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RECAPS – 10/17-21

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke suspected that Bill had been involved in keeping Liam and Hope apart. The Logans welcomed Bridget home after her Hawaiian holiday with Logan and Owen. Nick grilled Jackie about her instigating Owen’s vacation with Bridget. Nick and Bridget shared memories of their life together. Bridget confided in Eric and Rick about her rekindled feelings for a former flame. Steffy confides in Bill that Brooke was suspicious of their work together. Steffy was shocked when Thomas defended Hope. Stephanie witnessed Stephen surprising Pam with plans for a romantic honeymoon. Stephanie wondered what was missing in her marriage with Eric. Jackie had important news about her marriage to Owen. Hope was determined to find out the truth about what really happened in Aspen and share it with Liam.

THIS WEEK: Taylor chooses between Thorne and Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano denied that he had anything to do with John’s legal difficulties, but Marlena didn’t believe him. Daniel and Jack agreed to both date Jennifer so she could decide between the two of them. Austin was convinced of John’s guilt causing a strain in his marriage to Carrie. Jennifer was impressed when Jack took her out on a date. Madison put Sami on an account that would pit her against Kate. Maggie was stunned to learn she has another child, but no way to find him or her. Roman fired Rafe for crossing the line to help Carrie. Bo was reassigned as lead investigator on John’s case. John went on television to declare his innocence. Victor tried to cover his involvement with the fertility clinic that had Maggie’s donor eggs. John and Marlena made love for the first time since his paralysis.

THIS WEEK: Austin is forced to stay with Rafe and Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lisa moved from Anthony to Johnny. Robin was disappointed when Steven filled the open pediatrics position. Ethan and Lulu discussed the reason Lucky left town. An emotionless Lisa convinced Johnny to give her some time. Luke was emotional when he saw Laura’s portrait at Wyndemere. Carly, Shawn and Josslyn showed up in Hawaii in the middle of Jason and Sam’s honeymoon. Franco set out with a baby of his own to play with. Sonny arrived at Jake’s just in time to see Kate planting a kiss on Coleman. Sonny had advice for Lulu about marrying Dante. Lulu turned to booze for solace. Spinelli and Maxie investigated what was happening at Wyndemere. Maxie was jealous when Spinelli told her about Matt’s closeness with Elizabeth.

THIS WEEK: Olivia realizes that she’s competing with someone in Steve’s memory.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Nora and Bo discussed dropping the charges against Todd. Jessica kept the paternity test from John and Tina questioned what the paper said. Cord and Tina babysat Ryder and were reminded of parenting together. Starr came face to face with Todd. Blair begged Todd to save Tomas from a prison sentence. Clint told Cutter to take the document transferring Rex’s fortune to him and shove it because it was a fake. Cutter conceived a new plan. After she was freed from jail, Rick confronted Starr to insist that she capitalize on her arrest by getting out there to sell her music. Rex was grateful when Aubrey agreed to arrange Natalie and Brody’s engagement party. Jessica was reluctant to destroy Brody’s happiness by revealing that John was Liam’s father. Rama and Cutter set up Kim to take the fall for Mr. Berger’s death.

THIS WEEK: Michael and Marcie make a surprise visit to John.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . When Nick balked at bringing Faith to Sharon’s trial, Victor forced the issue by getting a court order and handing it to his son. Victoria nearly saw Billy at the trailer. Devon was stunned to discover his mother was living at the Chancellor mansion. While Billy hid, Victoria complained to Kevin that Billy had disappointed her. Jack and Ashley confronted Tucker about completing the Jabot sale, but Tucker explained he’d received a better offer. Jack reminded Tucker he was legally obligated to ensure that the Abbott family regained Jabot. Ronan had undercover cops watching Gloria and Genevieve in case Colin had a hit out on them. Ronan was determined to get proof against Colin to imprison him for years. Nick was outraged when Avery arranged for a photograph to be shot showing Faith and Sharon reaching out to each other.

THIS WEEK: The suspects in Diane’s murder gather for a film presentation.

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