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RECAPS – 12/12-16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Stephanie attacked Jackie for stealing Eric’s designs for Jackie M. knock-offs. Eric questioned Jackie and learned the true reason for her opting to take his work. Hope and Stephanie tried to reach out to Beverly with apologies. Katie confessed to Liam why she suspected the chemistry between Steffy and Bill. Pam feared that she’d be caught when Forrester Creations hired a private investigator to find the spy. Stephanie gave Hope advice about her relationship with Liam. Bill wanted to take the Spencer clan to Mexico for Christmas. Justin was ready to start dating again. Liam told Katie why he decided to stay with Steffy after learning about her deviant ways. Dayzee, Hope and Stephanie got a first hand glimpse at the lives of adult foster children. Katie and Steffy got into an altercation and the claws came out.

THIS WEEK: Pam discovers Nick kissing Donna.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES .Sami let down her guard with Madison. Jennifer moved into overdrive to help Abe’s campaign. Nicole manipulated the press in EJ’s favor. Brady re-created a special date for Madison. Marlena visited John in prison. Daniel and Jennifer’s date was interrupted. Kayla returned to Salem. Carrie suffered personally because of her part in John’s case. Stefano had a tempting offer for John. Madison felt the Christmas spirit while spending time with Brady. Misunderstandings arise between Jack and Jennifer. Daniel feared that he’d inherited the same disease that Maggie has. Abigail, Gabi and Melanie tried to do the right thing while pursuing the men they like. Stefano seemed to hold the key to Alice’s mystery, but her actions might be used to get leverage over Stefano.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Stefano play a game of cat and mouse.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Ethan became the caretaker of Wyndemere. Robin reached out to Jason for help with her problem. Maggie and Steve discussed Lisa’s murder. Dante discovered his evidence key was missing. Robin realized that Jason was ill. Michael was concerned about Abby’s message and rushed to Chicago with Sam to find her. Jason erupted with anger at the mention of Franco’s name. Delores, Mac, Dante and Ronnie brainstormed about the Lisa Niles’ murder case. Sam broke down while comforting Michael. Maxie warned Lulu that Dante would eventually stay away if Lulu kept pushing him from her. Sonny and Kate bonded over their past. Johnny caught Delores sneaking into the evidence room. Monica was concerned about Jason’s rage. Ethan tried to communicate with the Woman in White. Lulu posed a question to Dante.

THIS WEEK: Carly takes Shawn to the hospital.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Natalie was waiting for John to declare his love, but he could only admit his feelings to Liam. In Paris, Texas, Viki put on the waitress outfit for old time sake and wound up serving Charlie. John assigned Natalie to analyze Blair’s computer to find out from where Tomas called. Nora was concerned that Matthew was upset with her for convincing Destiny to have the baby. Todd tried to make Jack believe that Tomas killed Victor. Roxy pleaded with David to be the face of a campaign to save “Fraternity Row.” Todd planted seeds of a future with Blair. Roxy learned that the soap had already taped its last episode. Charlie urged Viki to give Clint a chance, taking the blame for having made Viki doubt any man could be faithful. Kim and Clint realized that David and Cutter falsified the letters each one received. Kim told Clint to make up his mind because she already had.

THIS WEEK: Roxy’s wildest dream comes true.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon was shocked when Avery confessed that she was involved with Nick and therefore couldn’t represent Sharon in Faith’s custody case. Lily helped Sofia prepare for her wedding to Neil, but Sofia worried that Neil was overcome with guilt about Malcolm. Gloria brought up John to Jack as they reminisced about Christmas. John appeared to Jack and gave his son advice about dealing with Kyle over the loss of Diane. Nick assured Avery that his relationships with Sharon and Phyllis were in the past. Sharon questioned Nikki about allowing Victor to take the fall in Diane’s murder, but a drunken Nikki responded by pushing Sharon into a table and knocking over the dishes. Sofia and Neil had their wedding and Lily and Cane were reminded of their own wedding ceremony. Devon and Tucker congratulated Sofia, but then everyone realized that Neil had disappeared from the reception.

THIS WEEK: Kevin gets cold feet before the wedding.

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