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RECAPS – 1/30-2/3



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Steffy and Hope agreed to keep Bill’s actions from their families. Steffy spoke with Liam about their marital situation. Bill worried about the extent of the damage he’d done to his relationship with Liam. Hope prepared to consider life without Liam. Katie advised Hope about holding onto Liam despite what was happening in his marriage to Liam. Steffy fumed at Bill for interfering in her life. Bill tried to make Liam realize that he needed to remain with Steffy. Taylor and Brooke bickered over which of their daughters should have a life with Liam. Ridge painfully admitted to Taylor that he felt responsible for Steffy’s feelings of insecurity about men. Liam made a final decision about which woman he wanted to be with: Steffy or Hope. Amber’s rejoining forces Forrester Creations reignited a bitter rivalry between Ridge and Rick.

THIS WEEK: Steffy delivers shocking news to Liam about their marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sami was on a rampage when she ruined Sydney’s party and Carrie and Rafe’s intimate moment, forcing her to offer an olive branch to EJ, but another offering to EJ was less genuine. Stefano warned and tempted Bo and Hope with the reveal of Alice’s envelope’s contents. Guilt affected everyone differently as Madison’s made her reconsider her attack on Kate, while Sami’s caused her to lash out against John’s bonding attempt. Abigail felt no shame when she pitted Austin against his wife. Fear caused Will to reach out to Sonny and Carrie to turn to Rafe, while Madison tried to muster up the courage to overcome her fears and came clean to Brady about her past. Abigail’s new career plans didn’t sit too well with Jennifer. Sami was stunned when Madison called off their plot against Kate and Will revealed a gift from EJ. Hope and Nicole got closer to uncovering their respective secrets, as Hope came to a decision about the box and Nicole continued to wear down Will. Sami’s life came full circle when Will dropped a game-changing bombshell that would affect the lives of everyone in Salem. The big debate took place, thinning the line between who were the good guys, and who were the bad.

THIS WEEK: A drunk Austin turns to Abigail for support.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Sam were fearful that Sam was having a miscarriage. Alexis went to the dive bar to get drunk with Diane, but more than booze affected Alexis. Luke went to Wyndemere when he discovered Ethan with Cassandra, as well as something surprising. Dante refused to be part of Sonny’s pulmonary research benefi t. Delores was attacked in the alleyway. Johnny knew about Steve in Memphis. Sonny surprised Kate but wasn’t sure he didn’t regret going on the trip. Lulu considered taking a job with the PCPD. Jason and Sam were on pins and needles awaiting news from Dr. Lee. Ethan and Cassandra made love. Alexis was horrified to think that she was going through menopause. Sonny threatened a man in Kate’s life. Olivia confronted Steve and Maggie about their past.

THIS WEEK: Alexis, Sam and Molly have a bonding moment.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — After 43 years, the people of Llanview said goodbye earlier this month, revisiting one of the show’s most iconic storylines and drawing to a close Agnes Nixon’s mission for “One Life to Live” “…stories about richly diverse people as their lives intertwined, as they interacted with one another… To explain the hopes and hardships, the goals, fights, and failures that are ultimately shared by all mankind no matter how disparate their lifestyles.”

THIS WEEK: ABC’s new afternoon show, “The Revolution,” has taken over “OLTL’s” timeslot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Adam found Patty hiding out in the potting shed. When he saw she had a gun and planned to stop Jack’s marriage to Genevieve, Jack told Patty she was crazy. Patty threw a chemical in Adam’s face then bashed him over the head and left him to die. Sharon found Adam in the shed and rescued him. Genevieve prepared to break the news to Jack about her buying Beauty of Nature. The Abbotts blasted Genevieve for betraying Jack, but Cane defended his mother. Cane demanded to know when Genevieve hurt Jack and she explained that she needed to be independent because of the way Colin had damaged her. Cane said that he could not consider Genevieve his mother any longer. At the church, Patty walked down the aisle in Genevieve’s gown and Jack was stunned when he lifted the veil. Jack called Patty “Emily,” and she was infuriated. Patty shot Jack. Ricky introduced himself to his uncle, Father Todd, and warned him about Patty.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea’s mother, Anita, charges in to Billy and Victoria’s home.

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