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RECAPS – 10/29 – 11/2

ALL MY CHILDREN – Erica turned to Adam for help in getting Greenlee committed to a mental hospital. JR angered Greenlee when he offered to give her the embryos in exchange for her shares of Fusion. Greenlee, however, said she was past her fantasy of having Ryan’s baby. Zach backed out of his deal with JR, who was close to falling off the wagon. Ava resisted her temptation to sleep with JR and told Jonathan they needed to move up their wedding date. To find out if Ritchie was really terminally ill, Ryan forced him onto a private jet and had his blood drawn.

THIS WEEK: Aidan proves to be Greenlee’s knight in shining armor!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Rosanna and Paul exchanged wedding vows. Rosanna hired detectives to keep tabs on Meg. Sage interrupted Jack and Carly’s talk and assumed that her parents were getting married again. Dr. Ever’s offered Carly a cash settlement to make up for misdiagnosing her with a terminal illness. Katie suspected that Carly was not really dying when she saw her exercising. Emma warned Brad to be honest with Katie if he’s serious about her. Dusty encouraged Luke and Noah’s relationship. Barbara tried to arrange to buy a baby for Gwen and Will when adoption became an option they could not pursue.

THIS WEEK: Jack cannot forget his love for Katie.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric stopped Stephanie from firing Donna. Stephanie realized that she might not be able to win Eric back. Ridge broke the news to Ashley that he’s reunited with Brooke. Katie and Thorne grew closer. They told Donna what they think of her affair with Eric. Brooke readily signed away her rights to baby Jack, but Taylor demanded more assurances from Brooke that she’s out of Jack’s life forever. Brooke was upset to hear about Eric and Donna’s relationship. Clarke suggested Nick and Jackie buy Spectra since Sally is ready to sell. Jackie is thrilled about the idea of owning Spectra Fashions.

THIS WEEK: Brooke’s father comes for a visit.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – To make Lucas think that Kate’s in danger, EJ shot bullet holes in her car. Lucas agreed to the quickie divorce when Sami connected the attack on Kate to the Brady-Dimera feud. Marlena urged Bo and Hope to find John’s killer. After learning that Sami’s baby boy has EJ’s DNA, Stefano made plans to take him to Italy. Kayla and Steve blocked Stefano and EJ from taking the baby. Cordy revealed that Ford raped her. Belle confessed to Shawn that she wrote the letter to stop his admittance to the police academy because she fears he’ll be hurt. Nick said goodbye to the boys.

THIS WEEK: The Bradys plan an intervention.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Emily stepped in when Nikolas’ rage focused on Elizabeth. Correctly assuming that his father was after Lulu, Johnny knocked out Trevor and rushed to find her. Ric suggested he and Skye work together to bring down Sonny and Trevor. After the ball, Nikolas awoke to find a dead person at his side. The clock rewound eleven hours to before the ball, when he proposed to Emily and she accepted. Armed and dangerous, Zacchara arrived at the ball. Guests were informed that they couldn’t leave the island because of the raging storm. Carly held Coop at gunpoint; certain he was Leticia’s killer.

THIS WEEK: Luke faces his greatest challenge.

GUIDING LIGHT – Dinah was crushed when she realized that Matt and Vanessa have reunited. Cassie went head to head with Alonzo over Will. Later, Jeffrey and Josh found Edmund standing over Alonzo’s dead body. With Alonzo dead, Will realized he would be leaving San Cristobel. Edmund promised to follow him. Cyrus and Harley survived the building collapse and grew closer. Harley found the annulment papers from Gus. Alan convinced Olivia to drive a wedge between Natalia and Gus, using her fear of Phillip’s return as a weapon. Daisy defended her decision to get an abortion to Rafe. Ashlee confided in Doris, then worried about her mother’s reaction.

THIS WEEK: Harley and Cyrus face their attraction.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Made up as drag queens, Harvey and Clarence helped Marcie hide in plain sight from Ramsey, John and Todd as she performed with them on stage. John instigated a fight to prevent Ramsey from spotting Marcie and wound up in jail. Blair and Marty headed to Georgia to help their men. Marcie and Tommy arrived in New Orleans, where they stayed with Clarence’s family, who were Katrina survivors. Someone dressed as the Grim Reaper spied on Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko. While Blair was away, Dorian petitioned to become Langston’s foster mother. Rex jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Adriana was pregnant.

THIS WEEK: Asa’s will has a few shocking surprises!

PASSIONS – Jake was lover number three to die in Esme’s bed. Esme and Fancy realized all the evidence pointed to Kay as the killer. Based on fingerprints at the scene, Sam arrested Kay. Tabitha appeared and told Kay that if she let her do evil, Tabitha would clear her of the murder charges. Vincent schemed to frame Eve for Jonathan’s ultimate death by changing the baby’s prescription, causing liver failure. Gwen shocked Ethan by telling him he wasn’t Jonathan’s father. Vincent got his mother to slit her wrists and, as she slipped away, he told her how he altered the baby’s medication.

THIS WEEK: Tabitha makes good on her promise to Kay.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Phyllis left the prison on the work release program but broke Noah’s heart when she said she couldn’t visit him. Although Nick knew that Jack saved his life, he also knew that Jack was a “person of interest” in Ji Min’s murder. Realizing the burden he’s been on Sharon and Noah, Jack considered resigning from the Senate, but John’s ghost appeared and convinced him otherwise. Dr. Okamura told Brad that if he had questions about Victoria’s pregnancy; he’d have to ask the Newmans. JT told Victor that he thought some of the contractors were getting kickbacks for using cheap cement.

learns what caused the collapse.

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