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RECAPS – 10/31 – 11/4

BEAUTIFUL . Ridge criticized Eric for not being loyal
to Stephanie. Hope and
Liam contemplated what
life would be like if he hadn’t
married Steffy. Thorne and
Taylor discuss a future relationship. Ridge informed
Stephanie of Eric’s wandering eye. Nick was concerned
about Jackie. Brooke, Katie and Donna consoled
Hope. Steffy admitted to her
mother what she’d done in
Aspen to keep Hope and
Liam apart. Jackie accidentally let it slip to Owen
about her afternoon with
another man. Stephanie
rejected Eric again. Marcus
and Dayzee took their relationship

to the next level.
Brooke worried that Amber
was trying to worm her way
into the family again. Liam
was stunned when Steffy
admitted that she knew the
Hope had been in Aspen.
comforts Hope.
Stefano offered Abe a state
government job if he’d quit
the mayoral election and
let EJ win. Madison decided
not to fire Sami, but warned
her to keep personal matters out of Mad World business. Gamblers infiltrated
Chad and Sonny’s sports
site. Sami was ticked that
Rafe took a job with Carrie.
John’s fragment of a Paris
memory prompted Marlena
to want to hypnotize him.

Quinn returned to town and
blackmailed EJ into backing
his new spa project. Maggie celebrated her familial
relationship with Melanie,
but Daniel wanted a DNA
test. Jack and Jennifer were
trapped in a blizzard. Brady
criticized Nicole for working
with EJ. Sami and Rafe were
uncomfortable with Carrie and Austin living in the
loft. Bo and Hope renewed
their wedding vows. Victor
revealed that he knew about
Maggie’s eggs being taken.
THIS WEEK: Nicole files
for divorce from EJ.
. Patrick and Robin came
up with a heartwarming

gift for Emma. Johnny arranged for medical care
for Anthony’s infection.
Diane gave Sonny the latest
information about Brenda.
Lucky got into the church
in Ireland to leave Siobhan’s
rosary and letter. Dante
and Michael clashed about
the warehouse. Jason and
Sam searched for Franco.
Carly was incensed when
she discovered Shawn with
another woman. Maxie was
thrilled about her Metrocourt birthday party, until
she learned Matt had not
been involved in the planning. Ethan was determined
to return Laura’s restored
portrait to Wyndemere.

Sonny and Alexis threw a
party for Kristina before
her leaving for Yale. Diane
informed Alexis that she
would have to take over
Sonny’s legal work. Jason
awoke in a strange place.
Matt saves Liz’s life.
THIS WEEK: Kate and
Carly go after each other.
Ford seemed to be falling
for Jessica. Rex burst in on
Cord and Tina after they
made love in the stables.
Tina told Natalie about how
she nearly married Max
but said Cord’s name at the
altar. Cutter got Kim’s letter to Clint and decided to
mislead the two by writing
another letter. Tea challenged Victor’s will that left
everything to Irene. Roxy
urged John to tell Natalie
that he loved her. Brody
warned John that after he
and Natalie were married,
John couldn’t have tense
scenes with Natalie any
longer. Jack helped Neela,
Vimal’s sister, stay on the
run to avoid an arranged
marriage. Stacy felt sympathy for Rex despite Cutter’s
insistence that they rip him
off. Aubrey and Rex grew
closer. Viki and Clint backed
off reconciling. Todd tried to
bond with Jack. Tea feared
she was pregnant. Nora
comforted Destiny through
her pregnancy. Blair was
torn between Todd and
THIS WEEK: A fire is set
at The Sun.
RESTLESS . Billy put on
a Santa Claus costume to
visit Delia in the hospital on Halloween. A depressed Victoria got drunk
at a Halloween party when
she heard about Kevin and
Chloe’s engagement. Nick
left Victoria on her doorstep,
but she couldn’t unlock the
door and Billy – in disguise
– came to her aide, kissing
her goodbye. Billy asked
Cane to find the woman
from the Orient who could
clear his name because he
was an innocent man. Ricky
got photos of Adam and
Heather kissing. Heather
pleaded with Avery not to
use the pictures. Ricky gave
Avery the okay and even
though Heather would be
hurt, Sharon agreed, too.
The judge saw the photos
and Avery got Sharon a mistrial. Kevin was stunned that
Chloe wanted a Christmas
wedding. Angelo’s wannabe
singer daughter Angelina
sang at the Halloween party.
THIS WEEK: Christine
returns to Genoa City.

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