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RECAPS – 11/14-18

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Kat i e warned Liam that if he wanted to win Hope back, he had to end his marriage to Steffy. Bill and Nick urged Jackie to finalize the partnership between Jackie M and Spencer Publications. Pam told Jackie that she blamed Stephanie for her troubles. Nick received a tempting offer and was then got a surprise in the Jackie M steam room. Hope received conflicting advice from Brooke and Ridge. Brooke and Steffy had a major fight over the way Steffy trapped Liam into marrying her. Thomas and Steffy compared notes about how they are succeeding in keeping Liam and Hope separated. Pam took action. Ridge attempted to rebuild his relationship with Thomas. Pam had a major fantasy come true. Steffy was determined to keep Hope from interfering in her marriage.

THIS WEEK: Ridge makes an impossible request of Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ was overcome with guilt when he learned that Johnny was missing in the wake of the shooting at the pub. Sami lashed out at John and Marlena for returning and causing trouble. Rafe was frustrated in his search for Johnny because he was no longer a cop. John told Marlena that he would plead guilty rather than cause the family any further heartache. Jennifer blasted Jack for being emotionally dependent. EJ was tempted to use underworld contacts to find Johnny. Madison broke down when she related to Sami’s fears about Johnny’s disappearance. Rafe sought out Allie for clues to finding Johnny. The body of a dead little boy was erroneously broadcast as Johnny, causing Sami and EJ to crumble. Rafe backtracked and discovered Johnny in one of his favorite hiding places at the pub. Even though Johnny was rescued, John insisted on pleading guilty. Nicole warned Quinn to stay out of her way.

THIS WEEK: Sami and EJ come together in their grief and do the unthinkable.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Ethan addressed Laura’s portrait and discovered a ghostly glow. Lucky got a visit in the churchyard. Elizabeth was delirious and clung to Jason, swearing that Jake was still alive. Sam struggled to come to terms with what happened with Franco. Sam tried to keep the truth from Spinelli Luke had a long talk with himself about taking responsibility for his actions. Michael rejected Carly’s Thanksgiving invitation because Shawn would be there. Ethan had questions for Alexis about the Cassadines and Wyndemere. Jason lost his cool with Sonny when talking about Franco. Matt agreed to be part of Maxie’s magazine story. Maggie examined Aiden’s bruising and came up with a diagnosis. Maxie received roses which may or may not been sent by Franco. Maggie needled Steve about his days in Memphis. Sonny made plans for Brenda. Dante admitted to Lulu that he was investigating Lisa Nile’s murder.

THIS WEEK: Jason becomes unhinged.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . John learned that Liam was his son. Natalie realized that Jessica told her the truth. John and Natalie were forced to team up for their son’s sake. Aubrey worried that Rex had fallen for one of Cutter’s scams. Ford realized that he was falling for Jess, not Tess. Neela urged Jack to confess his crime. Blair and Tomas made love. Baker and Todd enacted their plan. Cutter agreed to go to Brazil with Stacy. Rex spied the Gigi lookalike and boarded a fight to Brazil to follow her. Tomas walked into a warehouse, not knowing it was a trap. Rex admitted to Aubrey that he might be crazy because his obsession with Gigi. Cutter recognized a patient at Dr. Fascinella’s office.

THIS WEEK: Viki witnesses a surprising moment between Clint and Shane.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Cane searched for Chelsea, the woman who might clear Billy, but the bartender at a Myanmar dive said she was gone and not expected to return. Victoria and Jill went to Myanmar to find Billy, unaware that Cane was there, too. Victor discovered that Billy was in Genoa City and assigned a big guy named Tank to keep Billy in line. Billy convinced Tank to help him sneak into the hospital to see Delia. Delia was allowed to go home, but she cried over missing Billy. Victor learned that Victoria went to Myanmar. Neil gave Sofia a necklace with Moses’ birthstone and asked her to marry him. Victor lied to Billy, saying that Victoria had gone to New Mexico to spend time with Sam. Jill and Victoria were nearly abducted by a creepy guy, but Cane raced to their rescue and knocked the guy out.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis and Avery get caught in a prison lockdown.

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