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RECAPS – 1/16-20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL .Liam confessed to Brooke his real feelings about what happened in Cabo San Lucas. Jackie informed Nick that Pam was beginning to have second thoughts about stealing Forrester designs for Jackie M. and wanted Nick to convince Pam to continue working for them. Bill went to extraordinary lengths to cover up what he did in Mexico regarding Steffy’s medical condition. Hope reached out to Steffy and was shocked by Steffy’s reaction. Pam urged Nick to go with her to Let’s Make A Deal. Ridge questioned the real deal with Rick’s new designs for Forrester Creations. Katie suspected that Bill was in cahoots with Steffy again and began to investigate. Bill confided in Justin about why he had Steffy’s medical condition falsified. Nick was desperate to keep Donna from seeing him on television with Pam. Katie discovered that Bill had lied to her about Mexico. Hope questioned whether or not she could live up to the “Hope for the Future” ideals. Amber and Rick plotted how they could take over Forrester Creations. Katie was disgusted with Bill and assumed Steffy was collaborating with him to deceive Liam.

THIS WEEK: Steffy is enraged by Bill’s actions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will channeled EJ during a confrontation with Sami, while a usually calm Jennifer got physical with Nicole. Daniel found unexpected support in Jack, and Bo and Hope uncovered Alice’s unexpected “partner.” Melanie was torn between starting a relationship with Chad or repairing the one with Abigail, who turned to Marlena for advice. Sami searched for the new models of Countess Wilhelmina as Basic Black changed business models under Brady. Election complications and unlikely partnerships caused Lexie to lash out at EJ and Marlena to confront Sami, while Nicole began to shove her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Carrie and Rafe’s bonding becomes more apparent to them — and to Sami. As Daniel dropped a bombshell on his family, Will came clean to Marlena about his true intentions with EJ. Austin further enthralled Abigail, but he was oblivious to her. Nicole was anything but oblivious when she lured Will into a trap. Melanie and Chad turned to each other as they dealt with father issues, while Kate, Madison, and Stefano each made separate propositions with decidedly different results. A shocking revelation is made is regard to Madison.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer and Daniel share a tearful goodbye.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Sam were reeling from the news and had no idea what to do next. Johnny and Carly discussed their plans for the evening. Michael tried to dispose of a gun. Shawn discovered T.J., the son of a man he accidentally killed in battle. Lulu tried to be a dog walker and failed miserably. Ewan was concerned about Cassandra. Spinelli learned something about Franco’s gallery. Luke gives Carly information against the Zaccharas – for a price. Tracy was trapped on a boat with Anthony and had to decide what to do. Robin came home, prepared to tell Patrick the truth. Maxie and Liz fought over Matt. Kate saw Sonny’s dark side and wasn’t sure she could handle a future with him. Helen lurked behind the walls at Wyndemere, while Ethan and Cassandra shared some romantic fun. Kate met someone at the airport. Tracy’s wedding to Anthony was interrupted. Sonny got shocking news from Luke.

THIS WEEK: Maxie calls out Lulu for her strange behavior.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . After 43 years, the people of Llanview said goodbye last week, revisiting one of the show’s most iconic storylines and drawing to a close Agnes Nixon’s mission for “One Life to Live” “…stories about richly diverse people as their lives intertwined, as they interacted with one another… To explain the hopes and hardships, the goals, fights, and failures that are ultimately shared by all mankind no matter how disparate their lifestyles.”

THIS WEEK: ABC’s new afternoon show, “The Revolution,” has take over “OLTL’s” timeslot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki went to the police station to turn herself in. Ricky undermined Kevin and Chloe’s relationship by instigating Eden to send Kevin the picture of Daniel and Chloe kissing passionately. Adam and Tucker confirmed their agreement to sell Beauty of Nature to McCall. Billy and Victoria decided to have Chelsea move in with them in order to keep the baby safe. Michael and Nick studied the footage of Diane and Nikki’s altercation the night of the murder and realized that Nikki had been defending herself. Ronan helped Nikki to relax and remember what really happened in the park the night of the murder. At the Newman board meeting, Adam’s plan was thwarted by Sharon. Kevin was destroyed when he saw Eden’s photograph. Feeling for Kevin, Angelina told him the truth about her not being pregnant. Sharon explained that she was Victor’s proxy on the Newman Enterprises board as his wife.

THIS WEEK: All the suspects in Diane’s murder, male and female, are put in holding cells.

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