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RECAPS – 9/19-23

ALL MY CHILDREN . Angie’s family reacts to the change in her eyesight. Kendall has a major encounter with Zach regarding their future and what will happen to their family. Past residents of Pine Valley make returns, including Adam Chandler and Brooke English. David continued to test the patience of others with his assertions that he may have saved others. Tad and Jesse renewed their deep friendship. Dixie’s dream about Babe came true. Maya decided what to do about her baby. JR gets some good advice about how to start over, even though he still thought that leaving Pine Valley might be the answer. Erica Kane made big plans for the future. The Martins, Hubbards and Kanes were all reunited.

THIS WEEK: Pine Valley moves off ABC television.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Liam woke up and was surprised to find that Steffy had come through for him. Thorne and Ridge get into an altercation that resulted in one of them being knocked out. Hope was concerned about Liam. Brooke was thrilled that Taylor had a new man in her life. Ridge asked Taylor for a big favor. Hope tried to please Liam by moving up the wedding date. Steffy told Bill about her plan to rescue Liam from a marriage to Hope. Katie and Bill were at odds about what was best for Liam and Hope. Steffy told Liam she wasn’t happy about his plan to marry Hope. After discovering why she couldn’t move up the wedding date, Hope feared disappointing Liam with the news.

THIS WEEK: Rick returns from Forrester International.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Quinn was arrested when the evidence against him was ironclad. Gus tried to make Vivian walk away from Quinn. Chloe identified Gus as her attacker. Freaked out about being caught, Gus took Nicole hostage. EJ reached out to capture Nicole when she fell. Jennifer received a strange call, unable to hear the caller. Vivian helped the cops to disarm and capture Gus. Nicole moved out of the Kiriakis house and she and Brady split. Carly had a farewell party from rehab. Bo and Hope planned a big party to celebrate Tom and Alice’s legacy. EJ and Stefano planned to hijack the party for their own devices. The mystery caller was Jack, who read about the upcoming party with interest.

THIS WEEK: John and Marlena return to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny spent time with Kate and listened as she told him he was his own worst enemy. Sam caught Jason practicing the walk down the aisle. Franco was incensed that he did not receive an invitation to Jason’s wedding. Sonny tried to make peace with Kristina. Lulu asked Ethan to help her disappear for a while. Franco made plans to ruin Jason’s wedding. A gloved hand floated through Wyndemere. Johnny made mysterious mob moves. Sam and Jason impulsively decided to get married in a Chinese restaurant. Someone got shot at Sonny’s warehouse. Lucky tried to pack Siobhan’s belongings, but was tempted to turn to pills. Kristina and Molly arranged a wedding date for Alexis. Robin and Patrick bonded at the wedding.

THIS WEEK: Ethan comes face to face with evil personified.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Jack claimed that he witnessed Todd kill Victor, even though he confessed as Victor’s grave that he’d made it up to get revenge for his father. Shane realized that Jack was lying because he knew more than he was saying about the crime. John was haunted by a dream about Liam’s paternity. Brody proposed to Natalie. Kim continued to want to use the gun to blackmail Rex through Echo into paying for the care of her hospitalized friend in Kentucky. Cutter confronted Kim about the gun and then saw the patient. Echo considered forging Rex’s name on a document to transfer Clint’s fortune back to him. John and Bo discussed potential suspects when John doubted Jack’s story. Starr and Baz agreed to go ahead with the single with Rick producing.

THIS WEEK: Shane has memories from the night of the murder.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kevin agreed to pretend that he was Delia’s donor, never letting on that Billy was in town for the procedure. Ronan tried to rattle Ashley with the information he had of her meeting Diane the night of the murder. Billy told Victor that once Delia was well, he would reveal to Victoria that he was back. Adam testified that Sharon was a liar and a cheat for running from prosecution, betraying him and abandoning her children. Victor told Billy his crimes in Asia were unforgivable and Billy agreed to remain in hiding. Ashley informed Abby that because she’d worn a wire, Ashley was now incriminated in Diane’s murder. On the stand, Avery forced Adam to read from his earlier testimony that he was certain that Sharon had not killed Skye.

THIS WEEK: Billy sneaks into his house and hears Sam with Victoria.

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