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RECAPS – 11/21-25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Ridge devised a plan for Steffy and Hope to make up over Thanksgiving dinner. Thomas continued his fervent pursuit of Hope. Thorne brought Taylor to the family dinner as his guest. Steffy wanted to flaunt her happy marriage in Hope’s face. Brooke and Taylor recognized that Steffy and Hope’s conflict mirrored their own ongoing feud. Rick and Thomas were in each other’s faces at Thanksgiving. Hope and Liam shared a stolen moment and their love resurfaced in a signifi- cant way. Pam confronted Stephanie about causing the end of her engagement to Stephen. Jackie was inspired by a pep talk that Sally had once delivered. Stephanie wanted to reconcile with Taylor and get her best friend back. Jackie re-commits to Jackie M. Hope was shocked by Ridge’s unconventional demand regarding Liam and Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Nick has chemistry with a newly single lady.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ and Sami were overcome with guilt and self-loathing after making love when they believed that Johnny had died. Will saw Sami and EJ having sex and was disgusted with his mother. Rafe found Johnny hiding in the pub and reunited him with his parents. Sami was confused about Will’s attitude. Brady was impressed that Madison was emotionally involved in Johnny’s disappearance. Jack admitted to Jennifer than he needed help to deal with the scars of his abduction. Abigail developed a crush on Austin. Carrie appealed to the judge, asking leniency for John. Stefano warned Hope not to dig into Alice’s past. The judge decided to make an example out of John by doubling the maximum sentence. EJ was shocked when Nicole declared that she loved him. Jack and Austin were both offered teaching posts at the Salem University.

THIS WEEK: Sami and EJ deal with their dilemma.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Sam were invited to Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines. Sonny discovered that Kate’s hotel bed was empty. Shawn made a homemade dinner for Carly. Jason warned Carly to be on guard because Franco might be targeting Josslyn. When Dolores visited the Zaccharas, sparks flew between her and Johnny. Maxie and Matt tried on outfits for the magazine story and wound up falling into each other’s arms. Jason blew up while at the Quartermaines. Dante and Lulu prepared for a private Thanksgiving dinner. Anthony made another pass at Tracy. Franco has a gift for Josslyn. Tracy searched for Luke. Lucky watched Luke at the Haunted Star and wondered if he was drinking again. Dante ran into a burglar when leaving Olivia’s house. Jason and Sam tried to pick up the pieces.

THIS WEEK: Lulu and Dante fought about his career.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Bo and Nora spent Thanksgiving at Matthew’s bedside, enjoying turkey sandwiches. Dani learned that Tea was pregnant. Rick used the footage from the video to get publicity for Starr. Cutter made a deal with Alex and concocted a new plan to get rich. Blair explained to Starr why she chose Tomas instead of Todd. Natalie and John showed Brody compassion by bringing Liam to see him. Todd revealed his plan to Tomas. Rex and Aubrey missed Stacy and Cutter at the doctor’s office. Cutter exited with a patient whose face was wrapped in bandages. Mayor Finn was re- elected and fired Bo. Natalie and Jessica shared a warm moment on Thanksgiving. Shane guessed that Rex was in Brazil chasing Gigi’s ghost. Clint apologized to Shane. Viki and Clint grew closer. Someone died.

THIS WEEK: Aubrey and Rex kiss.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sofia decided to accept Neil’s marriage proposal. Kevin confessed the truth to Chloe about Billy being the real bone marrow donor and Victor’s manipulation of Billy. Victoria and Billy reunited and then made love in a New York City hotel room. Billy confessed that Victor got him out of jail in Myanmar, but on the condition that Billy donate his bone marrow to Delia and then leave town. Myrna drugged Genevieve and Jack, then demanded that Adam help her break them up permanently. Victoria confronted her father about Billy and informed Victor that she was resigning from Newman. Nikki arrived home to the Newman ranch. Jill objected to Harmony being invited for Thanksgiving, prompting Harmony to go to an AA meeting for the holiday. Chloe asked Kevin to leave. Phyllis and Avery disagreed about their father’s guilt or innocence.

THIS WEEK: Nick questions Nikki about her whereabouts during Diane’s murder.

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