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RECAPS – 12/19-23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Stephanie was haunted by her memories of meeting Beverly’s friends at Pathways. Donna was disappointed in Nick over Eric’s designs being stolen. Hope was thrown when she had to face celebrating Christmas with Steffy and Liam, just like Thanksgiving. Katie and Donna shared their concerns about the men in their lives. Pam saw Nick and Donna kissing, prompting her ire. Jackie warned Nick that Pam was ticked off about him and Donna. Marcus offered Thomas advice about how to sweep Hope off her feet. The Logans and Forresters agreed to spend Christmas together. Pam resorted to a disguise to play a prank on Donna. Hope and Thomas grew closer as they enjoyed the sights and sounds of Los Angeles at Christmastime. Pam refused to prepare the dinner for Stephanie’s Christmas party, leaving the Logan sisters to attend to the cooking.

THIS WEEK: Rick and Beverly get to know each other.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Rafe and Carrie encouraged John to use Alice’s secret IOU against Stefano. Madison hides a cryptic phone call from Brady. EJ promised Nicole that he was not keeping any secrets from her. Maggie offered a gift to Daniel. Hope plotted making a presentation to Stefano. Daniel turned to Lexie for medical advice. Marlena was torn by a friend’s request. Brady and Madison opened up about their troubled childhoods. Maggie tried to be there for Daniel. Rafe got support from Carrie over his troubles with Sami. Marlena doubted that the new evidence would exonerate John. EJ made a surprise appearance at Sami and Rafe’s vow renewal rehearsal. Will appeared with an unlikely date. John learned about the new evidence and whether it would be a help to him.

THIS WEEK: Sami’s overcome by guilt.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny and Kate’s happy Christmas moments together were interrupted by news. Lucky gave Ethan advice about the Woman in White. Lulu and Dante reconciled, then he took her to Bensonhurst for a special dinner. Maxie interrupted Lucky and Elizabeth, warning Lucky not to be trapped again. When Maxie slapped Liz, Matt blasted both of them. Shawn decorated Carly’s house for Christmas. Robin called Brenda for help. Carly and Sonny united to comfort Michael. Olivia gathered the family in Brooklyn for Lulu and Dante’s Christmas Eve wedding. Spinelli invited Maxie to share Christmas with him. Jason and Sam renewed their love of Christmas Eve. Franco delivers another gift. Robin cried into Patrick’s arms on Christmas when they exchanged gifts. Dante and Lulu were married. Lucky returned to Ireland and visited a familiar location.

THIS WEEK: Carly takes Shawn to the hospital.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Natalie was determined to confront John about their feelings for one another. Stacy watched the pie-contest from outside the cafĂ© and was drawn to the people. Rex agreed to be bumped from the overbooked flight back from Paris Texas and came face to face with Stacy. Viki saw Kim and Clint kissing. Neela managed to Jack to confess to his part in Gigi’s death and the tape recorder captured it. Shane wanted to give Rex justice in Gigi’s death for Christmas. Rex and Stacy met time traveler expert Professor Delbert Fina, Jr. David told Viki she would be better off without Clint. Jack and Todd grow a little closer. John urged Tea to not let on to Todd what they know about him and Victor. Clint told Jess he sent Kim away because he loved Viki. Stacy told Rex she couldn’t remember what she’d done, so the professor offered to send her back in time. Shane realized Neela’s tape could put Jack in jail.

THIS WEEK: Gigi and Shane come face to face with Jack.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki tried to stop Victor’s sentencing by declaring that she killed Diane, but in her drunken state, the judge dismissed her claim. Sharon was shocked to see Victor sent away to begin his prison sentence. At Kevin and Chloe’s wedding, Angelina’s singing improved when she saw Kevin. Deacon admitted that he lied to Nikki about what he saw in the park the night of Diane’s murder. Nikki drove her car into a tree. Kay brought Ana to visit Devon and Harmony met her daughter again. Ana had no memory of Harmony. At the Newman board meeting, Tucker had the deciding vote to determine who would run the company and both Nick and Adam lobbied for his vote. Kevin called Chloe to call off the wedding, saying it was happening too fast. Chloe blamed Angelo for ruining her wedding. Nikki met her guardian angel.

THIS WEEK: Sharon and Adam make passionate love.

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