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RECAPS – 9/26-30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Rick returned from Forrester International in Paris. Rick came to Hope’s rescue. Liam was celebrating his last night of bachelorhood. Bill made a call to arrange for Liam to figure out that he didn’t really want to get married. Steffy disagreed with Katie about Hope and Liam’s plans to get married. Bill had plans for Steffy, even as Katie was telling him that she wanted Steffy out of their lives for good. Taylor received news she never expected to get and rushed to tell Ridge. Hope recalled her happy times with Liam. Steffy offered Liam a chance to back out of his offer. Hope asked Brooke for an honest assessment of Liam and Hope’s relationship. Taylor blurted out her big news to Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Rick helps Hope stop Steffy and Liam’s romantic tryst.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES .John and Marlena returned to Salem and in a surprising development, John was able to rise from his wheelchair and stand on his feet. Jack lingered in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to approach Jennifer. EJ’s date at the party was “Millionaire Matchmaker,” Patti Stanger. Kate threatened to keep Parker from Chloe forever. Bo and Hope found Alice’s bankbook and suspected that she may have been the victim of blackmail. Jack appeared at Jennifer’s feet just as Daniel asked her to move in with him. Chloe had a great audition and had to leave Salem to take the job. Adrienne blasted Jack for hurting his family, but then demanded an explanation. EJ announced that he would run against Abe for mayor. Austin arrested John on securities fraud. Victor proposed to Maggie.

THIS WEEK: Jack reveals where he really was to Jennifer.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Kristina asked Kate to give her a job on Crimson, much to Alexis’ horror. Johnny and Sonny shook hands, but mobsters don’t make peace. Jason and Sam celebrate their wedding by dancing at the reception, unaware that Franco was there dancing, too. Michael tried to defend Sonny’s turf. Lucky admitted to Elizabeth that his addiction has taken hold. Ethan discovered Helena at Wyndemere. Luke Spencer returned to the Haunted Star. Spinelli tried to deal with his computer amnesia. Olivia surprised Steve with a rooftop picnic. Lulu tried to talk with Dante. Later, Lulu lashed out at Lucky for not being at the warehouse with Dante when he was needed. Alexis and Kate had a heart and heart talk about Sonny. Jason and Sam leave for their Hawaiian honeymoon.

THIS WEEK: Tracy gets three surprise visitors.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Tea was convinced that Todd was innocent and agreed to be his lawyer. John learned about Natalie’s engagement. Tina arrived in Llanview, thinking she was in Victor’s will. Todd asked Starr to break him out of jail because of Irene’s plans to kill his loved ones. Jessica was angry about Brody and Natalie’s engagement. Jack called the cops on Todd. Tina and Todd fought over Victor, Sr.’s ring. Cord surprised Clint with a visit. Tina’s dog was sniffing around for the bomb, then went missing. Viki questioned Natalie’s real feelings for John. Todd and Irene faced off. Rex admitted to Shane that he’d been seeing Gigi. Jessica noticed a piece of paper in the dog’s carrier. Clint told Jessica that he gave Natalie and Brody his blessing for their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Tea delivers bad new to Starr.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis was court ordered to take Lucy to prison to visit Daisy. Billy hid in the house and overheard Victoria and Sam together, misinterpreting their affection for Keely as their feelings for each other. Michael informed Phyllis that Avery was Daisy’s attorney. Tucker offered Jack a contract to giving him complete control of Jabot as soon as Jack testified against Kay. Chloe kissed Kevin to thank him for being Delia’s bone marrow donor and he pulled her into his arms for a passionate embrace. Abby learned that Ronan found the lock to the missing key and feared Diane’s copy of Abby’s confession tape would fall into his hands. Diane’s diary was in the hotel safe, not the confession tape.

THIS WEEK: Kay has a stroke.

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