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RECAPS – 12/26-30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Thomas came to the realization of why Brooke disapproved of his relationship with Hope. Taylor urged Brooke to let Hope move on with Thomas. Rick and Beverly got to know each other and Amber was jealous. Steffy flipped out when she discovered that Hope and Thomas were at the same resort she and Liam had checked into. Thomas and Steffy teamed up to keep Hope and Liam from seeing each other. Katie and Bill bickered over whom Liam should be with. Steffy recruited Billy to help her keep Hope from finding out that Liam was at the resort. Hope was brutally honest with Thomas about her feelings for him. Bill used his connections to help Steffy to put Thomas and Hope together in a romantic situation. Beverly told Amber she would not be warned away from Rick.

THIS WEEK: Steffy and Bill’s machinations don’t work out as planned.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . A Christmas night in the Square brought Bo and Hope another clue to Alice’s secrets, while family members in need spoiled John and Marlena’s romantic celebration. Sami’s guilt continued to grow despite her vow renewal with Rafe. Quinn kept Daniel busy while he waited for results of his medical tests. EJ berated Stefano for John being set free. Rafe and Carrie considered a new business opportunity. Brady and Madison’s time in bed was interrupted by Sami’s announcement. Stefano gives John the chance to end their feud for good, while Melanie avoided fighting with Abigail at all cost by denying her feelings for Chad. Daniel stumbled upon support in the most unlikely of places, and Will looked for support in the most obvious. Sami feared that Will was onto her, but it was EJ who was actually onto Will. Meanwhile, New Year’s Eve brought financial problems for John, heartache for Abigail, and hope for Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Marlena encourages Will to talk to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . It seemed as though Jax might be alive. Carly bought Shawn a dog to help with his PTSD. Lulu tried to cook for Dante. Sonny asked Dante for help after things with the Zaccharas heated up. Liz and Maggie discussed the mystery man who rescued Liz from the water. Robin and Jason discussed the Franco situation. Ethan caught a glimpse of the woman in white at Wyndemere. At the New Year’s Eve in the Metro Court Michael contemplated making news. Spinelli returned a gift to Sonny. Anthony seized an opportunity to be with Tracy. Jason rushed home and when a shadow ran across the street, there was an accident. Sam had a nightmare. Ethan and the woman in white communicated with notes.

THIS WEEK: Michael asks Johnny for a job.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Rex and Gigi awoke together in Paris, Texas. Natalie and John were stunned to come face to face with Gigi. Shane was thrilled that Jack had been apprehended thanks to Neela’s recording. Shane saw his mother again. Todd warned Neela that she would not get away with hurting his son. Starr met Rick at the hospital with an agreement to sign and a check from Todd. Aubrey was excited when Rex called her to arrange a meeting. Todd realized the Tea was aware that he was Victor’s killer. On New Year’s Eve, John received a visit from Delphina. Clint and Viki agreed to sort out their feelings for each other. Rex and Gigi decided to finish what they’d started. Delphina warned of a darkness coming to Llanview.

THIS WEEK: There’s a blackout in Llanview.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kevin was forced to go on the road with Angelina as they fled from Carmine, her crazed boyfriend. Chloe told Delia that the wedding was delayed, but Chloe was upset because it looked like Kevin had abandoned her. Billy and Victoria decided to get married by a judge. Kevin and Angelina stopped at a crummy motel, but she was miffed when he put up a sheet between their beds. Victor arranged for Nikki to return to rehab, but she refused to go. Nick instructed Sharon to get a restraining order to prove that she would stay away from Adam. Angelo gave Gloria the deed to Gloworm, but Michael was suspicious. Adam assured Sharon he’d never keep her from Faith. Billy and Victoria were married again. Sharon and Adam had passionate sex.

THIS WEEK: Sharon and Victor reveal their new relationship.

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