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RECAPS – 11/5-11/9

ALL MY CHILDREN – As the doctor told Ryan and Annie that Ritchie’s leukemia was terminal, Ritchie choked the airplane pilot unconscious, not caring if they crashed. With help from ground control, Ryan landed the plane. Derek arrested Greenlee after Kendall accused her of trying to kidnap Spike. Zach and Kendall were consumed with guilt about what they had done to Greenlee. Aidan told Greenlee to plead guilty because he’d break her out before she was sent to prison. Adam dropped the charade of pretending to be Stuart, telling Krystal he wanted to be a family with her again. To fight temptation, Krystal filed a restraining order against Adam.

THIS WEEK: Tragedy strikes while Zach searches for Kendall!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Carly nearly told Jack she wasn’t dying, but when he proposed she couldn’t follow through. She said yes to him, and planned to tell her family the truth after the wedding. Jack reminisced about Katie. Katie read Carly’s medical file. Holden met with Bonnie about divorcing Lily. Lily asked him to reconsider. Thanks to Noah’s support, Luke tried to stand. Sofie agreed to give up her baby for adoption to Barbara when Cole promised to stay with her. Meg discussed getting a DNA test to determine who fathered her unborn. Evan Walsh returned to Oakdale. Chris defied his family and asserted his love for Emily.

THIS WEEK: Katie contemplates her future with Jack.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL – Donna told Nick about Stephanie’s involvement in Brooke’s rape. Nick confronted Stephanie. Donna brought Stephen, the Logan girls’ father, home and when he found out about what Stephanie did to Brooke. Brooke was unhappy to see her dad. Stephen went after Stephanie, even though Brooke asked everyone to leave Stephanie alone so they could move on with their lives. Clarke was shocked when Jackie announced her new Spectra Fashions line from a bubble bath. Nick demanded that Eric live up to their deal for Forrester Creations by divorcing Stephanie. Eric said he’d announce his decision after the fashion show.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie tries to prove she’s capable of changing.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Philip tried to convince Belle that they’re meant to be together. Belle denied his claim and made plans to marry Shawn. When Claire had an accident it was Philip who was there to help Belle at the emergency room, not Shawn. Kate pulled a gun on Stefano and EJ to stop them from taking Sami’s baby boy to Italy. Bo, Hope, Roman, Steve and Kayla staged an intervention to convince Sami not to marry EJ. Sami went ahead with the wedding, but as the priest pronounced them married, EJ was shot. Steve, Kate and Lucas all were seen with guns at the church.

THIS WEEK: EJ’s life hangs in the balance.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – After performing guerilla surgery on Ric, Patrick told Trevor that Ric could bleed to death without a blood transfusion, prompting Trevor to beg Sonny to step up to the plate. Zacchara forced Maxie to stand on the turret wall in the raging storm. She fell over the side, just as Lucky arrived. Alexis suffered from appendicitis and needed to be hospitalized. Luke was about to go in search of Zacchara, only to be hit with a massive heart attack. Aware that his rage was getting worse, Nikolas asked Emily to lock him up. Sonny stunned Carly when he announced he loved Kate.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas’ worst nightmare comes true!

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh told Cassie and Will he wanted to adopt Will and RJ. RJ was jealous of all the attention being paid on Will. Edmund was transferred to an American prison and then released early. Will went missing and RJ was accused of locking him in the barn. Edmund congratulated Will on setting up RJ. Lizzie agreed to let Dinah stay with her. Alex was miffed when Marina and Cyrus reunited. Harley and Cyrus were still drawn to each other. Frank sent immigration agents after Cyrus. Alan continued to manipulate Olivia to break up Nat and Gus. Buzz urged Doris to let Coop and Ashlee get together.

THIS WEEK: A mystery man stalks Alan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – In New Orleans, Marcie narrowly escaped detection by John, Marty, Todd and Blair by hiding in a drainpipe while Wendall covered her tracks. John confessed to Marty that he was contemplating letting Marcie go if they found her. Posing as a wealthy, sex-addicted divorcee, Alex elicited a marriage proposal out of David. Alex and David each think they’re pulling one over on the other as they tie the knot. At Asa’s Texas ranch, the Buchanans met Chuck Wilson III, who took a shine to Natalie. She played along just to make Jared jealous. A number of surprises surfaced as Asa’s videotaped will was played.

THIS WEEK: The deceased Asa has a few tricks up his sleeve!

PASSIONS – Tabitha arranged for Fancy to walk in on Luis and Sheridan making love. Kay was tempted to try being evil, thinking she only had to do so for a short period of time and then she’d be reunited with Miguel. Eve hallucinated Julian begging her to get sober. When Gwen realized Eve was drunk, she vowed to make Eve pay for Jonathan’s dire condition. Pilar walked in on Sheridan watching the video of Marty and was shocked to find her grandson was alive. Struggling with her guilty feelings of being a bad mother, Gwen authorized treatment for her ill baby son.

THIS WEEK: Eve meets with the hospital review board!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – A news update announced that the Clear Springs collapse was caused by natural gas drilling outside of town and that Victor was the owner of the drilling operation. He admitted to Victoria that his company caused the explosion and he’d understand if she never forgave him. Enrique Iglesias played a benefit concert at Indigo, after which Neil and Karen made love in his office. J.T., Nikki and Victor learned that Victoria’s blood pressure kept spiking, signaling that something was wrong. Looking for info about Sheila, Heather turned to Lauren and Maggie. Maggie told her that Sheila was vicious and how Paul, ultimately, saved her.

THIS WEEK: Heather
reacts to the news that Paul is her father!

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