the phone with the hospital in Kentucky. Rex wondered if Gigi was trying to send her a message about Clint. Rick was revealed as the new record producer handling Baz and Starr’s music. Dani and Blair helped Tea deal with Victor’s funeral. Nora and Mrs. Evans have a rapprochement. THIS WEEK: Todd calls Tea for help. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Genevieve locked Colin in the wine cellar of her mansion. Cane was upset that his visitation with Mattie and Charlie included a nanny rather than Lily. Paul was thrilled when his son, Ricky, arrived in Genoa City. Billy was locked up in a Burma prison. Adam told Sharon that his eye surgery was a success, but Sharon can’t get over Adam testifying against her. Tucker admitted that he was sabotaging the Jabot shipments to hurt Kay. Victor offered to get Billy out of jail to return home and save Delia, but only if Billy agreed to never reunite with Victoria. Abby wore a wire to try and get Tucker on tape saying that he killed Diane. THIS WEEK: Kevin takes credit as the bone marrow donor when it’s really Billy.

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