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Speaking of Soaps

RECAPS – 10/3-10/7

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Taylor and Brooke squabbled over Steffy and Hope’s battle over Liam. Ridge felt caught between his two families as Steffy asserted that her engagement to Liam took precedent over Hope’s relationship with him. Bill arranged for Liam to fly off to Aspen with Steffy for a romantic tryst, determined to keep Hope for having a chance to talk with Liam. Hope confronted Bill about his interference in Liam’s life. Rick intervened to help Hope track down Liam in Aspen. Liam told Steffy he wanted some time alone, but she continued plotting to keep him committed to her. Hope feared that she’d discover Liam and Steffy in each other’s arms. Katie blasted Bill for pushing Liam to choose Steffy over Hope.

THIS WEEK: Eric and Stephanie face a new problem in their marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . John was beaten up while in jail because his company, Basic Black, destroyed the pensions and savings of many Salem citizens. After his lawyers walked out on him, John suspected that Stefano was behind his problems. Carrie took over John’s defense, even though Austin was the forensic accountant building a case against John. John had a memory flash of being at the computer with financial forms on the screen. EJ convinced Nicole to be his PR director in his run for mayor. Maggie accepted Victor’s proposal. Sami got a job with Mad World Cosmetics, working with Madison James and Brady. Bo and Hope decided to investigate Alice’s active bank accounts. Jack revealed that the real reason he left Jennifer was a story; he’d been in Afghanistan and wound up in jail. EJ was excited about the plan to destroy John.

THIS WEEK: Austin discovers that John is being set up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Michael told Max that he was in charge of the warehouse. With Spinelli and Matt’s help, Maxie commemorated B.J.’s birthday, remembering that Max’s heart was B.J.’s. Carly and Shawn emerged from the panic room. Distraught about Dante’s condition, Lulu returned home and took a drink. Kate comforted Sonny when he broke down about Dante. Jason and Sam enjoyed a Hawaiian honeymoon, unaware that Franco was sending them a special wedding gift. Sonny tried to stop Michael getting involved with the warehouse investigation. Johnny was fed up with Anthony and put him in his place. Lucky found Siobhan’s letter. Dante remained committed to remaining a cop. Kate felt like an outsider when Sonny and Olivia visited with Dante. Ethan refused to do Luke’s bidding.

THIS WEEK: Luke surprises Lucky.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Viki worried that Natalie was rushing to marry Brody for Liam’s sake. Starr was arrested for helping Todd with his escape. Todd and Irene had a final confrontation on the docks and both were shot. Tomas told Todd to run and then claimed that he pulled the trigger. Natalie found two pools of blood on the docks. Blair found Todd and nursed him through a bout of delirium. Jack used the Sun to promote the idea that Todd killed Victor. Tina asked Viki to use the front page of the newspaper to advertise to find her dog, David Vickers. Jessica has the paternity test from DV’s carrier. Cord and Tina have a close moment. Viki agreed to give Tina another chance. Blair and Todd were close to kissing.

THIS WEEK: Jessica is tempted to tell John about the paternity test.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis blamed Sharon for having to bring Lucy to the prison to see Daisy. Avery threatened to sue for custody of Lucy for Daisy if Phyllis refused to cooperate. Abby was arrested for trying to murder Tucker. Abby was surprised to learn that Tucker was intent on getting the D.A. to drop the charges against her. In a hearing, Jack testifi ed against Kay concerning the sale of Jabot to Chancellor and Tucker was able to get the company back. Kay got into a heated fight with Tucker and Jack, then collapsed and was hospitalized with a brain bleed. Tucker overheard Jill discuss Devon’s relationship to Kay with her attorney. After encouraging Kay to recover, Billy was seen by Cane. At Billy’s trailer, Cane forced Billy to reveal himself. Tucker confronted Jill about Devon being his son.

THIS WEEK: Sofia goes into labor.

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