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RECAPS – 10/24-28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Brooke was pleased to tell Steffy that she informed Liam of what really happened in Aspen. Hope and Liam talked and he explained why he married Steffy. Liam listened as Steffy denied any part in the gondola glitch and blamed Hope for leaving him in the first place. Ridge confessed to Brooke something from his past. Thorne demanded that Eric accept a change in leadership for Forrester Creations. Rick and Amber had a chance meeting and compared notes. Jackie had nothing positive to offer Amber. Marcus was named the new publicity director for Hope for the Future because of Steffy and Hope vying for Liam. Taylor had to choose between Ridge and Thorne, leaving one brother incensed. Ridge and Brooke saw a family member commit an atrocious act.

THIS WEEK: Ridge finds Eric with another woman.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano suspected that EJ was falling in love with Nicole when he refused to fire her for bungling his public relations. Abe asked Jennifer to head up his publicity campaign. Jen was touched when Daniel arranged to help master the PR job. Melanie was suspicious when Bo and Hope were looking for a woman with her grandmother’s name. The woman had received Maggie’s eggs from the fertility clinic. Maggie learned that Daniel was her son and Melanie her granddaughter. Austin moved into Sami and Rafe’s home, but Carrie objected and warns Austin to move back to a hotel a.s.a.p. John sneaked out of house arrest to surprise Marlena for Halloween. Sonny and Chad feared that their website was being used for illegal gambling. Lexie and EJ called a truce. Madison warned an ally not to come to Salem yet.

THIS WEEK: Quinn returns to town to blackmail EJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Lisa fought with Robin. Anthony and Johnny realized that waking Lisa from the coma may have serious consequences. Jason and Sam discussed having a baby and how it might impact their lives. When Liz was left for dead, Spinelli found her and brought her to the hospital. Matt informed Maxie that it was too late for them. Robin awakened with something on her forehead. Carly confided the truth about Jax to Jason. Michael was ticked off to hear that Carly went to Hawaii with Shawn. In Ireland, Lucky was warned to stay away from the place Siobhan had written him about. A mystery person was still at Wyndemere. Kate kissed Sonny and agreed to go out with him again. Monica saved Liz. Lulu had second thoughts about marrying Dante. Michael was shocked when Dante questioned him about the warehouse incident. Franco continued to watch Jason, Sam, Carly and Shawn.

THIS WEEK: Diane has news about Brenda for Sonny.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . After Todd made a confession in court, Tomas was freed. Based on the events of the day, Nora decided not to prosecute Todd. Cutter freaked out when Kim’s friend was missing from the hospital. Shane and Rex had a touching scene at Gigi’s grave. Michael and a very pregnant Marcie went to visit John. Brody was guilt-ridden when Natalie dressed Liam in a baby SEAL costume for Halloween. Clint agreed to give the mansion to Rex and Shane. Viki was impressed with Clint’s new attitude. Michael asked John why Brody might have been motivated to kill Victor, questioning Liam’s paternity. Tina implied that she would fight Todd for control of the family fortune when Todd declared he was getting back all that he lost. Kim’s friend put on a costume to go to a Halloween party in Llanview. Rex and Aubrey felt a spark of attraction between them.

THIS WEEK: Tomas plans to find Victor’s killer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . The suspects in Diane’s murder were all lured to a warehouse where a projector began playing footage that showed everyone in the park the night of her death. Nick realized that Adam was not in the footage and not in the warehouse. Ronan arrived with news that he had not arranged the gathering. After his arrest, Colin begged Genevieve to give him the key to the code to his ledgers, but she was determined to watch him twist in the wind. Cane and Lily confronted Colin about his crimes against them. Jill told Colin he was getting what he deserved. Kevin received a surprise “musical” proposal from Chloe and said yes. Victor told the family that Nikki was leaving rehab but going away on a vacation before returning home.

THIS WEEK: Billy asks Cane to prove he’s innocent.

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