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RECAPS – 10/10-14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Taylor tried to convince Brooke that Steffy’s love for Liam was the real thing. Hope enlisted Rick’s help to get a message to Liam. Justin and Bill came up with a brilliant scheme to keep Hope away from Liam. Katie was appalled by Bill’s efforts to get Steffy and Liam together and questioned why he was so invested in Steffy winning Liam instead of Hope. Eric wanted to celebrate Stephanie’s positive medical report by having a romantic night alone with her. Stephanie was turned off by Eric’s gift and by the idea of having sex with Eric. Ridge and Brooke had a difference of opinion about the Liam, Hope and Steffy situation. Brooke was thrown when Ridge couldn’t support Hope.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie shocks Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . The FBI evidence against John was puzzling. John had flashes of memories he could not explain. Rafe advised Austin to give up the investigation or risk losing Carrie. Bo and Hope met Alice’s attorney and determined that whatever Gran was doing with the secret accounts had to be good. Maggie and Victor continued making wedding plans. Abigail lashed out at Jack when he told her not to get involved with Chad because he was a DiMera. John asked Marlena to divorce him to protect her reputation. Sami struggled to be a mother and go to work for Madison. Kate snatched the Japanese deal away from Madison. Jack asked Jen for another chance. Nate Berkus appeared to design Madison’s office. EJ used John’s arrest to condemn Abe’s leadership. Jen admitted she still has love for Jack.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Hope learn from Alice’s letter that Maggie had another child.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Michael insisted on getting into the panic room, forcing Sonny and Kate to collaborate to protect Michael. Liz invited Lucky to go pick out a pumpkin with the kids, prompting him to accuse her of wanting to play house. Patrick organized a party to celebrate Matt’s research success. Lucky and Ethan discussed Luke’s return to Port Charles. When Maxie couldn’t make it, Matt asked Liz to be his date. Patrick freaked out when he thought he saw Lisa. Lulu told Maxie she doubted that she and Dante would ever live happily ever after. Lulu turned to booze for solace. Carly convinced Shawn to go with her to Hawaii, where they interrupted Jason and Sam’s honeymoon. Lisa eliminated another person in her way. Kate received flowers and a visit from Sonny.

THIS WEEK: Lisa took Patrick and Robin by surprise.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Shane confronted Jack, accusing him of lying about seeing Todd shoot Victor. Viki asked Clint about Kim, while he was curious about if Viki was ready to date again. Cutter tried to run his own plan involving the mystery patient in Kentucky. Todd realized that he had to turn himself in to the police. Aubrey confessed to Bo about the gun. Blair wanted Bo to press charges against Shane. Cutter hoped to use the document that controls Clint’s fortune to take control of Buchanan Enterprises. Vimal suggested to Shaun that the police had a suspect right in their midst. When Rama learned that Kim had resurfaced, she was determined to get her money back from Kim. Rex and Shane resolved not to keep things from each other.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Nora discuss dropping the charges against Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Genevieve told Colin she had the key code to break into his bank accounts. Ronan got a judge to approve wire tapping Colin’s phone and heard him threaten to “do away with” Gloria and Genevieve. Devon was disgusted with Kay for her keeping the secret of him being Tucker’s son. Tucker had a press conference to announce the Devon was his son. Kay was crestfallen when Neil resigned from Chancellor because of her treatment of Devon. Victor suspected that Billy had called Victoria. Sofia went into labor and with Neil and Malcolm by her side, she gave birth to a son. Victor showed Billy the divorce papers to end Billy and Victoria’s marriage. Tucker intimated to the press that Jabot was on the market.

THIS WEEK: Tucker tells Jack he’s had a better offer for Jabot.

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