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RECAPS – 11/28-12/2

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Justin and Donna shared family news with Katie. Rick made an announcement about his career and where he was heading. Jackie promised Pam a priceless reward. Dayzee’s friend, Beverly, was hired at Forrester Creations. Katie flips out when she overhears Bill and Steffy discussing what they did to stop the gondola. Steffy proposed burying the hatchet with Katie. Bill refused to yield to Katie by retracting his new deal with Steffy at Spencer Publications. Jackie lied to Pam about her future. Brooke was concerned about the state of Katie’s marriage. Liam sided with Bill against Katie. Liam couldn’t stop thinking about Hope. Thomas surprised Hope with a romantic dinner. Nick was surprised by the chemistry he had with a newly single lady. Brooke offered Hope romantic advice.

THIS WEEK: Katie faces a tough decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nicole received unexpected advice from the Millionaire Matchmaker. Will continued to lash out at Sami because he knew she had a one-nighter with EJ. Jack was happy to find an ally in Marlena. EJ and Sami made a pact to keep secret the fact that they made love. Marlena offered Will some sage advice. John asked Carrie to carry out his last request before being imprisoned. Daniel’s selfless act lead to Hope discovering a link between Alice and EJ. Will made an odd request of Gabi. Madison decided not to back down to Kate. Will freaked out when having a fun dinner with his group of friends. Carrie and Austin came to an important decision. Kate witnessed a tense situation between Sami and Madison.

THIS WEEK: Sami and EJ deal with their dilemma.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam tried to calm Jason down, but there continued to be trouble in their relationship. Carly called out Shawn on ducking their connection to be her guard. Carly received a gift from Franco. Sam investigated new graffiti that was done by Franco. Anthony interrupted a moment between Delores and Johnny. Ronnie was upset that the suspect pool in Lisa’s murder went beyond the people on the boat. Mac asked Alexis to be Robin and Maxie’s attorney if necessary. Michael agreed to help Tracy at ELQ if she would help Abby. Alexis and Ethan went after Molly at Wyndemere. Sonny finally went inside his Bensonhurst home. Robin faced a tough decision. Elizabeth slapped Luke for driving Aiden to the hospital. Jason and Sam tried to decipher Franco’s graffiti. Liz unspooled with Lucky. Lulu was angry that Dante and Delores were in the line of fire.

THIS WEEK: Things heat up with Sonny and Kate.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Bo and Nora’s Thanksgiving was very sad. Clint and Natalie shared good news. Rick was hurt and threatened to sue Starr over his injuries, unless she and her friends agreed to his demands. Viki questioned Todd about his true feelings about Victor’s death. Tomas remained missing. John was diverted from Victor’s murder investigation by the probe into the Sun fire. Brody said he did not start the fire. Todd suspected that Jack was involved in the fire. Todd bribed Tracy, his assistant, for an alibi. For the first time, Jack doubts that Todd killed Victor. Cutter and Stacy head back to Dr. Fascinella’s office at the same time as Rex and Aubrey. Shane told Neela that Jack killed Gigi and was a dangerous guy. Calmar was found. Tea realized that Tomas was a suspect in Victor’s murder case.

THIS WEEK: Shane is determined to get justice for Gigi.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki returned home and Nick questioned her about her whereabouts the night of Diane’s murder. Ronan questioned Victor about the vial of a paralytic drug found in his office. Victor insisted that he was being framed for Diane’s murder. Victoria butt heads with Adam at the office. Patty was drawn to Jack’s house to spend time with the cat. When Nick found Phyllis working on a Restless Style story in which Nikki was named as a suspect, he fired her for disrespecting his family. Tucker lashed out at Kay for bringing Harmony back to Genoa City to get to Devon. Kyle accused Victor of being a liar when Newman denied killing Diane. Adam denied knowing who had access to Victor’s safe where a syringe with Diane’s blood was found. Victor asked Nikki back to the ranch and they made love.

THIS WEEK: Neil second guesses his proposal.

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